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Alternative Titles: Petting Zoo People

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Discussion in the Trope Repair Shop indicates there are actually two visual tropes covered by Petting Zoo People:

  • The first is Kemonomimi, characters that appear entirely human aside from the addition of an animal's tail and/or Unusual Ears.
  • The second covers characters who have a recognizably human build and proportions, but still retain the full head, tail, and body pelage (e.g. "fur") of the animal. It is a middle ground between Kemonomimi and Funny Animal that comprises the majority of work within the Furry Fandom. Other works, like Star Fox or Swat Kats, also provide clear examples of the type. There is currently a YKTTW to iron out the definition of this trope.

If we are going to hard-split these two tropes (see the Page Action Crowner), at least one of them will need a new name so we can tell them apart.

If you can think up a concise "pro" or "con" point for an option that doesn't have one, feel free to edit it in.

See also:

Petting Zoo People

Anthropomorphic Animal

Anthropomorphic Animal Person

  • Pro: Uses the pre-established term. No confusion over whether they have the psyche of an "animal" or a "human" — that's a narrative distinction and irrelevant to this trope.
  • Con: Longer and equally broad as the pre-existing term (Anthropomorphic Animal).

Standard Furry

  • Pro: The majority of work produced by the Furry Fandom makes it a de facto "standard".
  • Con: Potential for Flame Bait due to the "furry" label.

Humanoid Animal

  • Pro:
    • Clear and concise.
  • Con:
    • Confusion with Funny Animal.
    • Does not cover the more human portions of the middle ground group it's labelling.

Little Beastly

  • Pro:
  • Con: Also considered a naming alternative for Kemonomimi.

Animalistic Human (or Animalistic Person)

  • Pro: Emphasis on the human base with added animal features.
  • Con: Ambiguity between a character's visual depiction (the trope) and their narrative depiction (not the trope).


Little Bit Beastly

Anthropomorphic Person Animal

  • Pro: Derived from the pre-established term.
  • Con: Misusing the pre-established term; "anthropomorphic person" is redundant.

Barely Bestial Being


Animal With Human Physique