Awesome / WildStar

  • From the Official/Blur trailer: Buck warping onto the top of a stemdragon then blasting a hole straight through its skull.
    • Also, Sarge and Liara using their own class powers to fight. Liara summons and psy shrunken to slice at the stem dragon, while Sarge blasts at a horde of robotic drones.
    Sarge: I think I'm gonna like it here.
  • What is WildStar?
  • Everything about Stormtalon's Lair. This is your first dungeon as an Exile, at level 20. Just imagine what'll happen at cap...
  • Leveling up is a little different in WildStar. All of the announcements here.
  • Beta Patch Notes get leaked. Carbine's response? Release it officially on the website, and do the same for all future betas!
    In the end, this is about trust and respect. We trust and respect our community, and refuse to let this particular bad apple spoil this entire bunch.
  • Thanks to the Community's tireless cracking of the mysterious disclaimer in DevSpeak: The Warrior, they got this as a reward.
  • Dan's Dancer Evolution, found in the Exile's capital city of Thayd, in the Lair of the Black Hoods.
  • Marshall Yatish. Nothing can stop him from delivering "lickin's." Nothing.
  • How do you stop an Eldan Annihilator from killing all of Algoroc? Blast it in the face with an Eldan cannon, of course!
  • As a Dominion player, the Vigilant Trail in Wilderrun. You have essentially passed the 6 tests that determine if you are enough of a virtuous badass to be part of the Empire's most skilled soldiers. To wit:
    • The Test of Strength has you defending yourself against highly skilled soldiers.
    • The Test of Courage has you intentionally poisoning yourself thrice while resisting the temptation of the antidote. Which doesn't work. All three poisons together cancel each other out.
    • The Test of Devotion, listening to a recital of everything the Radiants stand for: the service to the poor, the weak, and the helpless.
    • The Test of Knowledge, challenging your memory and inquisitiveness of Dominion history. (Relatively easy: there are some hilariously, obviously wrong answers.)
    • The Test of Justice, forcing you to make some VERY tough decisions that may ruin or even end a life.
    • The Test of Purity, having you step into a blazing pyre and survive.
  • After killing the boss of an area, most of the time the enemy will become neutral to you, wary of your unstoppable badassery. It's particularly amusing with speech-capable foes, like the Darkspur Cartel.
    • In one city, the ghosts will comment on your lethality - apparently dying the first time hurt less than when you came through.
  • "The Invincible" Commander of the Radiant Legion, Toric "The Radiant Star" Antevian, who is quite possibly the most chill, polite, and kind badass you will ever meet.
  • While the player goes off to kill Morek "Blackjack" Throg, Judge Kain singlehandedly holds off a never-ending tide of Darkspur Cartel with just a rifle and his deadly accuracy.
  • After repeatedly saying they will look at adding body types and additional customization options post-launch, the 4/8/14 beta patch notes mention that they have done just that. The devs really are listening.
  • In Warplots, it's possible to summon dungeon bosses that you've defeated (like Stormtalon) and get them to fight for your faction.
  • The Open Beta Trailer.
    Soon... all will become clear.
  • The end of The Reaper's Harvest quest - escaping the Grimhold Quarantine zone on Lukov's speeder, while everything explodes around you! Also doubles as a tearjerker, since Lukov is left behind.
  • "Hey, I could get used to that." You'll know the part... where you fuse with a goddess to take down one big corrupted eldan annihilator bot. Probably doubles as funny moment.