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32_Footsteps: I removed Claus from the MOTHER 3 example because, as it is obvious from game sprites, concept art, and depictions in the manual, Claus has brown hair.

Mouser: Say what? Claus's hair is orange in every depiction. Hair Color Dissonance?

Lavode: Since when was Sweden in eastern Europe?
Seems to me some people are just listing redheaded women, with no real examination of the trope. I mean, is Joan Holloway "fiery"? I always thought she was pretty cool and collected. And Scully can get mad on occasion, but I don't think she rises to the temperamental, overly passionate hothead the trope implies.

alcockell What about Bianca Butcher (nee Jackson) from Eastenders? Played by Patsy Palmer - is an example of Bianca in full rant..