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10:24:46 AM Apr 18th 2014
Some of these examples are a bit dubious. The Ollanius Pius entry, for example. I mean, sure, it's badass, but I think that a guy who's in a military organization and carries a gun is probably disqualified from being described as a "pacifist."
12:28:33 PM Apr 18th 2014
Yeah, seems like the only reason he didn't kill anyone is that, well, he was killed before he had the chance.
10:01:41 AM Dec 10th 2013
If a man disarms his opponent (i.e. takes away his gun and then throws it away) can he be considered a Badass Pacifist? He's not really hurting the enemy and he's refusing to sink to their level.
01:25:46 PM Dec 8th 2011
Can this be confirmed?
  • Should note its canon that he killed all but one of the Khans, but then again maybe that's why he became a pacifist.
05:43:48 AM Oct 18th 2011
Excuse me? I would like to know what definition of 'Pacifist' we are going with here.

Are we going with people that don't fight period, like Fluttershy? Or are we going with people who just don't kill, like Vash the Stampede?

Is the pacifist definition even that strict or does it just have to be a secondary quality, as is the case with Iji (who fights her opponents if the doors conveniently shut)?

I would like a bit more direction with this trope.
03:29:15 AM Dec 12th 2016
Guy has to be Badass while being Actual Pacifist. Not Martial Pacifist or Technical Pacifist. Meanign he doesn't physically fight, period.
07:26:23 AM Dec 12th 2016
Despite the fact that you're responding to a post from over five years ago, it's really telling how much damn misuse there is on here.

One of the examples is a military commander in charge of a fleet in a Space Opera. Did the person that added that think that they defeat enemy fleets with harsh words?!?
05:41:41 PM Apr 2nd 2011
Is Dorfl really a pacifist? I mean, sure, he's a badass, but as far I can tell, as a policeman, he can and has used force in the past, making him a techinal pacifist at best and <not> fit for this trope... I think. Someone please correct me if they can.
05:38:45 AM Oct 18th 2011
We have way too many examples in this trope who aren't examples at all, like Commander Shepard. I can't tell for sure if you should remove Dorfl as I haven't read the novel, but if he has killed, then remove him.
06:05:03 PM Mar 16th 2011
edited by Ferrard
Why not just go ahead and make Tank Man the image for this? It's fairly evident that he's in the way and unarmed, and it's fairly evident that the four tanks in front of him are the polar opposite of peaceful. I think it's also safe to say that very few, if any of us, would have the cojones to do what is pictured.

The Wikipedia picture would work just fine IMO.
01:44:11 PM Jun 8th 2011
Are you talking about the Tienanmen Square guy?
09:18:50 AM Dec 23rd 2011
Yes, I was =)
05:58:28 PM Dec 20th 2010
I think this trope is a paradox. I thought a Badass is supposed to be someone who is awesome because she/he/it is destructive and an Actual Pacifist is anything but.
05:59:55 PM Mar 16th 2011
edited by Ferrard
Destructiveness is not required, it's just more popular and easier to depict than other things. Badassery itself is about a character whose Rule of Cool stretches the boundaries of Willing Suspension of Disbelief, and is loved or admired all the more for it.
05:33:36 AM Oct 18th 2011
I feel that a badass is someone who can handle a bad situation effectively or ultimately turn things around for the better. A good example would be Kamina from 'Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'. Sure, he can just barely fight to save his life but he's the closest thing the series has to messiah and he can motivate anyone into doing anything.

Another example would be Adam Jensen from 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution'. He is the best negotiator I've ever seen in a video game (apart from Commander Shepard) and he can stop things from going wrong or getting what he wants just by talking. Alternatively, he can sneak his way into multiple buildings, take what he wants and get back out again and his enemies will never even know he's even been in there. While he is decent with firearms and CQC, they are secondary to the things he does.

Then again, TV Tropes defines a badass as someone who kicks arse with style and who am I to argue? Good day to you.
11:11:44 PM Dec 4th 2013
Kersey475: This trope is only a paradox if you count only the more textbook examples of this trope. Sure, when you think "badass", you're probably expecting a Chuck Norris expy punching a T-rex in the jaw thus causing it to explode thus resulting in the extinction of the dinosaurs. You're not alone, I think that too. However, imagine someone who walks right up to a huge dragon that's decimating a Doomed Hometown, stretches out his hand, and basically turns it into his pet. He saves the day without striking a single blow, or even doing anything remotely violent. Now that is badass.
09:20:38 PM Nov 13th 2010
edited by RTanker
Had to cut this:
* Roman dictator (not in the sense you may think, it was a regular office for times of crisis) Quintus Maximus Cunctator (= "the delayer") who had to deal with Hannibal. Instead of fighting him, he avoided fight and watched how Hannibal's army was decimated by diseases and other problems. The Romans however were not too happy about this way, voted him out, and the new consuls fought Hannibal at Cannae, which became his biggest victory ever.
Because while Fabius was a very great man, and a true Bad Ass, he was no pacifist. First, he did fight Hannibal's army (Hannibal wasn't present at the time, but the strategy used was the same as at Cannae) at Gerionum, and, second, his strategy involved brutalizing any town in Italy that sided with Hannibal. It's true that he avoided direct confrontation with Hannibal, but he was no pacifist.
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