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06:18:33 AM Oct 5th 2015
I have recommendation for this page: Wouldn't it be better if the film page is moved into new page, something like "Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy 2014"? So it also can have its own sub-pages whose contents won't be mixed up with the comics' sub-pages.

Not to mention the the animated series also has its own page.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English. It's not my first languange.
05:17:57 PM Jul 11th 2015
edited by Doggiedoo
Would Groot's gasp towards Rocket be considered a GASP! ?
04:43:36 AM Dec 24th 2014
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Been reading a lot of discussions about this movie, as well as having a few... and here's something I just want to throw out into the cloud:

Why do people keep assuming Quill is John Crichton (or Will Robinson if you prefer)? By which I mean- he was abducted by Blue Merle (thanks Honest Trailers), but it seems clear that "Terra" is not an unknown planet in the MCU (Quill's Terran genes are recognized by the Nova Corps) and it is never ONCE implied that Quill "couldn't" or "can't" go back to Earth, or even that he doesn't know the way. The fact that the technology is available to build a cassette deck in his ship implies either that Quill has returned to Earth OR, since Terra is NOT an unknown destination as it is in Farscape or Lost in Space, some other scavenger picked that stuff up at some point.

At no point does Quill long for Earth or want to go back there. He misses his mom, sure, but he knows she's gone. This is more of a case of "doesn't want to" return than it is a case of "can't return."
07:52:03 AM Dec 24th 2014
The implication is that he more wishes he hadn't left, but at this point would be more of a fish out of water there. He misses his home, but after being raised by the Ravagers, he basically can't go home again.

The few offhand mentions of Terra do indicate it's basically a backwater planet that people know about, but have no reason to go to. The biggest evidence for it being unknown is that Rocket has no idea what a raccoon is. But that doesn't seem likely.
07:47:11 PM Dec 2nd 2014
Removed the following from Adaptation Species
  • Rocket was originally a displaced Earth Raccoon but in the movie, the resemblance is coincidental. He's baffled at Quill calling him one.

It's not coincidental. He's an experiment, and everything implies that he is in fact a raccoon, albeit a heavily mutated one. He just doesn't know it, since he was never told.
05:42:11 AM Dec 3rd 2014
While I agree with you, it is a bit of contention among fans (take a gander at the Headscratchers page). It seems obvious to me he's an experimented raccoon, but I guess there's... a bit of potential ambiguity there.
11:18:04 AM Dec 4th 2014
In the comics, he got retconned to being something similar to a raccoon, I believe.
06:39:42 AM Oct 12th 2014
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[Rocket] was never indicated to have been speaking with a British accent in the comics either.

People keep saying this, but it is demonstrably untrue:
Marvel Preview #7
03:34:19 PM Sep 21st 2014
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Serkis Folk Along with voicing the character, Vin Diesel also portrays Groot via motion capture, even wearing stilts to match Groot's height. An actor named Krystian Godlewski stood in as Groot before Diesel was cast, but none of his footage ended up in the film.

I can't find anything to support this, it seems like Vin actually joined kind of late in production and was only wearing stilts in that behind the scenes to get into character for voicing, though he said he would be doing it for the second. It should be changed unless someone can find a source
06:48:25 PM Sep 21st 2014
From everything I've heard, Vin didn't do any of the mocap for Groot, just wore stilts to get into the mindset of a giant.
12:48:04 AM Sep 22nd 2014
Ok so we should delete that part then right?
10:55:49 AM Aug 24th 2014
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Changed the following entry:

  • Space Pirate:
    • Nebula, Thanos' "daughter" (her exact lineage is unclear).
    • Yondu and The Ravagers also qualify. Although we never see them actually do any pillaging on-screen, they are described as (and act like) a group that will steal anything, and everyone else treats them as such.


  • Space Pirate: Yondu and The Ravagers. Although we never see them actually do any pillaging on-screen, they are described as (and act like) a group that will steal anything, and everyone else treats them as such.

Reason for this is Nebula's pirate profession is only canon in Earth-616 (main Marvel comic continuity). In the film, she is depicted as Thanos' pet killer — and not even his favorite, at that. Additionally, her lineage isn't even in question here — that's 616 continuity. Here, she's unquestionably described as Thanos' daughter.

If she becomes a pirate by the sequel, then I guess we can add the line back in, minus the part about her lineage.
04:27:47 PM Aug 21st 2014
I put Rocket's little prank with the leg under It Amused Me and cut out this:

  • Troll: Rocket tells Peter that he needs a prisoner's prosthetic leg for part of his plan. He later reveals that he just thought it was a funny prank. He tries it again later, but Peter puts a stop to it.

Which is an accurate summation but seems like it should be classed as Gadfly behavior.
10:33:57 PM Aug 13th 2014
Trying to add Duane Benzie from Spaced for Peter Serafinowicz under Hey, It's That Guy! on the Trivia page, but it's not working for some reason. What am I doing wrong? I've tried [[Spaced Duane]], [[SPACED Duane]], [[Series/Spaced Duane]], and [[Series/SPACED Duane]]...
08:45:01 AM Aug 14th 2014
You need to put {{}} around Spaced.
10:23:07 AM Aug 14th 2014
Remember to put Series/ before the {{ too.
06:56:54 PM Aug 11th 2014
So when we see that one unmasked Sakaaran, he has humanoid eyes but the rest of his face looks like it's all insect parts. Borderline Starfish Alien? Humanoid Abomination?
11:21:55 PM Aug 11th 2014
Neither of these. They all imply more than just appearance. That is just freaky-looking alien.
06:14:51 PM Aug 7th 2014
re: Aliens Speaking English: I remember hearing Korath and Nebula shouting orders in (presumably) Sakarran.
11:16:02 AM Aug 7th 2014
Hey, what song was playing, when they were flying to Knowhere? That sounded great.
11:20:41 AM Aug 7th 2014
Aww, I found it. "Moonage Daydream", by Ziggy Stardust.
08:17:54 PM Aug 6th 2014
The Five-Man Band issue: First, restating that not every group of five fits Five-Man Band and not every group of five should be shoehorned into the roles.

