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Queen Myala Everstar is not the true Aurin Queen—in fact, there have never been Aurin Queens before her

Myala is actually an extremely powerful esper who had used her abilities to brainwash the Aurin into thinking she was the queen. Arboria was actually just a collection of loosely connected Aurin communities, until the Ravaging which devastated their numbers and forced them to unify to have a hope of survival. In the resulting chaos, the confusion, and the desperate need for a leader, Myala rose up and proceeded to brainwash what was left of the planet into thinking she was Queen, and there always had been Queens.

She has been living this lie for so long she's starting to believe it herself.

The Strain are actually Drusera's army. The Entity is her servant

Drusera is not trying to save the galaxy from the Strain—she's trying to conquer it! The Entity is merely a trusted lieutenant and fall guy, to pose as a threat to both the Dominion and the Exiles so Drusera may coerce them into performing tasks her army can't do, like spread out across Nexus, rebuild the Genesis Key, and provide a near-limitless source of fresh bodies to bolster their army with.

Progenitors Nazrek and Ohmna were lovers

Drusera created the Strain

The Drusera Instances note that the Strain started appearing after the Genesis Prime AKA Drusera was born. Drusera actually birthed the Strain in a wayward attempt to make perfect life in her likeness.
  • Partially confirmed. Drusera and the Entity share the same body, so the Strain was created with her powers but was not her intention.

Drusera and the Entity are one and the same

The Genesis Prime was a success, in the sense that it created two facets of a perfect being: an ultimate good, and an ultimate evil. During the many conflicts between their personalities, the Genesis Prime split into two distinct avatars: the benevolent Drusera, and the malevolent Entity. The one true body of the Genesis Prime is trapped in the Lightspire.
  • Confirmed.

The Chua have separate genders. They just can't visually be told apart.

Many species of animals, mammals included, have genders that look virtually identical. In these cases, the only way to really tell is to glance at their sex organs. In some cases it's even more difficult, like with certain types of birds and reptiles, since their parts are retractable. With the Chua, it's yet even more difficult, since clothing covers everything in that area, and they don't have gendered pronouns. It's possible the Chua can only tell their own genders apart by scent.
  • Partially confirmed. Chua can visually tell each other apart, but because no one else can, they just refer to the entire species as male with "he/him/his" pronouns for the sake of convenience. Female Chua do exist but good luck finding one if you're not a Chua.

The Mordesh are a splinter group of Eldan.

The similarities are there to begin with: tall, slender, with pointed ears. The cultural notes on Mordesh specifically and explicitly draws parallels in their old religious beliefs with the scientific approaches of the Eldan. And when you arrive with the Mordesh on Nexus, one of them comments that it feels somehow familiar.

The similarities seem very deliberate...

Wildstar takes place in the future of Titan A.E.
Humanity settles on the Planet Bob, ruled over with benevolence by its founders, Cale and Akima. Utilizing both the remnants of the Titan and the Drej, the humans experience a period of technological growth, flourishing all over the planet. At some point after Cale and Akima's passing, a faction pops up that agrees with Akima's initial assessment: Bob is a stupid name for a planet. After a planet-wide referendum, Bob is renamed Cassus. Shortly thereafter, the Mechari arrive and tell them of the Eldan, and how they were chosen by the Eldan. As the true story of how Cassus came to be had long since faded into myth, humanity assumes the Titan was Eldan technology and buys into the story.

The Nexus Project was to fight the WildStar version of Reapers

By Prismo, taken from the WildStar Beta Forums:

  • The Eldan knew about something. They knew that something big and terrible was coming, and in their efforts to prepare for that something, they used Nexus as a testing ground and R&D department to engineer a solution. That's why a lot of the Eldan that were on Nexus were a little demented, and it isn't necessarily reflective of their whole race. They were great minds among their people and the Eldan needed to put them to use.
  • Drusera was an attempt at creating something that could actually fight the things that are coming.
  • Nexus was so heavily defended because the Eldan couldn't afford to lose one of their best leads on how to survive what was coming, not just random paranoia.
  • The Dominion was meant to unify as many sentient races as possible into an organized military structure that would better prepare the universe for what was coming, and not just an awkwardly timed and executed attempt to start an empire for no real reason.
  • There are still Eldan on their homeworld trying to find a way around their impending demise.
  • The scientists on Nexus don't act like everything is riding on this one project because it isn't. It's just one of many plans that the Eldan were trying out and they still had a lot of time to figure out what to do.
  • The homeworld Eldan have written off Nexus as a lost cause because they lost communication with everybody there and they need to focus on their other plans.
  • The Caretaker knows the location of the true Eldan homeworld and can tell us once we repair him by completing Datascape.
  • We go to the Eldan homeworld in the first expansion with Drusera in tow, and show them that the Genesis Prime project succeeded and they basically go "oh my god that's great news" and the rest of the expansion is spent saving them from their own problems on the homeworld.
  • Next several expansions are spent preparing for the oncoming threat in various ways, like recruiting new playable races by helping them out on their respective planets, or hunting for magical space mcguffins that will help us prepare in some way.

Either way Nexus is definitely not the homeworld. First of all there are no destroyed or corrupted Eldan cities. In fact there are no Eldan settlements AT ALL. The only Eldan remnants to be found are exo-labs and research equipment. No Eldan dwellings of any description, meaning that not only was this planet not meant to be a home, but there were probably very few of them here at all.

Belle Walker is now an Ascendancy Infectee

After the events in Whitevale, Belle's abduction by the Ascendancy is more or less ignored until the patch introducing the Datascape. There, she discovers an ability to interface with machines and Eldan tech directly as a result of it. As you accompany her, she clearly retains her own will, but also expresses that it's not exactly effortless to do so. It's really not a question of whether or not she's been changed, but whether she can remain herself or if her will is going to be inevitably co-opted.

The Protoplasmic Resonator was designed by Protostar, for money!
  • Jossed, the Protoplasmic Resonator was designed by Omechron, the Primeval of Logic.

Apprentice Laveka is planning everyone's demise
  • Early concept art shows her as the primary antagonist, there's a poster with her on it from back when Wildstar was called Influx Online so she may still retain her role.

Humans in Wildstar's Universe are from Earth
In the Shades Eve event, in a house there is a lore book called, "Jack Shades on His Way". It mentions that a long time ago humans arrived on the planet later called Cassus. A new home after spending so many centuries in deep space which they were space traveling from an unknown planet. Which and where the planet is/was remains a mystery. It is never stated where the humans are from so they must be from Earth.

The Luminai are dying
Other than their ancestral birthright and destiny, the Dominion is seeking Nexus to actually find ways to seek whatever to save the ailing Luminai populace. The Ancestral Decree, a proclamation to preserve Eldan genes within the nobility, may have caused untolled damages from inbreeding and didn't help that entire population are descended from a single progenitor named Dominus. Since Dominus was birthed from Nexus, the Dominion hope to find ways to either treat the genetic diseases or create more Luminai to replenish their gene pool.