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Comic/series idea...:

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Respect the Red Right Hand
Just a little pitch I had, that will probably get a good deal of refinement.

Tentative Title: Hello, Dolly

Superion is an average teenager, who happens to be a superhero, winner of the Super Power Lottery. This is not his story. Well, not quite his story. When arch-rival, Charlton Heston Masterson, aka The Chessmaster attempts to clone the hero, he ends up with a mess of monstrous things, and two humanoid failures with limited powers- a younger, female clone called Dolly, and a an older, more cynical clone he calls Adam. The plan backfires when Adam figures out they're just tools to their "father", and the two run, from town to town, trying to make something good grow from their dark heritage, and escape the shadow of the Superion, both metaphorically, and literally in the form of their father's pursuit to dissect and analyze them, and the Metahuman Control Organization's own attempts to capture them.

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Well, from that it sounds good. I don't understand why Superion, who isn't even the main character, is described as being a teenager. I dont see what that has to do with anything. Could you make that clearer?
Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
Respect the Red Right Hand
^ Mostly so Adam can get "Hey, you look kinda like Superion" as a running gag.
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OOOO Ohh. I get it! Well like I said it sounds like a good idea thus far.

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Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
This sounds like it could make a great ongoing series. The title might need a little work- I think "Hello, Dolly" might make a good title for one of the arcs, but for the whole series you might want to specify that there are two heroes.
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Respect the Red Right Hand
I've been working more on this, I have now a better title- "The Night Riders"- an antagonist organization, and a mild Femme Fatale / Dating Catwoman character who'll pop in now and then.

There's the government's dirty little secret, the Department for Extrahuman Affairs and Defense. It's leader is Sgt. Jacob Pepper- the Big Bad who wants all extrahumans, you guessed it- DEAD. Bonus points for capturing some and brainwashing them into soldiers for the D.E.A.D.

The Femme Fatale, Sarah Lector, is an interesting case. She's an Emotion Eater, and too much exposure to her abilities will render a person an emotionless husk. She didn't know how to control it as a child, and ended up doing that to her parents... She needs to feed on emotions to keep her ability to feel them, but all she wants is to be normal. This makes her an on-again off-again ally of Adam... after initial conflicts.

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