Second, responding specifically to the Star-Lord as The Leader, Gamora as The Lancer, Drax as The Big Guy, Rocket as The Smart Guy, and Groot as The Chick listing and the The Mighty Heptagon's edit comment: the trope page for The Chick says "Yes, we understand that a male can fill this role, but this trope is a component of a Five-Man Band, which is specifically four guys and a girl. Examples of male characters acting in this way can be found in The Heart." and, more directly, the Five-Man Band page says " The Chick is often considered the heart of the group. This role is played by a woman or girl. Someone female. Otherwise, it is not a Five-Man Band." This particular point is very clear.
08:40:56 PM Aug 6th 2014
edited by
Sorry, it was the page for The Chick that I was referring to. It's been a long time since I actually looked at that page, and I didn't recall it being that strict about gender.

For the record: I'm fully aware that not all groups fit the Five-Man Band mold, but I genuinely believe that the Guardians do. Aside from the quibble about Groot's gender, they seem like a textbook example to me.

I would say that Groot fits every aspect of The Chick but the gender, but I'm not sure if the wiki is currently accepting examples that substitute The Heart for The Chick. I do notice that the page for The Chick states that males filling the role should be listed under The Heart (implying that the tropes are the same in every area but gender), though the actual page for The Heart says nothing about it being gender-specific, and admits that The Heart and The Chick overlap more often than not.

I think the wiki can occasionally be a bit confusing about that particular aspect of the Five-Man Band, though I will admit that the trope's gone through quite a bit of redefinition since the last time that I actually used it in an article.

Also, I think it's worth noting that the pages for The Chick and Five-Man Band also state that the Five-Man Band must be "four guys and one girl", and the Guardians definitely do fit in that respect (Gamora is the lone female member).
04:56:34 AM Aug 7th 2014
The wiki doesn't accept examples of Five-Man Band where The Chick isn't female, for the record. See also this forum topic.
08:38:05 PM Sep 1st 2014
It's a shame, because aside from Groot's gender they're an excellent example.
11:43:38 AM Jan 3rd 2015
edited by
It is a classic Five Man Band; the above discussion just has the roles wrong. Gamora is the one pushing the group to do The Right Thing—she is The Chick. Groot is The Big Guy—he's nearly mute, and larger than Drax. Drax is the Lancer, the foil for Star-Lord—his literal-minded inability to understand Star-Lord's wisecracking, and his desire for vengeance as opposed to the material gain that Quill pursues, are constantly at the fore.
03:08:49 PM Jan 3rd 2015
If you want to suggest 'em post in that thread.
05:34:27 PM Jan 3rd 2015
That's nice. It's wrong, but it's nice.

Drax just isn't the lancer. You look at any character and you'll be able to find a way they're a "foil." You could say Groot's a foil because he doesn't talk and Peter relies on his silver tongue. Rocket's a foil because they're both earthlings taken from the planet and now no longer belong there. But Gamora is clearly the number two, and the most opposed to him since they butt heads directly the most. And she's The Chick in... absolutely no way whatsoever.

Drax, on the other hand, is there to fight. Therefore, he's The Big Guy. Groot is big, and probably stronger in a fight, but Drax's role on the team is that of the Big Guy.
08:44:18 PM Aug 3rd 2014
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The main page has two contradictory tropes contained on it: Shown Their Work, which states that the movie shows an accurate representation of what would happen if you went into space exposed; and Space is Cold, which states that what is shown is the *opposite* of what would happen. Which is it?
09:17:58 AM Aug 4th 2014
Shown Their Work is misused there; the trope is not just for any aversion of common media errors.
09:28:13 AM Aug 6th 2014
Fair enough, Shown Their Work should probably be removed. First, though, can anyone comment on which entry is accurate? Is the movie's depiction of exposed skin in a vacuum realistic or not? Are there any physicists around here?
01:06:49 PM Aug 2nd 2014
Would the fact that Michael Rooker is blue, and plays Merle on the Walking Dead count as a stealth pun, as a blue merle is a type of dog?
01:10:24 PM Aug 2nd 2014
I am not seeing how Michael Rooker is blue. Plus, this should be in The Walking Dead Discussion.
03:49:48 PM Aug 4th 2014
His character in this movie is Yondu, who is blue.
01:18:48 AM Aug 5th 2014
Ah, so. Very sceptical about Stealth Pun though.
04:37:38 PM Oct 25th 2014
1. Blue merle is a pattern of markings, not a 'kind of dog'. 2. You're really stretching for connections here. Yondu was a pirate, just like Long John Silver, who wore a peg leg, just like the guy in the Kyln, but you don't see me listing a Shout Out to Treasure Island, do you?
08:08:13 AM Aug 2nd 2014
The dog that appears in the Collector scene isn't Laika, but a character from the comics: he's Cosmo, originally an Earth dog sent into space as part of the soviet space program, that ended up in Knowhere, turned telepathic and very intelligent. Here's a pic from the comics to prove:
08:10:13 AM Aug 2nd 2014
Well, it appears I can't post images, so just google it. Its an easter egg for readers of the comic, and a crude mistake to think it's Laika, since the dog in the movie isn't even the same race as the historical Laika.
08:21:52 AM Aug 2nd 2014
This wiki doesn't allow one to hotlink images. You need to use the Media Uploader to put them on the site.
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