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Hello. Would you like a biography? Here it is: I identify strongly with Knuckles the Echidna, Noah, Soren, Strong Sad, and PJ Pete. Yes, all of them. What do you mean some of them aren't anything like each other? They're all quiet, not completely idealistic, and honest! (Know who all of them are, get a gold star.) I'm also female and am definitely not abused or abandoned. I am a recent college graduate who somehow manages to have low self-esteem and be egotistical at the same time. Or maybe different times. I tend to be stubborn at home and a pushover in public places. Yes, I am fat and I am also smart, so Knuckles' inclusion on my list of identity characters is a special accomplishment.

I also love voice actors. Maybe it's because (as you can tell from my identity characters list) I love cartoons and video games so much, but I think they're often even more talented than the more famous screen-actors, (though there are some like Rick Moranis, Alan Rickman, and Wallace Shawn whom I absolutely love). My favorite actor would have to be Rob Paulsen for many reasons. I would have been sold on him with the resume "PJ and" (that is PJ + other things I was familiar with), but he played not just one of my identity characters, but seven of my favorite characters in-series: Yakko Warner, Pinky, Carl Wheezer, Antoine D'Coolette, the Box Ghost, Gordon and of course PJ himself. An eighth is expected now that he's playing Donatello in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Speaking of which, he certainly didn't skimp on playing non-favorites in things I loved either. Nor has he been typecast into one personality or vocal style, and whether he's moping or snarking or being The Ditz or a wimp or a tough guy, he always plays it very well.

I have created seven work pages on TV Tropes: the Pelswick and Olde English Comedy pages for things that I'm a fan of (and I have actually gotten recognition for the latter here. The former I'm happy has attained another regular updater.) The third is Bradley And Gary which is a fledgling show my brother is in the production of. The fourth was Eureeka's Castle, for a show I loved as a kid. I thought it already had a page, but could find no evidence of it later, which compelled me to write it. The fifth is an album-based musical called The Silent City. The sixth and seventh are Wat's Pig and Not Without My Handbag, two more obscure Aardman shorts.

I have taken to curating obscure parts of the site, which happen to be related to three of the five identity characters. At this point I seem to have almost completely taken over the Goof Troop page, even though I didn't create it.

The only pages I can truly say I've kept on top of are the Goof Troop page and its related example pages, which in addition to curating I have also expanded and Entry Pimped like crazy. Same with the Tomodachi Life page. That, and the Pelswick page (which no one but me and Johnny Lurg cares about anyway), which I finally feel has made it as a real page.

I also occasionally curate the DethroningMoment.Western Animation page, as I felt I owed it something after arguing for the Darth Wiki complaining pages to stay. Strangely, I have never posted anything to Dethroning Moment of Suck; I just curate. I do a worse job helping with WallBangers.Western Animation. But in both places I try to fix Repair, Don't Respond (in the former case by the "no contesting entries" and in the latter "if it's wrong just delete it"). I try to delete complaints and give answers to questions on Headscratchers for a variety of series too (though sometimes I see something as not a complaint that other people see as one).

I have a few scattered trope example pages on my watchlist, though some—like Fat Best Friend and No Respect Guy—are moderately low-traffic anyway. I do a little curating on the Abusive Parents Western Animation subpage and the It's All About Me Western Animation subpage, and a lot on the Western Animation subpage for The Woobie, mostly to try to keep the examples actually within the scope of the definition. The "using The Woobie page for one-off Tear Jerkers" problem is extremely prevalant, and, as someone who has a vested interest in keeping the page for characters, who, y'know, are practically defined by pathetic moments, I've finally started enforcing the long-ago TRS decision in that one area.

I've also gotten a little carried away adding "example" upon "example" to the How Not To Write An Example page.

I lurk in the workshops a lot but very rarely say anything. Usually I only argue if my opinion on the matter is a) strong and b) underrepresented, though I do try to vote in every Wiki Talk crowner (except for the OTC moderator one which I felt was not my business), and in many of the ones in the Crowners in Need of More Votes thread. When the arguments do come up, I'm usually in favor of keeping features but making them as correct-to-use as possible. By the way, in case you have seen me on the forum, my avatar is Vice Principal Zeigler from Pelswick, who is not one of the five identity characters, but is awesome anyway.

