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Just a warning: Fanfiction Net theorically doesn't admit any Archie Comics fanfiction, so you'd have to publish that elsewhere.
227 HandsomeRob18th Jun 2012 04:05:33 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
That Showa era or Heisei era for Kamen Rider? (the shows before and after Kamen Rider Kuuga, respectively)

Not sure. I did say it's very bare bones. literally all I have of it so far is the Gadget Rider Kick, and I ain't even sure what that would look like.
I've got an account on yourfanfiction anyway. Also, witch, not Witch.
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Which Witch is Which? The Which, perhaps?

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Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
I'll probably refer to her as Sorceress Sabrina to avoid that, although I do appreciate the tongue-twister.
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So I was able to upload the 9th chapter of Peacekeepers. In case some people don't know, it's a mix of UC/CE/AD/AC eras in the Gundam universe.
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Well, here's an idea I had.

We all know how on Series 6 of Doctor Who, there's, like, 100-200 years the Doctor spends travelling, not going to the date of his death, correct? I wanted to make a few crossover fanfics where the Doctor visits certain worlds during those time periods, often running into other versions of his companions.

So, what do you guys think of the idea?
Throw in at least one Super Robot show, and you're golden.
234 HandsomeRob26th Jun 2012 09:50:36 AM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
[up][up] and [up]If I might make a suggestion on that...

Note: Mikuru not requiredtongue

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I've kinda wanted to do it after writing this:

The Doctor tapped his foot and straightened his bow tie as he danced around the console of the TARDIS to the tune of an old song. As he flipped the switches and pressed the buttons, the Time Lord sang to the tune of the song to no one in particular, seeing as he was alone, all by himself. As he approached the typewriter, the song finished, and he began to talk with himself:

"Oh, Doctor, another year filled with adventures! Stopping a Dalek-sponsored revolution! Saving a walking armor from being used as a beacon for the Cybermen! And let's not forget the part with the giant robot. I loved the part with the giant robot. With the pew pews and the kabooms. Heh."

He stopped smiling once he spotted the screen attached to the console. And once again, he saw himself face to face with the true reason for why he was travelling around the galaxy: his death. April 22nd, the screen said. 2011. A date that the Doctor had been avoiding for over 100 years. But it was still there, and it wasn't going to change. As the Doctor looked at the screen, another merry 50's tune came on, and he promptly ignored the date, smiling once more:

"Alright, you sexy thing, let's go for that meeting I arranged with Charlie Bucket!... he still owes me a fizzy lifting drink."

And he pulled another lever, laughing to himself as the control room shook, indicating the start of another adventure.

Right now, the only "episodes" I'm aiming to do is something with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and something with Fairly OddParents. I'm sure I'll have more ideas later.
I want to see Eleven's reaction to the world of GaoGaiGar, specifically all the Hot-Blooded Screaming Warrior shenangigans. Eleven, What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome??!





".... Was all of that really necessary, everyone?"

Also, any chance you might fit Mahou Sensei Negima! in there somewhere?
237 HandsomeRob27th Jun 2012 08:45:54 AM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]

You know, I bet the doctor would get along pretty well with a lot of the 3G characters.

Taiga's line about courage, while cheesy sounding is the kind of thing he could agree with. He technically does it all the time.
Just now got that Kamen Rider/Who vid to pop up and Hey, It's Ransik!
239 Psyga31528th Jun 2012 06:01:49 PM from Dungeons & Dragons No Sekai , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Sony's Battle Royale video game is now making me think of a crossover fanfic where Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, and Parappa go across the world, picking up Noble Phantasms (at least the ones that can be double as artifacts) as Radec tries to find the mythical Ea and destroy the world with it.
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
I've heard of the three adventurers you mention and I'm familiar enough with Noble Phantasms, but I have no idea what the anything after that part is about.
241 Psyga31528th Jun 2012 07:43:27 PM from Dungeons & Dragons No Sekai , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Okay, Radec is a character from the Killzone games, and I presume he's bad news since he's a Gas Mask Mook, while Ea is a Noble Phantasm too, and it's capable of blowing up the entire world. (Okay, destroying it, but whatever)
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
Wait, Ea wouldn't be Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm, would it?
243 Psyga31528th Jun 2012 08:17:15 PM from Dungeons & Dragons No Sekai , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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[up] The very same one.
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
So I kinda decided on what the first chapter of The Doctor Travels should be, and it's going to be Legend Of Korra (believe me, not my first choice).

Basically, it's going to be called "Revolution of the Daleks", so you already have an idea of what it'll be about.
245 HandsomeRob30th Jun 2012 08:55:19 AM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
[up]That's a good choice.

Since both have something of a Reincarnation thing going. The Doctor's schtick is a little different, but if anyone would really understand Korra and the Avatar spirit, it would be him, since he also becomes a different person after a while.

Hearing the Doctor compare Regeneration to the Avatar cycle would be interesting.

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"The Avatar!"

The Doctor pulled down on another lever, and sent the TARDIS vworping into the void. As he hanged onto a few bars, Bolin almost fell face first into the control room's grated floor, hanging onto one of the TARDIS' screens:

"What about her?"

