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08:48:30 PM Mar 23rd 2015
edited by PPPSSC
Why I removed the line about Max's mom.

I have been completely unable to verify it. Since the citation was so vague (no context for the scene or even episode title), I thought it was possible I may have missed it. So I scoured the internet searching for it, and found lots of sites that say it happened, again, without citing the episode, a forum debating its veracity, and some other people bewildered by the secondary sources. I'm not entirely sure where it really came from, but it's kind of suspicious that not one person on the entire internet seems to have noticed this line first-hand and made note of what episode it was in at the time, considering how much of a game-changer it is (it turns Max's mom's absence ambiguous to unambiguous). The only place that gave a citation that I found was the forum thread, and the episode given was "Everything's Coming Up Goofy". So I did my due diligence and watched that episode open to close and listened as carefully as possible to every single line. It wasn't there. So the only citation I was ever given about this line wasn't even accurate.

Please note, I'm only mostly sure this is a rumor. If you do know what episode this line appeared in, you may re-add it (and be sure to let me know if you've fact-checked it recently).
08:20:37 PM Nov 6th 2014
Maybe qualifies, maybe doesn't, waiting for better definition:

  • Villain Protagonist: Some episodes focus on Pete and his selfish goals, like "Inspector Goofy" and "Cat's Entertainment".
04:10:07 PM Oct 7th 2013
Removed this:

  • Jerkass: Pete. Often Peg can very much tend towards that way in her own way as well. Especially for how much she rags on her own husband, Pete; always avenging Goofy and Max against him and sometimes even against their own kids, acting way more sympathetically biased towards the Goofs than her family; and the unsympathetic tones and attitudes she often uses. In "Inspector Goofy", she was the worst in never standing up for her own husband when Goofy was fining him unfairly.

Pete is a valid use of the trope, but a Zero-Context Example that's already on the character sheet.

Peg is not an example. Defending innocent people against a Jerkass does not make you a Jerkass yourself. No, not even if you're married to the Jerkass.

"sometimes even against their own kids, acting way more sympathetically biased towards the Goofs than her family"

I don't remember ever seeing this throughout the whole series, and I would be surprised if I did. It would be completely out of character for PJ to do anything worth vengeance to them, and Pistol has so little interaction with them that she probably hasn't either. Again, Peg is only sympathetically biased towards the Goofs over Pete because Pete is a Jerkass.

I personally don't remember her doing anything particularly jerky in "Inspector Goofy", but even if she did, one bad day does not make you a Jerkass either.
09:35:50 AM Apr 29th 2015
Edit: Okay, yeah, she was going overboard in "Inspector Goofy", but that was more of a Jerkass Ball example.
10:17:06 AM Jul 5th 2013
edited by

Not sure this fits the trope. This trope is often misused for "any cleavage" but it actually refers to showing both cleavage and underboob. I don't remember Peg ever doing that, but if someone else can think of a specific instance they can put it back.

When Peg is angry at Pete she does not call him by his full name. She calls him "Peter", his whole first name sometimes, but this trope is supposed to be for first-middle-last situations.

I've seen the whole show and still don't know what this is referring to. If someone does they can go ahead and add it back.
07:57:45 AM Dec 26th 2012
edited by PPPSSC
These were deleted some time ago without an edit reason and I have been tempted several times over to re-add them because I just canít see why they shouldnít fit. The problem is, I added most of them in the first place and donít want to cause an edit war.

  • Furry Denial: Frequently. Usually calling something "humanly possible", but at one point, someone said PJ "can't be human". In a variation, one time Max said, "I hate dogs". A strange Inversion occurs in "Shake, Rattle, and Goof" where PJ manages to make a Literal Simile without trying to in-universe: "I feel like a cat in a dog pound."

This one may need to be rewritten to remove the variation lines, but "humanly possible" does fit, as does a (hyperbolic) use of "he canít be human" and (from an episode I saw later) "the human body" is mostly water, especially considering that none of the characters ever even consider being their "actual" species.

  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Many times.
    • In "Take Me Out Of The Ball Game", PJ and Max try to hide the fact that they did not make the baseball team by stopping their fathers from seeing any of the games. One thing they do is fill their dads' cars' exhaust pipes with cement. Pete makes note of this:
    Pete: Somebody put ce-ment in our tailpipes!
    • There's an episode titled "Wrecks, Lies, and Videotape".
    • In the episode "Puppy Love", Pete says 'sexy'.
    • Not to mention all of the Gainaxing with Peg's breasts, especially when she wore a skimpy outfit.
    • There was a joke relating to a product called a "master-baiter". Surprising how much slid through the radar, ESPECIALLY considering it's a Disney cartoon. What episode was that exactly?
    • In "Tub Be Or Not Tub Be" we see that PJ, an 11-year old boy, owns a switchblade. Audio gags which kids might not even get are one thing, but Max actually picks it up and says, "This is PJ's knife." He knows it's PJ's knife, which means he's seen it before. How the hell did they get that in?
    • The scene where Peg kisses Goofy and then pulls him offscreen eagerly from "Goofin' Up the Social Ladder", while he says "Passionate, isn't she?" It Makes Sense in Context, but... holy crap!

This one is a little bit trickier since Getting Crap Past the Radar is often overused and shoehorned, so Iím not sure whether it should be added back or not.

  • Gilligan Cut: In "Slightly Dinghy", PJ does not want to go along with Max's plan to have him ask Pete to take them fishing. Combined with a Lampshade Hanging of his role as The Drag-Along.
    PJ: No, forget it, Max. No way. You cannot talk me into this one. (scene cuts) Every time. How does he do it? Every. Single. Time.

Iím really not sure what got this deleted because itís a pretty straightforward mostly judgment-free trope: character refuses to do something, scene cuts to him doing it anyway. Iím guessing it was because it was right next to Getting Crap Past the Radar and was not meant to be deleted in the first place.

  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Max and PJ. They do pretty much everything they can together, in both the show and the movies. The only times their friendship was in danger were when some third party interfered (usually Pete but at one point a (literally) magic hat with an agenda). They even went to college and roomed together, maintaining their friendship for at least seven or eight years.

From the page: Two extremely close friends or partners, of the same gender, who are as close or closer than a romantic couple. They aren't romantically linked, but they might suffer withdrawals from not being around each other. There might even be a "break-up" episode.

How is this inaccurate? The page also says, by the way:

Works often lampshade, mock or play with the relationship by throwing in some Homoerotic Subtext, but that's by no means necessary.

So if it was deleted for lacking that, it shouldnít have been. It also shouldn't have been deleted for the characters' ages because nowhere on the page does it say the characters have to be adults and many of the examples listed are as young or younger than Max and PJ. Itís possible this description needs to be rewritten to make its use clearer, but I think the trope still applies.

If you have an issue with me reposting any of these, please say so on the discussion page. If I donít get a response within 3 days I will:
  1. Rewrite and re-add Furry Denial
  2. Rewrite and re-add Heterosexual Life-Partners
  3. Re-add Gilligan Cut as-is
  4. Leave Getting Crap Past the Radar on the discussion until at least one other troper confirms it should be re-added
And if you remove them again after theyíre reposted, please, PLEASE, leave a reason.
11:38:26 AM Dec 29th 2012
Okay. No response. Adding them back to the page with an edit reason. Getting Crap Past the Radar is pending judgment.
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