And now that I've discovered the Western Animation and Fan Fic forums, I've started posting more frequently. It may have finally happened that I've become addicted to the TV Tropes Forum too. Great.

Sometimes in Ask The Tropers, You Know That Show, and the Frequently Asked Questions subforum, but far more frequently in Lost and Found, I will try to answer people's inquiries. I've been around here for a pretty long time, so I know a lot of tropes and the rules. Though I have been ninja'd before, which is kind of awkward for someone who speaks so scarcely and carefully, even over the internet. Hey, I said I was PJ, right? (Cue no one understanding the reference.) Not as awkward though, as when the information I give turns out to be incomplete (rule-wise) or incorrect (trope-wise).

General examples around the site that may be written by me:

If the example is from one of the series below, there is at least a decent chance I put the example on. Granted, there are other examples I have written, but those are the big chances. Especially if it's a Fire Emblem Tellius or Goof Troop example.

I occasionally go into Wild Mass Guessing, although not as often as some other subpages. Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror is a favorite of mine, as is Headscratchers. The YMMV subpages I usually don't add stuff to unless I'm moving it or changing it. The Goof Troop page is an exception, as the fanbase is small and I am a huge fan which means that I a) get a pretty good view of it and b) have gotten to some Audience Reactions first.

I love the more obscure ensemble tropes, especially the Four-Temperament Ensemble and the Four Philosophy Ensemble. I try to find a solid case that a group is an example of the ensemble before adding it. For example, I deduced that Goof Troop was not a Four-Temperament Ensemble because there are no phlegmatic characters. I decided it was a Four Philosophy Ensemble by analyzing the traits against the four main characters.

Also, I seem randomly drawn to the Black and Nerdy and Fat Best Friend pages. (I'm not black, but for some reason I really like Black and Nerdy characters (and Bollywood Nerd characters too, but I may be biased on that one. Cue no one getting the reference who got the last one.)... maybe because they're less stereotypical. Also, re: Fat Best Friend: Type B's rule, I think...)

I also love music of all kinds including music with huge Hatedoms, music that no one has ever heard of, etc. I have created a 10-200 song playlist based on all of the following canons:

Pet Peeves:
  • People who try to use illogical arguments to prove me wrong. Sadly, this happens extremely often.
  • Diplomacy. Specifically the "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything" mentality.
  • People who call all their political opponents stupid or evil without actually bothering to research what they really want.
  • Any Double Standard. Especially those that adversely affect a group that gets little attention from the "politically correct" people.
  • Hypocrisy and arbitrary distinctions in general.

Fan Fiction Pet Peeves:

Things that amuse me in Fan Fiction reviews:
  • I hate Genre/Pairing X, but I loved your story!
  • Your characterization of (Author Avatar by proxy) is perfect!
  • Superlative statements (found mostly in the Total Drama fandom)
  • I didn't like it but I did (or I liked it but I didn't)
  • Incomprehensible neutral review

Author Avatar by proxy: Strangely, I had no use for an Author Avatar by proxy during The Simpsons era, but I think the closest would probably be Comic Book Guy.

Some of my Fan Fiction:

Total Drama
  • Total Drama Emblem
  • Total Drama Fortess
  • The Nerd Quadrilateral Variety Show
  • Unsustainable Time Loop
  • Taunting

Fire Emblem Tellius
  • Never Before, Never After
  • Faces of Battle
  • The Happy Family
  • Different yet the Same
  • Sixteen Is the Magic Number
  • Saffron Field
  • Oh, Geoffrey!
  • Stories from the Fort

The Simpsons
  • Trapped Alone
  • Ned vs. the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Day Under the Sun

Homestar Runner
  • Concession Stand of Horrors

A Goofy Movie
  • A Pete Movie

I have many others that are oneshots. However, I also have five Dead Fics, which I may or may not remove eventually.