"Well, there's more to her than what you know! You see, the Avatar is a symbol of balance! So if you take the Avatar, everything goes kataploot!"

"B-but then the Avatar's reborn, right?"

"I think so! But technically, you could stop the cycle from ever moving on!"

The Doctor pulled down the lever once more, and spun one of the screens around so Bolin could see a picture of his world:

"If you hurt the Avatar when she's connected to the other world, the cycle will stop. And with no Avatar, the balance on your world goes kataploot!"

"... and that's bad, right?"

"Bad! Of course it's bad! Massive hysteria! Dogs and cats living together! Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes! Thanks to spacey-wacey reasons, your world, and the spirit world will both go—"

And the Doctor proceeded to simulate an explosion with his hands and his mouth, which made Bolin pretty scared, as his grip on the screen tightened:

"So we have to stop whoever's going after Korra!"

"Yes, that's right, but who in their right minds would want to stop the cycle? The destruction of your world and the spirit world would create a massive wave of energy! The question is... who wants that energy?!"

Amon continued to observe as the Equalist soldiers continued to load crates of electric gloves onto vans. As the sun set down on Republic City, the Equalists began the next step of their plan. His Lieutenant approached him, holding a small piece of paper:

"Everyone's ready, sir. And one of the benefactors wishes to speak with you."

The Lieutenant moved aside as a small and round creature walked through the shadows, a small blue light in front of it. Amon turned around, his hands behind his back, and did a short bow to the creature:

"Once the troops are ready to move out, the stadium will be ours, sir."

"Good," said the creature, as it rolled out of the shadows, revealing the fact that it was a machine. But not just any machine. One of the most feared creatures of the Universe analysed Amon, and turned its eyestalk to face the troops. "Continue the Equalist revolution!" said the Dalek, spinning his laser gun around. "EX-TER-MI-NA-TE THE AVATAR!"
Little fun thing I've had in mind, just a one-shot. Anyone who's seen me on the Negima fanfic thread, you can probably guess how this is going to go. *

Actor Allusion

Ganondorf sneered, "So, Hero of Time! Do you honestly think that your courage alone is a match for my POWER?!"

Link passionately cried, "Of course I do! In fact, I know that victory will always go to the one who has courage!"

"Bold words, coming from a mere forest boy. Let's see you back them up!"

Ganondorf cast a lightning spell at Link, who knocked it back into the sorceror's face with a swing of the Master Sword.

Firing off a Light Arrow into the dark wizard, Link yelled, "The reason you cursed the Great Deku Tree... the reason you tried to eradicate the Gorons and sealed off the Zoras in a block of ice... the reason you slaughtered the citizens of Hyrule Castle Town and hunted down Princess Zelda... is because you feared what we were capable of! You knew that if you did not kill us and alienate us all, you would never have come to power in the first place!"

As Link told Ganondorf off, he continually slashed the Gerudo King with the Master Sword, his blade cutting nearly as deeply as his words.

Having lost all composure, Ganondorf roared, "SILENCE, YOU... YOU... YOU NOTHING!!!!"

And then, Ganondorf gave himself over completely to the Triforce of Power, letting it consume him so that he could have the might to destroy his hated enemy.

Ganon let loose a bestial roar as he knocked the Master Sword out of Link's hands, furiously attempting to maul him as the castle crumbled around them.

Blocking each blow with the Mirror Shield, Link bellowed, "You tried to take on the power of the Goddesses, but you couldn't handle it! You had neither the wisdom nor the courage to use it properly! I will obliterate your darkness from this world... IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!"

As he donned the Marg Hand, Link roared, "HAMMER... CONNECT!!"

Then, closing his hands around the weapon he'd gained from the Fire Temple, Link passionately cried, "GOLDION HAAAAAAAAMMEEEEEEEEER!!!!!"

Wielder and weapon both glowing a brilliant gold, Link pulled out an energy spike from the Marg Hand and kicked Ganon in the chest, knocking it on its ass. Link then drove the spike into Ganon's core, yelling, "HAMMER.... HEEEEEEEELL!"

Then, from the other side of the Marg Hand unfolded a forked lever, which he used to rip the spike out of Ganon... and with it, the Triforce of Power.


Ganondorf, now a shriveled husk of his former self, cringed back in terror before Link's radiant power.

Bringing the hammer down on his enemy to finish him once and for all, Link bellowed, "TRANSFORM INTO... LIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!"

With that, Link crushed Ganondorf with the Goldion Hammer, the boundless magicks within it eradicating all of the Gerudo King's physical matter from the universe and transforming it into particles of light.

As for how I thought of this, well.... Hey, It's Nobuyuki Hiyama! With a Big Fricken Hammer! Again!
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Having the statements Link is yelling separated by ellipses is a bit weird. Ellipses aren't really passionate forms of punctuation.
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Plus, you've got a bad case of Said Bookism going in there, in addition to your usual piling-up of 'ing's (seriously, dude, split your sentences - you've got too much going on at once).
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