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YMMV: Wild Star
  • Awesome Music: How about the entire soundtrack?
  • Creator Worship: Not to cult-like levels, but the dev team has been very, very open and communicative about the game's development, including going into the rational behind potentially unpopular stuff such as Money Sinks, and actually listening and responding to suggestions and concerns. The fan base has reciprocated with appropriate levels of adoration for this unexpected honesty.
  • Creepy Awesome: The Mordesh, to their fans. Just creepy to most everyone else.
  • Evil Is Sexy: While the "Evil" part is up for debate, no one can argue that the Dominion exert control over the galaxy in style.
  • Fan Dumb: There's quite a bit of outrage over the lack of body sliders in character creation, with some commentors accusing Carbine of sexism. The actual reason for the lack of body sliders is that Carbine has to model gear for every body type individually — and given the races and genders available, there are already fifteen separate body types.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Neither side is above some very, very awful acts.
    • The Dominion
      • Enacting a series of oppressive policies on their own people, that resulted protests on the streets to Brightland's Rebellion.
      • Attempting and failing to exterminate the Granok after their refusal to join the empire.
      • Turning lush, verdant Arboria into a barren wasteland because the Aurin, who couldn't have possibly known the risks, traded with the human Exiles.
      • Blowing up a Nexus-bound Exile ship full of innocent refugees, then blowing up the ship that was to rescue the survivors.
      • The death of Elderroot. It's understandable, as Elderroot is a repository of valuable knowledge in the hands of the enemy, but it's a living, sentient being who can feel pain.
    • The Exiles
      • The Aurorian Plague, targeting innocent farmers and Lowborn to cripple Dominion operations.
  • Player Punch:
    • The Stormseeker Pell. You unintentionally deliver poisoned supplies to them, killing them all. You played with their children. You helped them with their chores. You earned their trust. It's one of the first missions in Ellevar, so pretty much any new, uninformed player will do this quest arc.
    • On the Exile side, there's the fate of Deadeye Brightland's family, wiped out by a dominion artillery barrage moments from getting away to safety. They were going to name the kid after you, too.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Mashing F to escape stuns. Even the devs agree that it sucks.
    • Rejoice, for it has been replaced. Now you only need to hold down a random button.
  • Squick: Mordesh are still physically attractive, but the whole "suffering from a horrible disease, flesh rotting off" thing tends to be a real turn-off for most people.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: As said by IGN, "Sure, on the surface Wild Star may look like itís overflowing with cutesy characters but dig a little deeper and youíll find a comic world bursting with crude jokes and filthy language."

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