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YMMV: Walker, Texas Ranger
  • Anvilicious: We get it. Criminals are scum. That's no excuse for thinking we won't know it unless they are Complete Monsters or at least Kick the Dog in every other scene.
  • Ass Pull: "Blood Diamonds" to a T. Not only is the plot wildly over the top (in an ultra-campy series, no less!), but in the opening minutes of the episode, we see Trivette has been hung and Walker is desperately running away from crooks critically wounded. Then, in the ending minutes, Walker is gunned down by automatic weapons all around and tumbles off a storehouse roof. And then the episode smash cuts to Alex waking up in bed. Fortunately, the episode gives us an ominous twist by revealing Walker is about to undertake the investigation that leads to the events of her dream... Alex freaks.
  • Awesome Music: The theme song. And yes, Chuck Norris himself is the one singing.
    • Not the first Theme Song the show had; the original was a rather forgettable steel guitar solo, which was replaced by a more rockish tune, which was replaced by "Eyes of the Ranger". This list might not be conclusive.
  • Complete Monster: Victor LaRue is the worst in a show that did not believe in giving villains subtlety. A lunatic who kidnaps and kills others seemingly at random, when LaRue captured Alexander Cahill amongst other hostages, he attempted to rape her. In his second episode, LaRue is released from prison and begins stalking Alex to drive her insane. He attempts to rape Alex again before he is arrested. In his third and final episode, LaRue gets a gun at his trial and murders his own lawyer, the judge and the bailiff, taking the courtroom hostage. While waiting for Walker to arrive, he presides over the court as a “judge.” In his insane whims, he orders a divorced couple to get back together for their child, but when the child contradicts LaRue, he decides to “reopen” the hearing, planning to murder the kid. LaRue kills his other ally when the man is disgusted by this. Finally, he attempts to rape Alex for the third time before Walker busts in and guns him down.
  • Damsel Scrappy: doesn't seem like not one episode can go by without Alex screaming "WALKER!" while being kidnapped?
    • One would expect that with all the time Alex spent with Walker she would take some self defense lessons or take a few levels of badass.
    • She almost got Seasonal Rot with this one— a first-season episode has her successfully fighting off a rapist, while in later seasons she never even makes an attempt to fight back.
      • One could say that it's just a case of Flanderization on Alex's part. In the earlier seasons she was presented as a strong and competent D.A yet in later seasons she has to constantly depend on Walker to get her out of a jam.
    • Alex did get her one Crowning Moment of Awesome when she and a group of women from a womens support group helped a woman from her violent husband by beating the crap out of them. And for once Walker didn't help her in that!!!
  • God-Mode Sue: Walker and company beat the living hell out of any small-time crooks or veteran criminals alike, usually without the offending perps getting so much as a single clean shot on them, especially Walker. However, there are a few times when foes have got the drop on the Rangers, and other enemies who were on equal fighting ground without cheating. Sometimes, it can be downright humiliating to watch a stupid mook flash fisticuffs in front of Ranger when they don't know a lick of martial arts and are just begging to get their asses kicked. A few episodes result in them getting shot or badly wounded just to show they're still human.
    • Walker mounts an enormous kill streak throughout the series and more or less creams every thug he encounters 80% of the time. The only times Walker really took serious beatings were a handful- against Phillipe Brouchard, an international master assassin, the Viper, more or less the equivalent of Brouchard, Caleb Hooks, a Vietnam veteran, Victor La Rue, who went as far as to poison Walker through scorpions to dull his reflexes, Emile Lavocat, CD's murderer, Boris, the only foe to ever genuinely bruise up Walker... because he had the loaded advantage of superhuman strength., and the Chairman, the Big Bad of few episodes from the last season.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • An episode featured an Arab terrorist purchasing a sonic laser ... intending to destroy the Capitol building with it, and, he says, "maybe the White House too". The episode aired in the spring of 2000, a year and a half before the events of September 11 and one of those buildings (to this day, reports vary on which) was almost certainly the target of the fourth plane.
    • The season five episode "Plague" has a group of Corrupt Corporate Executives distributing a vitamin supplement for the cows to eat on an Native American reserve. This is despite previous attempts at testing profit boosting drugs on live communities ended horribly in Uganda. The local shaman comes off as the Only Sane Man when he widely disapproves of the supplement being introduced into the reserve's farms until the milk got poisoned. Fast forward a decade later and many Americans are complaining about similar methods of vitamin and steroid boosted animals affecting our food supply to negative effect (though thankfully, not nearly as lethal as this episode).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the episode with Haley Joel Osmont, when Walker talks to him about spirits, Haley replies "You mean like ghosts and stuff?" This episode aired two years before Haley saw dead people.
  • Memetic Badass: see Chuck Norris Facts.
  • Memetic Mutation: Many clips popularized by Conan, but most of all... "Walker told me I have AIDS."
  • Narm Charm: Let's face it, the show is campy and ridiculous, but it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining if it wasn't.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Here.
  • Tear Jerker: Has a sub-page!
  • Unfortunate Implications: James Trivette usually ends up as the comedy sidekick when compared to the more heroic Walker.

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