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Best Episode: The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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How the West Was Fun

Kid Nickels

K'nuckles and His Hilarious Problem

Who's That Man in the Mirror?

Low Tidings

Gone Wishin'

My Guardian Angel is Killing Me!!!

Flapjack Goes to a Party

All Hands on Deck

Lead 'Em and Weep

Fish Heads

Mechanical Genie Island

Come Home Cap'n

Tee Hee Tummy Tums

Pun Times with Punsie Mckale

Oh Brother

Foot Burn

Love Bugs

That's a Wrap

Diamonds in the Stuff

Jar She Blows!

Rye Ruv Roo

Over the Moon

Eye Sea You

Knot Funny

Shave and a Haircut, Two Friends!