Funny / Walker, Texas Ranger

  • In "Behind the Badge", Trivette, who's being interviewed for a documentary show, complains that Walker busting people steals the spotlight from him. This exchange follows:
    Walker: What am I supposed to do? Stop arresting people?
    Trivette: No, just... keep it down.
  • At the end of an episode, the cast talk about a possible movie being made about them and discuss who would play who. Trivette thinks he should be played by Denzel Washington. C.D. thinks he should be played by Paul Newman. Alex thinks she should be played by Helen Hunt. Walker asks who should play him, and Trivette suggests... Chuck Norris. Walker balks at the idea, complaining the others have Emmy Award winning actors, while he gets Chuck Norris.
    Walker: I get Chuck Norris? What's that guy ever won?
  • Walker and Trivette have Carlos disguise himself in drag as an old woman to act as bait for a gang of criminals. It somehow worked.
  • At the end of the anthrax bomb episode, the cast talk about how the surrounding precincts were talking about the valiant acts of the Texas Rangers, mostly of Walker's exploits. When Trivette asks if the precincts had spoken about him specifically, Sidney could only reply that they once talked about how he went undercover as a male stripper, much to his annoyance.
  • In the Elvis episode, while the fight with Gage an Sydney against two hired killers was awesome, it was also rather hilarious as they were all dressed as Elvis Presley at the time.
    • At the end of the same episode, Gage comments how he could try to compete in the next Elvis impersonator contest and Trivette challenges him to sing, in which C.D. preps up the karaoke machine. Turns out despite Gage being a fighting Texas ranger who continously puts his life on the line to uphold justice, he has stage fright.
  • In the crossover episode with Martial Law, Walker and Sammo interrogate a guy on the street. Walker threatens that if the mook doesn't tell them what they want to know, he'll have Sammo give him a "Chinese pretzel". The man spills his guts, not wanting to get pounded on. After telling them what they wanted, Sammo hands the guy a literal pretzel.
  • Trivette gets a letter from the IRS, stating he owes $700. He decides to fight this and hire a tax attorney to make them drop the charge. Good news is he won the case and no longer owes the IRS $700. The bad news is he now owes the tax attorney $1200 for his services. Bluntly put, Trivette is worse off than before.
  • In "Children of Halloween", Trivette discusses with Walker that making your own costume is better than going out to buy one. Walker then comments about the Halloween costume Trivette made for himself.
    Walker: Trivette, a bag of peanuts and a bottle of soybean oil is not a costume.
    Trivette: I was George Washington Carver!