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This page seriously needs a Troper Tales section and example cleanup.
From (the original) You Know That Thing Where:
RedBeardSean: Mondegreen. I'm wondering if we need an entry for this. I know it happens with commercial jingles a lot, not sure how much it happens in series themes or as plot points. Anyone? Bueller?

Morgan Wick: Don't know what you're talking about.

BT The P: Mondegreen (Wikipedia). A phrase misheard as something else. C.F. Jimi Hendrix and "Excuse me while I kiss this guy". covers it quite well. I suppose the joke, as used in the context of a misheard phrase by other characters, is used often enough, but calling the page either "Bathroom On The Right" or "Kiss This Guy" is my personal preference.

RedBeardSean: My favorite mondegreen is actually, "I've Been Eating Marigolds" from the song "I Believe in Miracles." But yeah, Kiss This Guy is the way to go.

RedBeardSean: I did the write-up, but now I'm not sure where in the heirarchy of tropes to set the index markup to. Suggestions? I'm also unsure on how to indent the lines of text from my initial citation in the body of the entry.

RedBeardSean: Thanks, Corahs Uncle.
Dark Sasami: This is very cool, and I've been a fan of mondegreens for years, having stumbled over a few myself. (My favorite was Neil Diamond's "The Devil in Blue Jeans," which I assumed he wrote as a response to Terri Gibbs's "Somebody's Knockin'.") I question, though—does this have anything to do with the scope of this Wiki? Do we have any examples besides Olive of this showing up in any of the media we cover?

RedBeardSean: Commercial jingles can certainly spawn mondegreens, and I have seen the phenomenon in sit coms now and again, usually as an argument starter between characters who can't agree what the lyric is actually supposed to be.

Looney Toons: Someone should add that to the main entry, then.

Seth My mother was a big Jethro Tull fan and there was this one song where we all misheard the words for Bring out the sausage bells. We read it this way every time until we looked the lyrics up. (Turned out to be Ring Out Solstice Bells)
Jerry Kindall: Eggcorns aren't the same thing as mondegreens; mondegreens are exclusively song lyrics and don't need to make sense, while eggcorns have to make some kind of sense to the person using them or they wouldn't be using them. Eggcorns are fun, but mentioning them here doesn't really add anything.

Insanity Prelude: There were a bunch of those in the unsorted section. I took some out before eventually getting tired of sorting that avalanche of examples.
Seth: The lyrics weren't "I've got no job, But I've got alcohol"?

Branfish: Of course not. In fact, I was coming onto the Discussion Page here to suggest removing that one, on the basis that it sounds nothing like the actual line. I'm pretty sure that the "no job... alcohol" version was from a parody song. In fact, sod it, I am going to remove it. It has practically no consonant or vowel sounds in common, not even the way they sing it.

Seth: Maybe not, but i honestly thought those were the lyrics. It might not make sense but people do mishear that one - as evidenced by the fact i wasn't the one who added it, yet i also hear it - two people isn't a consensus but it beats one person. Also this trope is subjective, so deleting any examples is an exercise in futility. (That being said i'm not re-adding it)

AK47x2: The ad featuring Rock the Casbah was by Cingular.

Squeal: Umm, sorry, but why would you give an entry about a subject with a long-established name a new one? Especially if it's not at all descriptive; not even funny?

Morgan Wick: I've never been able to figure out why that happened. That was the tiny, tiny start of the trek towards needing an overly original name for every single trope, no matter how appropriate or sane, which SPOON is only now turning back.

Ununnilium: I prefer this name, myself. It's a lot easier for most people to associate with the meaning of the trope, and IMHO, it is funny. It's not like "Mondegreen" was at all descriptive.

Citizen: Of course "mondegreen" is descriptive, it's the actual word for this.

the silent speaker: Is it still a mondegreen if it's clearly wrong, you know it's wrong, it doesn't even make sense, but because it scans absolutely right it successfully blocks recollection of the right way? Because there's a line in one of the songs on Mary Poppins that for many years I was quite certain did not run, "Our daughters' daughters will adore us/ And they'll sing in grateful chorus/ "Well done! Time to walk the plank." but I couldn't for the life of me remember "...sister suffragettes."
Working Title: rename: From YKTTW
OffSide7 Friend of mine was heard the lyrics, "I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart" as "I believe in a thing called love, it's trapped in the belly of a whore." Also, I always used to think Stewie was singing "all the things that make us F and cry" (as in fuck and cry?) during the opening theme.
Blue Byrd: This entry needs some serious cleaning up - I'm counting at least four separate mentions of Buffalax's YouTube vids. Also, sorting intentional mondegreens like these from the unintentional ones, in a subcategory perhaps, should make the list of examples more manageable.

The Spie: This needs a major, major clean-up. It could be split up into songs, television, and commercials, with the songs further subdivided by decades. The formatting needs to be consistent according to proper standards (song titles in quotes, album titles and show titles in italics, etc.). This article is a mess. Maybe it's just better if we eliminate the article and send people to the Archive Of Misheard Lyrics.

Pro-Mole: I just needed to point out how weird it is that some of these examples are misunderstandings of the lines that state the title of the song.

Thnikkafan: If "mondegreen" translates to "soramimi", would that mean that a certain theme song is really called "Mondegreen Cake"?
They are different. If the song is misheard in a different language, it is a soramimi. If it is misheard within the SAME language, it is a Mondegreen.
Rocket Dude: Am I the only one who heard the "You can just give the ship" line from Weird Al Yankovich's "Dare To Be Stupid" as "You can just give up the shit"?
Insanity Prelude: Moving some of the most obvious troper tales to Troper Tales. Really, that's all the whole article is (although some of them are funny!)
Pikawil: So, I'm wondering how notable you guys consider the infamous and memed Finnish DuckTales mondegreen from YTMND?

Katana Unsorted section was easily the most unwieldy part of the page, it's now greatly improved, Youtube links, orphaned lyrics, and universal mistakes are still down there, as well as other things I couldn't decide about (For example, does God and the Bible go under G or B?)

Most of the items were sorted according to the singer's last name or the band name, Songs with multiple covers were filed under the song's name. This has probably caused a few duplicate entries, but my brain's not quite up to tackling that problem tonight.

Also sorry for the multiple edits and the page history now being full of insane text.

This page seriously needs a Troper Tales section and example cleanup.
Lord Aaronus: I was just thinking, a good way to thin the herds would be to have examples involving other languages mistranslated to or from English under their own trope. Kiss The Sky=Kiss This Guy is still English in both forms. And Soramimi Hour sometimes involve non-English misheard into Japanese.
Saeder: What song is Yotsuba singing in the picture?
Insanity Prelude: How do we enforce the "popular or referenced examples only" bit anyway?