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08:20:46 PM Sep 25th 2014
  • The Larry Sanders Show mostly takes place "behind the scenes" of the fictitious talk show and is shot on film. Excerpts from the talk show itself are shot on video for authenticity.
  • One or two later episodes of Cheers include brief insert shots of TV sports footage on video.
  • This gimmick - of inserting videotaped footage into filmed productions, generally to denote TV broadcasts - was used quite a lot in the 1980s and 1990s, with shows such as Max Headroom using it regularly.
  • The Thick of It is usually shot on film with Jitter Cam. The final episode, however, is all shot on video from several fixed camera angles, as it is presented as footage from a live-broadcast political enquiry - abbreviated with awful Windows Movie Maker-esque scene transitions, as if the viewer was watching edited highlights on YouTube.

Moved these examples out of the trope list because "inserting videotaped footage into filmed productions to denote TV broadcasts" is a different trope from Video Inside, Film Outside.

Is it a trope we have already? If not, I think there are enough examples here to propose it on YKTTW.
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