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02:54:30 AM Nov 8th 2017
Is there an instrumental equivalent to this? One which is about people thinking a tune goes with a set of lyrics when it's a completely different work?
01:40:10 AM May 22nd 2016
I'm pretty sure a lot of the examples in the "music" section don't belong because they're not In-Universe or referenced in other works, but I don't feel confident enough to cut them myself.
05:18:51 AM Jan 3rd 2018
edited by GastonRabbit
I removed examples that were clearly misusing the trope as an Audience Reaction because it came up in this ATT thread. There were also some in the video game section.

Edit: I should probably clarify that the ones I left were ones that were acknowledged by the original artist, a different artist, or a different type of work.
11:10:40 AM Mar 9th 2016
How about the line "No man asks for" misheard as "You're and asshole" in the song "Under Pressure" by queen and david bowie?
05:46:33 PM Apr 19th 2015
In the Black Eyed Peas song "Let's Get It Started", a breakdown has "Bob your head like me APL de, up inside your club or in your Bentley." It's easy to mishear "Bentley" (car) as "belly", but I can't fully understand why...
01:27:22 PM Mar 7th 2014
I don't think that the Ben 10 example is a mondegreen- should we get rid of it?
02:52:32 PM Sep 13th 2013
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I want to add the part from the House of Mouse episode where Goofy is taught to be un-goofy.

"I will teach you poise and grace."

"Poison Grace? I don't even know Grace!"
07:59:45 PM Mar 31st 2013
I was going to add an example from the film "I Give It a Year", but the page is locked. In the romantic-comedy, the main couple Nat and Josh argue over misheard song lyrics. Nat thinks the lyrics from "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" go "I travelled the world in generic jeans" instead of "I travelled the world and the seven seas", much to Josh's chagrin. She also thinks the line from "We Built This City" goes "we built this city on the wrong damn road". Josh brings up the lyrics from "Tiny Dancer", which Nat thinks goes "hold me close and tie me down sir". I would appreciate it if someone could add this example to the page.
03:03:53 AM Apr 1st 2013
Please take edit requests here to get the mods' attention.
07:53:41 PM Mar 4th 2013
Oh come on, nothing about "There's a bathroom on the right" (correct lyric, "There's a bad moon on the rise," from Creedence Clearwater Revival's song "Bad Moon Rising")?
07:02:11 AM Feb 19th 2013
edited by NCZ
Since this trope is also about dialogue, I think this exchange from Metal Gear Solid 2 fits.

Colonel: There’s a terminal in front of the elevator, a node. Raiden: Did you just say "nerd"? Colonel: Not "nerd". "Node". Raiden: Oh.
03:00:59 PM Nov 20th 2012
this is the entire song O Fortuna, in illustrated Mondegreen form. I was going to put it in the examples, but the page is locked.
11:05:13 AM Oct 23rd 2012
The theme song for "Big Bang Theory" is always a source of trouble for me, and prevents me from watching the show much past the cold open.

Logically, I *know* that the song starts with "Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started." But the Barenaked Ladies cannot enunciate worth a tuppence, so what I always *hear* is "... fourteen million years ago ...", which is a whole order of magnitude of wrong, wrong, wrong.

The great thing is that everyone else I've talked to about this is oblivious to the problem - until I point it out. Then they can't stop noticing.

So, you're welcome.
03:58:16 PM Oct 17th 2012
A majority of the Bad FOTR Captions seem to be based on misheard dialogue from the original Fellowship of the Ring movie. Here's an example:
Original line: Do you know how the Orcs first came to be? They were Elves once...
Misheard line: Do you know how the ox first came to be? They were hell once...
04:48:10 PM Sep 5th 2012
The They Might Be Giants song "New York City" is a cover. The original version, by cub, had some parts that were unintelligible, so when transcribing it, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" got changed to "Katz's and Tiffany's," and "The Empire State where King Kong lives" became "The Empire State where Dylan lived."
09:04:20 AM Sep 4th 2012
edited by CantNotLookAtThisSite
Example in The Chemical Brothers' song "Hey Boy Hey Girl": The characteristic and repeated line "Hey girls, hey boys, superstar D Js, here we go!" is actually "Hey girls, b-boys, superstar D Js, here we go!"
02:16:48 PM Aug 18th 2012
Example in movie Jumpin Jack Flash. Whoopie Goldberg is trying to figure out the lyrics to the Rolling Stones song. "I was raised by two blind lesbians? Speak English Mick!"
05:43:29 AM Aug 14th 2012
The Kings Of Leon entry: At the end, could someone change it from "made it the album title track" to "made it the title of the track"? Kings Of Leon don't have an album called "Sex On Fire"; that song's on their "Only By The Night" album.
12:53:13 AM Jul 23rd 2012
I wanted to try and change the link to Buffalax's Tunak Tunak Tun video, since he got banned. Can someone with admin privileges add this instead? [1]
11:02:45 AM Jul 18th 2012
Back to the origin of the term Mondegreen, which does not seem to have been explained here: It originates in the mishearing of a line in the folk song The Earl of Murray, in which the line 'they have slain the Earl of Murray and laid him on the green; mis-heard as 'they have slain the Earl of Murray and Lady Mondegreen'. so the assertion that a Lady Mondregreen is something quite different, is incorrect.
08:31:39 PM Jul 10th 2012
edited by Ingonyama
05:03:37 PM Jun 30th 2011
Could someone perhaps explain what in the hell is going in the picture?
05:21:37 PM Sep 6th 2011
It reads right to left, I think... The kid is singing something about living being painful, and the other character asks "isn't there something wrong with those lyrics?!"

I guess she's getting the words wrong, but I have no idea what they're supposed to be.
11:52:33 PM Oct 29th 2010
This page needs a re-sort; some examples are erroneously sorted by song title, or by first name, instead of by surname. I've just moved two examples (Stevie Nicks from S to N, and someone else from N to I), but there are still many more.

06:15:41 AM Dec 8th 2010
Agreed on this — I'm moving David Bowie to B instead of D.
12:49:10 AM May 30th 2010
Adding into the Cingular commercial of misunderstood lyrics to "Rock the Casaba" is a comedy video called "Rock the Catbox" with kittens.

Clash Kittens Rock Da Catbox!
02:37:25 PM Mar 23rd 2010
edited by TheOneWhoTropes
@Lord Aaronus: You mean make Buffalax its own trope?
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