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Tropers: Adele Potter
Me: My life is nothing like a romantic comedy high school movie.
Friend: Like High School Musical?
Me: ...right, except my movie would have songs that were actually good.

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  • Lol, you sound like me, except a girl. I love Harry Potter, and most of those tropes describe me. (TV Tropes will ruin your life,Brilliant but lazy,Took A Level In Badass,etc.)~zack7521
  • I read your entry on the Spoiled Sweet Troper Tales. You sound like a mini me with all your school issues don't worry. It gets better. - Bold as Love
  • Saw your comment on my page. Have no clue how this commenting thing truly works but hey, pin my ears back if I'm doing it wrong. ;) Anyway, thanks! I'm glad my organised page was worth a comment. I'm too much of a neat freak to have it any other way. Also, it is funny how much Beatles fans propose to marry fellow fans and divorce non-fans. ;) - Amethystasheryn.
  • If you have to declare yourself brainy, that's not a good sign. ~Veleta0
  • Hm. And here I thought your handle was a reference to Hocus Pocus, Adele Polkiss by Ecmm. — Looney Toons
  • Nice to see a fellow troper with a cliquey guilty pleasure! - Fourteenwings

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