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Shipping the renaming into a separate option.
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Just for reference:

Existing Rabbit Tropes

My Suggested Tropes

Do we have a trope for Adorable Cute Little Fuzzy Animals? It seems like when they're being used for Rule of Cute, there's not much difference between bunnies, kittens, puppies, baby pandas, etc.

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Hmm... Closest we have is Ridiculously Cute Critter

Definition: A cute widdle creature typically consisting of fur, big eyes, maybe a Big Smile, and little else. It's probably biologically unfeasible, if not downright impossible, but who cares? It's stupidly huggable, and if the show is Merchandise-Driven, it will probably be a top seller. In many cases, it will become an easily-recognizable symbol for the show/series/whatever. All together now: "Awwwww...".

Nah, that's not quite right, the description says it's for made-up animals.

Edit: Or it might be for a particular style of drawing them—I guess I'm not too clear on that. The Laconic mentions Moe, which is infamously nebulous in its definition, so, blach.


I'd go with YKTTW'ing the broader Cute Little Fuzzy Animals trope that includes the kittens and baby pandas (I guess it would be the supertrope for Ridiculously Cute Critter) rather than making one just for bunnies; the bunny-only version of that trope sounds like a case of The Same, but More Specific.

The other three suggested tropes sound fine to me.

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That might work, but I'd rather not kill any other tropes without a vote on them. The Everything's Cuter with Kittens trope for example does seem to be pretty focused, is rather popular, and has almost 10,000 inbounds.

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The majority of examples on this page seem to list being funny as a primary trait (eg. whether a bunny character is funny or whether they are cute/sexy/badass INSTEAD of being funny.

My best suggestion may be the 'better' standing for rabbits having a benevolent and harmlessly nice purpose in the media they are in, eg. a protagonist, assistant, just being generally nice likeable characters.
That still might be broader than bunnies, but if Reptiles Are Abhorrent is tropable (and I think it is), then, sure, that sounds reasonable too.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
So would that purpose be fulfilled by a "Bunnies are Adorable" page?
The rename option on the crowner is currently at 2 yays and 2 nays, which make me wonder what we are going to do about the name. Since we are most likely going to turn this page into an index for rabbit tropes, I don't see how we can't rename it, because the "everything's x with y" title wouldn't apply there. That title pattern is supposed to be about the gratuitous use of y, not the use of y in general.

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I voted for "rename" and "turn it into an index." Potential names:

Indexes Are Breeding Like Rabbits
Rabbit Tropes
This Index Is Only A Rabbit
Rabbit Index
Rabbit Trope Index

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I think we can call the crowner now.
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Calling the crowner turn the page into an index page for rabbit tropes.

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Do all the new tropes have to go into YKTTW first?
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I'm working Rascally Rabbit at the moment, but for the next few weeks I need to focus on finishing up my school work. If anyone wants to contribute to it in the mean time, to include strengthening the description, feel free.

I'm thinking we also need a Lucky Rabbit's Foot and a Bunnies Are Adorable trope, but again I don't have time to do it properly at the moment.
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[up] Good luck avoiding People Sit on Chairs accusations if you have a trope called Bunnies Are Adorable.
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The crowner also had consensus to rename to page, so next we need to do an alt titles crowner.
[up][up]I don't see how it is any worse than Reptiles Are Abhorrent. It is creators using certain recognizable pattern (people finding rabbits and their kin to be cute and vaguely funny) to create certain reactions in the audience, or as a cause for character's reactions to a given creature.

Just because something is Truth in Television in the subjective opinion of many doesn't mean it is Not a Trope.

I still think that from a marketing point of view, gutting a popular trope with lots of inbounds* and no real flame bait or negativity associated with it is bad for TV Tropes and sets a dangerous precedent for gutting more such tropes that are likewise extremely popular with our users as a whole (who are not represented at TRS). Still, if we have to turn it into an exampleless index then we should create tropes that cover the full range of how rabbits are used in the media, and one of these being used as a source of cuteness.

  • Inbounds under the new custom title are up to 191, up from 103 on October 25th. Almost a 100% increase over the course of less than a month. The ptitle was 6,961 since Feb '09, and that doesn't take into account people that visited the page from internal links or search engines.

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I've launched Rascally Rabbit. I still need to do some crosswicking.

I've put together a template for a replacement index in YKTTW.

Name crowner here.

YKTTW for Lucky Rabbit Foot here. Please help with examples.

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This still needs some more votes.
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Bunny Tropes seems to have a clear lead.
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Can we make Wascally Wabbit a redirect please? tongue

On a more serious note, I would prefer a better quote on the the Rascally Rabbit page. I think even a line from Elmer Fudd would be better than a semi-Latin episode name.
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[up][up] That it does.
49 shimaspawn5th Jan 2012 03:00:50 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
It does now. Thanks for voting. I'm going to call this one. Get the switch done.
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The new index has been launched, as has Lucky Rabbit's Foot and Rascally Rabbit

Question: Should we do an Adorable Rabbit trope to fill the gap for the use of rabbits as cute creatures now that the Everything's Better With Bunnies is gone?

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Page Action: Everthings Better With Bunnies
9th Dec '11 12:34:04 PM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
We need a new name for the Rabbit and Hare Tropes Index that will replace Everythings Better With Bunnies.

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