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176 Wheezy12th Aug 2012 11:17:21 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
Another line (from a different Black Comedy short story I'm working on in my free time) that I like, but can't fit into the story yet:

Ms. White: You always have to be careful erasing memories. If you accidentally wipe something you didn't mean to - like, say, the wrong long-term memory, or an instinct - it can get nasty. You get people forgetting why they need to eat, what their car's brakes do, or that they ever left Vietnam.
Dimitri: Well, How'd you learn to do it right?
Ms. White: Uh...
(Looks around, laughs nervously.)
Ms. White: Trial and error.

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177 Jabrosky18th Aug 2012 04:34:06 PM from San Diego, CA
I actually rather like this idea, but I want to see if anyone can poke holes in it:

A princess finds her father, the king, dead from an arrow in his own palace. Attached to the arrow is a note from the assassin that asks the princess to meet him somewhere outside town. When the princess meets him and defeats him in battle, the assassin claims to work for a crew of pirates and promises to lead the princess to their lair. The princess and assassin eventually fall in love once she realizes that he's actually a good guy who found himself in a desperate situation. Ultimately the assassin confesses that his true benefactor was the princess's younger half-brother, who wanted to seize the throne for himself while his older sister was away.
178 Bisected818th Aug 2012 06:55:50 PM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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This is a rejected idea for a game project I was considering;

The protagonist is a traveller (sort of a scout/ambassador working for a private company or government of some sort) from a Science Fiction world to a High Fantasy. The equipment (uncluding guns, Powered Armour and the ability to easily requisition more) he brings with make him pretty powerful (since magic works, in this universe, my manifesting physical phenominon his armour protects him from it just fine) - think along the lines of if Gandalf the Grey was sent by The Federation instead of Crystal Dragon Jesus and was the main character. However, supplies cost money. He's given a stippend for equipment (and paid wages, but he'd rather not spend thosenote ) which (along with logical things like avalability) limit his ability to solve problems on his own. Naturally, there's a dark lord to be defeated, potential heros (ideally xenophiliacally inclined) to nurture from afar and situations to fix simply by turning up, but his employers pay him for results, not for getting involved with local politics....
I posted this in the fanfiction forum, but I think it also serves as an original work.

I remember reading in This Very Wiki that one things that made Kingdom Hearts popular was that it gave the opportunity to the player to fight most of the monsters that scared you when you were a little child and kick their butts to kingdom come. Then I had an idea: do you know all those Creepypasta monsters? They scared you, didn't they? So, why don't anyone apply this KH principle? I mean, write a novel of the journey of a person to fight and slain creppypasta monsters, you vs. Slenderman, The Rake, Zalgo, at the sound of Lavender Town music, in overall with a lot of Rule of Creepy, Rule of Scary to be pitched against Rule of Cool (unless if you're going through the lovecraftian route, but I guess everyone here watched TTGL) [we were discussing TTGL in the post before].

Or even a game, if one is feeling ambitious (4chan created Katawa Shoujo and, since that's the place where creepypasta originates...)
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180 Wheezy23rd Aug 2012 03:49:42 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
[up] Awesome.

I'd love to see someone make a constructed language out of the syllables seen here.

If no one else does it, and I have a not-so-serious work that needs a Conlang one day, I might do it myself.

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181 LoniJay23rd Aug 2012 03:53:24 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I kind of want to write a story involving the intersection of old beliefs about blood and its power, and modern practices like blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants.
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182 joeyjojo23rd Aug 2012 04:43:44 AM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
Happy New Year!
[up]Has potential.
  1. hashtagsarestupid
Someone stop me if Steven King has already written this. Work a pseudo Pygmalion Plot, but where the the writer had fallen in love with the heroine of the saga he wrote, then he had to Break the Cutie in the last book, in order to prevent his love for the concept of his creation from turning her into a Mary Sue in his eyes. Story would start as the writer's character is discovered by the writer with the sting of a visual cue (probably a scar) that the horrible events have come to pass.
184 Wheezy27th Aug 2012 10:13:29 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
While trying to circumvent a proxy, I realized that a lot of Peacefire sites have awesome names.

A lot of them would be A Good Name for a Rock Band, like Torchface, Stompface, Slow Razor, Candy Shadow, Cookie Punk, Mars Driver, Snowy Grave, Acid Fraction, and Tragic Math.

"God's Face" or "The Iron Hand" would be perfect for a shadowy religious organizations.

And some are just cool. "Magic Robot" would make a great art website, magazine, or company name. "Cloth Brain" could be a fashion blog or clothing line, and I like "Gravity Guy" as a parody superhero.

