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03:40:25 PM Apr 11th 2012
No mention of Ringer? Siobhan is pretty nefarious!
03:39:54 AM Feb 8th 2012
Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal expansion had this and/or the inversion to this.

In one of the planar stronghold battles the player character would have to face an "opposite" of themselves. This could be a good player facing their evil twin, or an evil player fighting their good twin. Not sure if this belongs here or in Evil Counterpart though (with the inverted good counterpart).
12:43:28 PM Jul 23rd 2011
edited by hayleychaotix
Does the Wizards of Waverly Place example really count?

In a Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Alex gets her replica out of a picture, using a special machine. Their lines suggests the fact Alex is actually the bad one of the two: Alex: Goodness. I do look good in that dress. (she turns around) Baby Rockford, put that dress on, we got a fashion show to save. Alex's replica: No! I like this dress... Alex(turns to her replica): Alex, can I talk to you over there for a second? Alex's replica: Sure! (she walks away) Alex grabs a heavy object from a shelf, then follows her,with a dark scowl on her face.

It wasn't technically a twin, and it had two lines, none of which would suggest she wasn't particularly evil.
05:47:10 PM May 11th 2010
I don't think that the picture of an evil Kermit the frog is fitting. There never WAS an evil Kermit in any of the Muppet shows, so therefore the picture is not an example. We should put up a more fitting picture, that is an actual example.
06:06:22 PM May 11th 2010
edited by FastEddie
It's an example all by itself. Doesn't matter if never appeared in the show. Illustrates the trope perfectly.
06:02:19 AM May 12th 2010
Yes, it illustrates the trope, but if someone didn't know about the Muppets, they wouldn't be able to understand the picture. Maybe we need a caption explaining it, like "Kermit the frog's Evil Twin".
01:57:38 PM May 12th 2010
Too explainy. If we really want to go for the limit here, the best example would be a picture of the Evil Twin side-by-side next to the good twin.
03:19:12 PM May 12th 2010
It's funny, nobody who owns a tv will have any trouble getting it, it shows the concept immediately. No reason to change.
07:58:16 PM May 14th 2010
I, for one, never understood what made the picture a picture of an Evil Twin. I mean, just because you have claws and teeth doesn't mean you're evil. I think we need a picture of an actual villainous twin character, not a photo shopped good character with teeth and claws.
  • As a reply to Some Guy, that idea would be good, we just need to make sure that it is an actual good and evil twin. It would be clearer than the current picture, and would illustrate the difference between the good and evil twins.
09:21:40 AM May 15th 2010
Fast Eddie supports this picture, so you'll have little luck changing it. But since Judas happens to be my favorite apostle, I'll throw you a bone.

This is the original image that the shop is based off of. If you make a shop that includes both images, then we'll have the good twin evil twin contrast you're looking for, and we can throw a caption onto it for good measure. By my count, this is probably the only option as far as changing the picture goes.
12:59:45 PM May 15th 2010
Thanks for the picture, which saved me several hours of image searching, Some Guy. However, I can't photoshop. Does anyone know what happened to the Evil Spock picture, or why it was deleted? I think some knowledge of what gets deleted and on what grounds would be useful.

06:43:06 AM Jun 8th 2010
I think that the "Evil Spock" picture was deleted for not being an example. Oh, Irony!
03:30:07 PM Jun 17th 2010
Especially considering that it shows up on Beard of Evil. Yeah, that should qualify it above the current picture.
10:52:17 AM Jun 12th 2012
I think the picture works. As for whoever it was that said "just because you have claws and teeth doesn't mean you're evil," I agree, but those things certainly help convey that effect visually. After all, Fangs Are Evil, claws are typically evil, and this Kermit looks like he wants to disembowel me.
10:57:41 AM Nov 12th 2012
edited by TropeEater
That image is just disturbing.

It illustrates, but is it is ugly and unpleasant to look at. Call me squeamish if you like, but... ugh.

Pass the Brain Bleach.
06:01:38 AM May 12th 2013
I favor changing it, but that may just be because that picture gave me a freakin' heart attack the first time I came to this page.
11:45:01 AM Apr 1st 2014
edited by
I agree. The picture is too scary. It can also show up in the "you might like" feed at the bottom of the page, subjecting unwary patrons to a horrifying image, without giving them a chance to avoid it.

This is in contrast to T Vtropes' usual policy regarding horror, which is to relegate it to its own page, or to block it with the spoiler tag (as seen in the Human Centipede page).
02:35:14 PM Apr 1st 2014
I absolutely do not see why this image is "too scary", and it's a very weak argument for removal. Never mind that "which is to relegate it to its own page, or to block it with the spoiler tag (as seen in the Human Centipede page). " while being true is not a policy about horror.
02:44:23 PM Apr 1st 2014
No offense but... really? That's too scary? C'mon people, you have to be a bit tougher than that. I feel like the TV Tropes community as a whole deserves more credit than that.

The only arguments I can think against it are the fact that it relies on Fan Myopia to know Kermit exists and is good (but he's apparently iconic enough to count, per word of Eddie) and the fact that in the new movie, Kermit does have an Evil Twin, and that might lead to confusion.

"Too scary" is borderline insulting to the website as a whole.
11:27:25 AM Apr 15th 2014
Evil Kermit with a different angle to the pupils and pointy teeth. Whoever created that image is a wizard.
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