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04:33:37 AM Jun 29th 2017
Another Friends example. It's revealed that Ross made out with his high school librarian, and the rest of the gang mock him for it (because she was an elderly lady). The thought of a woman in an authority position taking advantage of a teenage boy would be very different if the genders were flipped.
05:16:24 PM Oct 25th 2016
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10:16:34 PM Oct 14th 2016
Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist I'm not entirely sure if this one fits, but it's not taken very seriously at least. So yeah...
10:47:21 PM Apr 21st 2016
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Yes, if possible I'd like to add yet another Star Trek example.
In the Star Trek: Voyager, episodeProphecy we get another bizarre case. Harry Kim is "chosen" as a mate by a burly Klingon female who's significantly larger and stronger than him. Kim makes it clear he has no interest in a relationship, expresses extreme fear of the woman, and even winds up being stalked, but nobody seems to take the matter with any degree of seriousness. Things reach a particularly uncomfortable point when Harry goes to sick bay with bite-marks, indicating abuse, and is given a grossly inappropriate response the audience is meant to find amusing.
Harry: One of the Klingons attacked me. Doctor: (concerned) Did you do something to provoke him? Harry: Not him, her. And she wasn't provoked, she was... aroused. Doctor: (amused) Ahhh. I'm not surprised. I've studied the section on Klingon mating rituals in the cultural database. Harry: Then maybe you can tell me how to convince a female twice my size that I'm not interested? Doctor: You probably can't. As I understand it, you have two options: kill her or mate with her. Since the first option is unacceptable... (hands Kim a form) Harry: What's this? Doctor: Authorization for you to engage in intimate relations with an alien species.
05:31:16 AM Apr 22nd 2016
Looks legit.
09:58:20 PM Mar 8th 2016
In the mythology section it mentions the way sex was seen differently inn ancient Greece. Then says that the spartans had sex with young proteges. This is common misunderstanding as far as I have read (honestly not too much).

" "The customs instituted by Lycurgus were opposed to all of these. If someone, being himself an honest man, admired a boy's soul and tried to make of him an ideal friend without reproach and to associate with him, he approved, and believed in the excellence of this kind of training. But if it was clear that the attraction lay in the boy's outward beauty, he banned the connexion as an abomination; and thus he caused lovers to abstain from boys no less than parents abstain from sexual intercourse with their children and brothers and sisters with each other." "

" The Spartans practiced pederasty strictly for its religious and military aspects. The mentor was given the place of foster father. At least since the time of their greatest lawgiver Lycurgus, any sexual relations between the men required they either commit suicide or go into exile to redeem the affront to Sparta's honor (Aelian). "

Perhaps it should be rewrote to mention Athens which has a more definite history of pederasty?
05:41:26 AM Mar 9th 2016
I almost wonder if that example shouldn't be cut altogether. It's vague, broad, wanders all over the place, and fails to establish a double standard in which the rape of a woman by a man is seen as horrific while the rape of a man by a woman is seen as humorous.
02:21:43 AM Mar 12th 2016
These examples need to be removed because they are not illustrating a double standard at all.
09:50:27 AM Sep 28th 2015
Is there a specific trope when the story doesn't subscribe to this trope but the in-universe characters do?

Say, a story about a male who was raped and treated as per this trope by other characters, but the narrative showing exactly the after effects and how seriously it impacted his life? Or is it just an In-Universe example?
01:50:44 AM Sep 29th 2015
The Trope Finder is a better place to ask for such things, IMO.
09:01:42 AM Sep 29th 2015
I think that would probably be considered an aversion (or possibly subversion, if the audience is lead to believe that the matter will be treated lightly by the narrative and then have their expectation subverted) of this trope. It could be considered a straight example In-Universe as well, if the characters treat the victim's suffering lightly but treat a comparable female victim's experience as Serious Business.
10:54:46 PM Feb 13th 2015
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04:11:10 PM Dec 28th 2013
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12:47:13 PM Oct 12th 2013
The Orion 'pheromone' example is a bit iffy. Humans attract each other with pheromones too, it is part of basically every sexual activity in the world. I think we may have a larger problem because I don't think we can conclusively place stuff like the pheromones in the same category as GHB (date rape drugs) and exclude them from the category of a good-looking, fit body (natural attractors). I think the difference between these too is that the attraction is artificially induced in the former and naturally produced in the latter.
02:56:43 PM Feb 2nd 2014
Even that doesn't entirely work as a distinction, because plastic surgery is an artificial enhancement to a natural attractor (in theory, anyway), and so is corsetry etc.. A better distinction would be that date rape drugs greatly reduce the target's ability to rationally overrule their desires and wasn't deliberately taken for that effect (as alcohol, ecstasy, etc. sometimes are), whereas natural attractors don't work anywhere near as effectively.

11:52:51 AM Oct 9th 2012
In the Buffy examples, why was the one about Faith sexually assaulting Xander removed?
12:09:07 PM Mar 10th 2013
It was moved to "Near Rape Experience".
04:15:37 PM Mar 10th 2013
... that doesn't make sense. It's still a double standard, considering how it portrayed compared to Sthe Spike-on-Buffy NRE.
11:18:24 AM Sep 24th 2012
I'm not sure the Greek Mythology example belongs here. It seems to be more of Values Dissonance where rape isn't veiwed as something wrong at all, rather than this trope where women can get away with it while men can't.
08:44:17 PM Sep 21st 2012
Can we add a redirect from Rape is Ok if it is Female on Male to this trope?
10:52:21 AM Jul 8th 2012
Lu127 just wondering how is a series in which this trope is a major part of Gakuen Ouji, considered a non example, I saw several other valid examples deleted in the history section but this seems but I deferred to you because of your status. yet this one is just to big a part of the series to delete, and i think it should be restored
11:05:51 AM Jul 8th 2012
edited by lu127
None of those examples say Double Standard, i.e. the story treating females raping a male as an okay action or funny. Not the way they were written at least, which is why they were deleted during the cleanup. Females raping a male is not an example of this trope.
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