Trivia / Walker, Texas Ranger

  • Casting Gag / Celebrity Paradox: In "The Moscow Connection", at the very beginning, Trivette reads out a piece of literature describing in an almost poetic way of a stand off between two men. Walker questions what book this is, and Trivette says it is The Secret Power Within. Walker follows this question by asking who wrote it, and is told that Chuck Norris had. He simply shrugs and claims to have never heard of him, earning a track record telling by Trivette of Chuck's achievements in martial arts. Again, Walker says he never heard of him—yet corrects Trivette when the latter makes a mistake in listing Norris' accomplishments.
    • In Season 7's "Code of the West", the four main characters talk about who would play them in a movie. Trivette get Denzel Washington, Alex gets Helen Hunt, C.D. gets Paul Newman (kinda sad in hindsight because both actors are now dead) and Walker gets...Chuck Norris. When Walker complains they got Oscar winners, Trivette points out that Chuck was a six time World Karate Champion, which pleases Walker. Good thing since, of course...
  • The Cast Showoff: Nia Peeples' vocal talent is featured on several episodes after she joined the cast.
  • Cast the Expert: TV reporter Clarice Tinsley plays a TV reporter.
  • Company Hop: The first four episodes were made by Cannon Television, before they ran into financial difficulties (there's a surprise). Enter CBS - along with the Ruddy/Greif Company, Top Kick Productions (Norris Brothers Entertainmentnote  from season six) and Columbia Pictures Television - to pick up the slack, in a literal case of Network to the Rescue.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: "In Harm's Way", "Wedding Bells", and "Turning Point" all feature planes being hijacked and going down. Four months after the show ended its run, the September 11, 2001 attacks took place.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The 2001 episode "Division Street" has Hulk Hogan play an ex-con who hated all non-whites prior to his Heel–Faith Turn becomes this considering Hogan was effectively blacklisted from WWE as a result of audio of Hogan making racist comments was leaked to the media in July 2015.
  • McLeaned: The character of C.D. Parker was killed off (by what was originally thought to be heart failure, though the finale reveals Parker was actually poisoned) because his actor, Noble Willingham, had left to pursue an ultimately unsuccessful run for Congressnote 
  • You Look Familiar: Actor Marshall Teague makes no less than six appearances on the show as entirely different characters, all of which are the main villains of each story, usually disguised as different people under heavy makeup. On top of that, he plays the main villain of both the first and last episodes of the series. Not only this, but he also plays an ancestor of his character in the Grand Finale, making him the proud owner of seven different character roles. And he even plays a major villain in "Trial By Fire", bumping his appearances up to eight!