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Brilliant Deconstructive Comedy
After the assassinatiion of The Emperor of the Raalgon Empire, the newly crowned Empress Goza XVI declares war on the supposed perpetrators, the United Planet Space Forces. Sounds like the standard Space Opera so far, right? Until Cloud Cuckoo Lander slacker Justy Ueki Tylor enters the military hoping to get a quiet office job, but when he somehow rescues an old but well-respected retired admiral, he is promptly Kicked Upstairs to a supposed dead-end position as The Captain of a broken-down ship and badly-behaved but Badass Crew. But an unlikely victory for Tylor sets up a chain reaction of events leading Tylor to become a Spanner In The Works neither side sees coming.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor takes all the old Space Opera cliches, turns them on their head, and plays them for Beyond The Impossible comedy. Its main gag is Tylor himself, who can't decide whether he wants to be dense Idiot Hero Luffy relying on dumb luck the luck of the GODS, Indy Ploy master Naruto, Brilliant But Lazy Shikamaru, full on Magnificent Bastard Lelouch hidden behind an impregnable fortess of stupidity, or a combination of any or all of the above, making Jack Sparrow look normal and both cast and audience continually wondering Or Is It? at Tylor's apparently accidental successes. Combine that with his God-like pornomancer skills capable of re-wiring AIs to have emotions, and you have one funny albeit confusing character.
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