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Tear Jerker: Walker, Texas Ranger
  • C. D. Parker's death.
  • The ending of "Lucas" two-parter, in the first part Lucas mother dies and in the second part Lucas dies from AIDS. Two-parter is practically a Tear Jerker episode.
  • An episode featuring a brother-and-sister pair of Irish freedom fighters, out to avenge the death of their parents by killing those responsible. When Walker and company finally catch up with them in a high rise building where they've barricaded themselves, the young woman looks at her brother and gently says, "Let's go home". He nods in agreement, and they leap to their deaths. It's a surprisingly poignant moment when you realize these were just two very angry and misguided young people who let their feelings of vengeance get out of control. A rare example of a Sympathetic Murderer on this show.
  • The episode where a child is bullied because of his poverty-stricken life and ends up standing on his school rooftop, poised to commit suicide. Walker begs him not to do it, but the poor kid takes the plunge anyway.

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