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Alternative Titles: Kemonomimi

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Kemonomimi is a Japanese term that translates as "animal-ears"; it refers to characters who are so dramatically anthropomorphized that their only visible animal characteristics are Unusual Ears and a tail; the rest of their appearance is human — this is the current definition stated in the article.

Discussions in Trope Repair Shop indicate that "Petting Zoo People" actually covers two tropes, and if we're going to hard-split them into separate articles (see the Page Action Crowner), at least one of these will need a new name so we can tell the two apart.

If you can think up a concise "pro" or "con" point for an option that doesn't have them, feel free to edit it in.

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Little Bit Beastly

Little Beastly

  • Pro: Pun on "little beastie", more concise than Little Bit Beastly
  • Con: Late to the voting party

Barely Bestial Being


  • Pro: Japan's pre-established term.
  • Con: Hard to spell