And for some reason, I just like the ring of "Crying Mango," "Retired Santa," "Young Badger," "Stupid Reader," and "Epic Foot." They might make decent forum usernames.

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185 Jabrosky27th Aug 2012 02:30:35 PM from San Diego, CA
One of my favorite themes has evil masquerade as good. I love villains who trick you into thinking they're sympathetic and then shock you with their true colors. I believe such villains would enjoy greater success in accomplishing their goals than those who flaunted their evilness.

As an example, one villain idea I've cooked up has a young lady who initially looks and acts like an old-school Disney princess. When you first see her, she gives off a cheerful and sweet vibe, with no ostensible hints of the sultry seductress or even the bitchy popular girl. She convinces the hero that she needs to be saved from some superficially sinister characters, and he tries to help her at first, but eventually he finds out that the "damsel in distress" was the conflict's real aggressor. From that point onward the princess-like character drops her sweet mantle, reveals her truly monstrous qualities, and becomes the story's real antagonist.
186 Wheezy27th Aug 2012 03:25:25 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
I like it. In fact, I might use that for one of my projects.
187 Jabrosky27th Aug 2012 07:06:56 PM from San Diego, CA
[up]Me too.

I have a whole story for that unraveling in my head, and the sweet princess-like villain is only one of the several fantasy tropes it plays with. The evil orcs and goblins are another.
188 Wolf106629th Aug 2012 12:05:37 AM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Man! I had plotbunnies galore before I started reading this thread and just reading some of the posts in here have caused them to breed even faster.

One of mine is the idea of a small group of people who are somehow born with a rather precise set of inate abilities. One ability is to be able to understand any language they hear or read. Another is the ability to fluently speak any language to which they have been properly exposed - if a native speaker of the language is within speaking distance of them and speaks even a few words of the language to them, they instantly gain that native speaker's level of proficiency in the language. They can't just decide "hey, I want to be able to speak Swahili" and do so and it doesn't work with televised or recorded language (they can understand the language, just not speak it based on the transmission/record). Their final ability is an inate ability to travel through time and, to a limited extent, space at will. One constraint is that they are pretty much locked onto Earth (something to do with being held by Earth's "dent" in space-time) but that at least means that when they zap backwards or forwards in time, they don't wind up materialising in empty space somewhere in Earth's orbit, the Earth not being there at the time). Another constraint is that while they can go as far into the past as they like, they can't go any further than a day into their own personal future based on "when" they would be under normal circumstances.

Their ability does enable them to effectively teleport anywhere in the world they like (somehow immune to conservation of momentum issues).

They can use their time travel to "replicate" themselves with no ill effect (i.e. help themselves fix the car by looping back in time to when they know they hit a tricky bit and (as they remember) had their future self arrive to lend a hand).

Naturally they use their abilities to live comfortably but tend to be rather cautious about it so as not to attract attention, which limits the number of times they win lotteries or pick the winning horse/team.

One has an antiques store and sells a very nice range of good quality antiques in good condition (almost like they were carefully stored away somewhere safe for a number of years...), another bets on the horses but doesn't always win (though he wins fairly well and loses very little)

They work together to...

Well, that's the problem, actually. I don't know what to do with them.

They could go back to Ancient Rome or Greece or Mesapotamia and instantly be able to understand the natives (and speak with them) but whatever changes they make only create the world they know - they couldn't help Vercingetorix defeat Caesar at Alesia or kill off Hitler before or during WWII, the only possibility is that history-as-we-know-it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for some of their interventions. (e.g. The Axis Forces were going to win WWII due to some ultra-top-secret weapon - which they discover in their "sight-seeing" trips to the past and destroy it and all evidence of it, creating the world in which the Allies win. Someone with an in-depth knowledge of a historical event that could have "gone either way" could probably come up with a plausible story in which these travellers make it go the way we remember it.)

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I had a plotbunny idea a while ago, or perhaps it's closer to being a full-grown Story Rabbit at this point. What's below is the entirety of the idea, though, and I feel like it needs something more.

The idea is this: our protagonists are explorers who have just discovered a new planet. They make contact with the Crystal-Spires-and-Togas empire there, but gradually begin to discover evidence of another civilization. The ruins and so on seem fairly recent, so they begin to wonder if the presence empire has done in the other civilization.

Their hosts find out about their concerns, and explain that the other civilization recently ascended to a higher plane of existence. They're still around, they simply no longer have physical form (rather like in the episode of Futurama with the rapidly-evolving robots—"Settle your petty differences and get the hell out!")

