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Reviews Comments: Biggest Sandbox You'll Ever Find Real Life game review by brogaglas

There's much wrong with this game, elaborated above. The system is dead-set on hindering you through an truly endless level grind. The administrators are constantly trying to balance the countless races and classes, but the success of these attempts is superficial at best. The economy is completely unstable, and the people at the top can make damn sure you stay at the bottom. On top of it all, you're thrown into the mix without a word of explanation.

Regardless, Real Life's gameplay is unbeatable. Every attempt at making sandbox gameplay is nothing more than an unworthy imitation. There are millions of players and billions of NPC's, all of them living their own intricate, randomized lives. It features more explosions, guitar solos, breasts, monkeys, sword-fighting, badass cars, and Crowning Moments of Awesome than any other game, franchise, or series anywhere, ever (all of it interactive).

Best of all, the minigames are truly epic.

For all the complaining of the game being unwinnable, there are no time limits, no required objectives, and infinite character options. Every archetype and objective ever imagined is incorporated into the mechanic, which has been perfected since before mankind existed. Messages can be sent the the developer's inbox at any time.

The graphics leave nothing to be desired (and can be hacked for amusing results). The interface is more immersive than any other system, ever, and that too can be hacked for amusing results. Just keep your head above water, and stay out of trouble, and Real Life is a blast.


  • 6th Oct 10
There actually is a time limit...

I loled at you calling billions of people NP Cs.
  • 16th Jan 11
The drug joke made me crack up. Well done.
  • 16th Jan 11
Real life, unfortunately also happens to be incredibly Nintendo-hard, with almost Everything Trying to Kill You and many luck-based missions. Indeed, many people have had the bad luck of dying very shortly after spawning through no fault of their own, while others can still play the game efficiently and suffer unfair deaths anyways such as being buried under a landslide or being hit by a random falling bullet. There is no manual that comes with this game; players are forced to discover everything about the game themselves. And no restarting/reloading either; if you die, the game crashes and becomes unplayable. And the average player's hitpoint cap is very low, vulnerable of getting killed in 1 hit by most things throughout the entire game.

This game is also reputed for having a horrible community. There's plenty of Stop Having Fun Guys and Griefers trying to stop everyone else from having fun, as well as Scrubs who want nothing more than to enforce their playstyle on others. This can lead to massive conflicts when every area in the entire game is a PVP zone. It should be emphasized that most people take this game VERY seriously.

In addition to these problems, you are also limited to only a small percentage of the game content, depending on when you started playing the game and your race/class. If you started playing as a human in the hunter-gatherer era, all you get to do is hunt animals and gather vegetation. If you started playing as a human in medieval times, you may get to play as a Mongolian horse archer, Japanese samurai, or European horse knight depending on what race and class you start out as. The vast majority of the players however, are unlucky enough to start with one of the non-human races, such as the fly or the mouse. PVP is highly encouraged against these non-human races, making survival even more difficult for them.

The game also seems to be massively under-developed, with huge areas that are completely empty of any content and only a very small portion of the entire game map being playable, which is quickly becoming over-crowded. Some of the fanboys even theorize that the game developers have abandoned this game and created a new, easier, and much better game. These fanboys typically go around praising the developers, sending messages to them, and performing rituals in hopes that they can gain a few special bonuses in this game as well as being considered worthy enough to play the new game. Some even claim to have been contacted by the developers themselves.

There have been many attempts to write a strategy guide for this game, but players disagree on what is the best way to play the game. Many of the players may gather together and discuss this topic for hours, eventually taking a vote on which strategy the players should adopt. There are also some players who claim that the developers have already written all of the secrets and strategies necessary in a special book, although the vast majority of the skilled players are skeptical of this claim.

Amongst all of the problems listed above, there is one major flaw about the game that every single player agrees on:

The game is unwinnable.
  • LaCapitana
  • 20th Jan 11
Tried it; it's okay.
  • Phrederic
  • 21st Jan 11
  • ChevalierMalfait
  • 23rd Jan 11
There's no set time limit, as far as players have been able to determine, but eventually, at some point and in some fashion, your character will die. The developer has left the possibility of resurrection frustratingly vague, although today some two billion players on servers around the globe believe that one player in particular managed to do so. However, this is difficult to verify as his character appears since to have become an NPC.
  • YamiNoIzanagi
  • 22nd Apr 11
Oh god, the Artificial Limbs joke made me crack up.

Really, the only thing that's so frustratingly disappointing about this game is the dangling plot threads.

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