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11:04:14 AM Oct 19th 2016
edited by Darthrai
Is the Asuka picture from any particular episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion? Just wondering, I want to check out whatever scene it is.
06:35:33 PM Jul 31st 2011
The redhead is "(usually sexually)" and "She tends to have a good sense of humor." Really? That's nothing like the nice hot headed pic. Maybe we need a new picture. Something that matches the Dumb Blond and Brainy Brunette would be good, either all of them from the same story or each in a class room.
09:39:09 AM Aug 3rd 2011
What would be the MBTI type of this trope?
11:05:53 AM Aug 4th 2011
The what?
04:39:23 AM Dec 4th 2011
Probably some EXXP type, I would think.
09:38:13 PM Mar 13th 2017
Or how about Maureen O'Hara, the Ur-Example herself? Take a pic from The Quiet Man or Mc Clintock! in one of her fight scenes and caption it "Sure, and that red hair ain't no lie!"
09:42:46 PM Mar 13th 2011
To Hatless: Wow, you work fast.

I debated whether to just modify the errant Powerpuff entry or to delete and put my revision on the discussion page. I decided for the former, partially so that people would not put it back up as it previously was. I also thought that the inversion was notable: i.e. Blossom is the last one to get angry. (Except when Buttercup breaks the rules of the household.)

Don't change it back, though. Keep it off unless it devolves into an Edit War.

Then again, if it does, it will have run off the page along with the rest of the edits. So I store my revision here behind this hottip:  *

Again, do not restore unless either we get an Edit War over this or you think that the inversion is notable enough to warrant inclusion as an inversion.
08:04:19 PM Oct 7th 2010
edited by RhymeBeat
Rose-Haired Girl isn't a person who litterally has Red Hair. That's for characters with pink hair. And plus a good chunk of the examples are drawn with literal red hair.
05:06:47 PM Mar 27th 2010
How was Malcom X a redhead?
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