This, however, is far from the truth. It is gradually revealed that the now-insubstantial civilization used to rule over the present empire with an iron fist. Their "ascending to a higher plane" is not really the glorious next step, it's something done to them by their former slaves, who have now siezed power and trapped them in limbo. There are moral shades of grey between the two empires, and our protagonists must figure out what to do, and quickly. For of course, they have just discovered the empire's deadliest secret, and now they're being hunted....

I imagine that the protagonists would learn how to transit between the real world and the limbo in which the original civilization is trapped, and that this would serve major plot functions eventually.

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190 DrFurball29th Aug 2012 09:07:57 PM from The House of the Rising Sun , Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
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I've kicked around an idea for a comic inspired by the song, Jumpin' Jack Flash.

I've only got a few things worked out, like Jack being an up-and-coming boxer who unwillingly gets involved in with the mob, causing his whole life to fall apart, to the point where he's starving and homeless.

The hard part would be getting his life back on track, since I need it to be "all right now; in fact, it's a gas" by the end. It'll be a period piece set throughout the 60s.

It's more serious and dramatic than anything I've written/planned, which is one of the reasons I'm reluctant to get started.
191 NekoLLX3rd Sep 2012 11:22:06 AM from Soviet America
Writer: Tokusatsu 5YrWar
Sorry if the interest has died but reading the first page about weaponised misic reminded me of a incomplete story on my DA i wrote Magical Melodoy Kats, it's about a Magical Girl who's powers are based on music, her enemies are Discords who feed on 'disharmony' and she has to split her time between fighting evil and promoting hr albulm since her power comes from the people she can get in the rythem and sing along while fighting otherwise the Discords will just curbstomp her
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192 Bisected83rd Sep 2012 11:42:12 AM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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That's quite an interesting idea. I like the way it ties her civilian identity into her powers.
193 NekoLLX3rd Sep 2012 12:07:01 PM from Soviet America
Writer: Tokusatsu 5YrWar
Thanks, i liked the idea of having baggage assosiated with saving the world especially since she Jumped at the Call even knowing there was a TG aspect involved "how many guys get to be in a band AND be a super hero" the fact he only turns into a girl to fight crime helped mitigate the facts since it's not permant
7 friends, a robot, and a spirit, will find a way to protect us...if it kills them.
194 Wheezy10th Sep 2012 01:03:37 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
A Blood Sport / Immoral Reality Show that puts the contestants in the position of heroes and gives them a Sadistic Choice between saving their Love Interest, the Bus Full of Innocents, the basket of kittens, etc. and seeing which one they choose.

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195 Wolf106610th Sep 2012 03:25:24 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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[up] The society that supports such a show would be a rather "interesting" one.

"So, what's he going to choose ladies and gentlemen? Coming up after the advert break: The hero's choice!"

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196 NekoLLX10th Sep 2012 08:34:16 PM from Soviet America
Writer: Tokusatsu 5YrWar
[up]Reminds me o a Mashup Video i did, warning PONIES
7 friends, a robot, and a spirit, will find a way to protect us...if it kills them.
197 Jabrosky12th Sep 2012 07:56:40 AM from San Diego, CA
This one's more of a setting premise than a plotbunny...

Human beings in the near future finally discover time travel, but when an expedition to the Mesozoic Era returns, they bring back with them an extinct tropical disease that ends up devastating most of humanity and Cenozoic life in general. The few humans with immunity to the disease end up importing Mesozoic lifeforms to restore their planet's biodioversity. And thus a new age in the history of life begins, an age of Cadillacs and dinosaurs...
198 LoniJay12th Sep 2012 04:55:59 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Hmmm. You'd have to come up with a reason why antibiotics aren't working against this disease. Otherwise it would only wipe out people without access to medicine.
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199 Noaqiyeum13th Sep 2012 12:24:55 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
Might be viral or prionic easily enough.
200 nrjxll25th Oct 2012 12:29:25 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
A deconstructive parody of deconstructive parody fantasy webcomics. The main plotline would involve our heroes battling the forces of the God of Drama to keep their reality from suffering Cerebus Syndrome, but it would rip into as many other fantasy webcomic tropes as it could along the way. (In particular, I'd like to play with the idea of the parody of Cliché Storm fantasy becoming a Cliché Storm in its own right... and maybe what that means for the next level of parodies).

I have absolutely no idea where to go with it, no time to write it, and I feel like it's slightly self-indulgent anyway... but I'd love to see someone do this.

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