Using As Many Tropes As Possible:

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Try Indivisible! It's awesome.
[up] Hmm... yes, that might be an excellent start. I hadn't thought of that — I suppose something written in the same free-flowing, absurdist style as the Illuminatus! trilogy would be a wise start to this project. You could get away with a lot if you don't mind inquiries of "What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?". (Note that the aforementioned Illuminatus! trilogy was made on drugs.)

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It sounds like the key is not to let your ambition get the best of you. In other words, feel free to skip over tropes if they don't benefit your story any.
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Absolutely. I'm actively avoiding using tropes that affects the series as a whole like Morality Tropes. There are some that affects individual arc or season, like Mundane Fantastic.
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I think "absurdist" could sum up the whole idea and resulting work.
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If you're using every trope in existance,you can't skip on any of them. If you did,you wouldn't be using every trope.
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You haven't read the earlier post. I said it wrong and I'm trying to use as many tropes as possible not all of them. F
That's a cop out. If you are going to use most of the tropes you might as well use them all.
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Nah, there are some tropes that I absolutely abhor and will never, EVER use.
You must write a Happily Ever After ending.

And it has to be a Downer Ending.

Some have managed anyways, but...

Good luck.
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Actually like I said, Happily Ever After is one of those tropes that I will avoid. I don't like it. I'm going for Earn Your Happy Ending but I'm planning to have a lot of short arcs so they can all have different endings, Downer Ending, Bittersweet Ending, Twilight Zone Ending...
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What about Kill 'em All and Everybody Lives?

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Arcs, pal. Arcs. Damn it, people. I said, as many tropes as possible, not all. Is there any way I can change the thread's title?

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Kill 'em All and then resurrect em! It even lets you work in resurrection tropes!
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[up] Oooh, I like that idea!
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Still, arcs are the only way to go if you want to cover most of the tropes. That way, you can have a happy ending, a bittersweet ending, a downer ending, and all those other ending tropes.

Also, beginner tropes can be applied at the beginning of arcs.

Observe different characters from Trope Overdosed series to see how you can apply character tropes.

Also, a multi-verse is pretty much needed if you want to cover all the setting tropes.
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Well, crap. That means I gotta watch Doctor Who, huh. I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon due to my Archive Panic. Would I need to watch all of them all just few seasons?
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Also, would it possible to use Viewers Are Morons and Viewers Are Geniuses at the same time? Oh, and can you intentionally cause Critical Research Failure? No, being a guy who always goes fro Shown Their Work, I'm not going to do that unintentionally but if I can get away with it, why not?

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