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YMMV: There Will Be Brawl
  • Canon Defilement: Played for drama.
  • Cargo Ship: You upset Lakitu's cloud!
  • Complete Monster: Kirby is nowhere close to the cute little marshmallow you grew up with. He is an outright cannibalisitic serial killer who takes delight in torturing and gruesomely murdering his victims. He destroyed his own homeland, drove Mewtwo insane by "whispering" to him, and is responsible for almost everything that goes wrong in the Mushroom Kingdom. He killed many of the main characters, most of them being the few innocents left in this world, very gruesomely. He takes great pleasure in ruining Luigi's life, and killed the two women he loved the most. He also likes to torment his victims with their past. His motive is sheer sadism.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The exchange between Mario and Luigi in Episode 6:
    Luigi: Times have changed. You can't do it alone anymore.
    Mario:: Alone...? There are two...Super Mario Brothers.
    • Red's song in Episode Nine if you're not bawling
    • Leaf comforting Paula and giving her a Jigglypuff at the end of ep. 10
    • Another Episode 10 moment: Pauline convincing Diddy Kong to not shoot Mario.
    • Sonic being the first to cheer on Mario in episode 8 will be this for some.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Red's aforementioned song at the end of Episode 9.
    • The song at the beginning of Episode 10 - a slower, more serious version of the conventional Brawl theme.
    • The rock remix of the Starman theme, and the music playing throughout the final battle. Actually, most of the soundtrack, both remixes and original themes, is awesome.
    • Aside from being a good Stealth Pun, the remix of Rainbow Road playing in Captain Falcon's gay nightclub is pretty damn catchy.
  • Epileptic Trees: Everyone had a theory as to who the butcher is. Some are a bit loopier than others. The true ending was actually a mix of several of them.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Ganondorf basically stole the entire episode when he first appeared. Samus is also very popular, but for different reasons...
    • Different reasons? There are probably quite a few fans out there who would disagree with you on that...
    • Lakitu seems to be becoming another Ensemble Dark Horse, particularly after Episode 6 and the two Breather Episodes.
  • Fight Scene Failure: A lot of them, though the overall effort has a decent execution.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Many of the Mythology Gags can be this if you think about the history of the games involved.
    • Here's one that can be made entirely by accident. Towards the end of the series, Kyle Hebert's beard became noticeably white, creating continuity errors. However, one could argue that Wario knows that the battle is coming and is gradually becoming more and more nervous.
      • This claim could also be offered for Link.
    • When confronted in the alley way Luigi sees a baseball bat on the ground and uses it during the short battle. Soon after Lucas and Ness appear, the latter of whom isn't carrying around his trademark bat.
    • When Link talks to Luigi about Dedede's murder, he mentions that forensics found bits of skull like what would be the result of getting hit in the head with blunt force trauma. This doesn't get mentioned further, and Luigi notably leaves it out while trying to profile the killer, but remember, Ness uses a baseball bat...
  • Fridge Horror: "I'm at full health." Where's Navi?
    • Presumably fine, as Link was seen holding a maxim tomato extract syringe.
    • The whole thing is based on the fact that Kirby is pretty damn disturbing when you think about it...
    • At the end Leaf gives a crying orphan (Paula) a Jigglypuff to cheer her up, the one she just used to kill Wario.
    • Who's going to look after Waluigi?
  • Fridge Logic: Why did they censor the koopa in Episode 9 if F Bombs are dropped casually?
    • This is because someone at The Escapist screwed up and forgot that the series was granted exception to the "no F bombs" rule that the site has.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Knowing what happened to Mercer, Ganondorf's breakdown and death in the finale is very uncomforatable to watch.
    • During the final battle, Pit's wings are ripped off. In Kid Icarus Uprising, Pit's wings are burned off for flying too long, though unlike in Brawl he gets them back.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • It is mentioned that in the news extras hosted by Lakitu that Mario nearly beat Tom Nook to death. As of November 2011, PETA is complaining that Mario is skinning Tanukis and wearing their skin.
    • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS newcomer Wii Fit Trainer appears on a billboard in Episode 1, and Rosalina has brief non-speaking appearances in Episode 5 and 10. Little Mac the only Assist Trophy to be Promoted to Playable between Brawl and Wii U/3DS also plays a noticeably larger role than the other assist trophies.
  • Ho Yay: Lots, the series ships Ike/Marth and Falcon/Pit, among others.
    • Les Yay: There also seems to be something between Samus and Barbara the Bat. It was originally believed to be just the product of Samus's flirtatious attitude in Episode 3, but they're seen holding hands, comforting each other at Red's funeral service, so there may be something to it.
  • Hype Backlash: The Escapist held an event where members of their website would receive an award if they watched all nine available episodes in the week leading up to the finale in order to hype up the release of the final episode. The episode was eventually posted two weeks later, because The Escapist hadn't consulted with the producers on how long it would take them to edit the final episode, and suddenly announced it a week earlier than planned.
    • See also Executive Meddling for details. The guy's been on bed rest for a while. He damn near killed himself trying to edit the final episode by himself.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Ganondorf is called "The Shadow Don" for a reason.
    • Kirby also qualifies by the end.
      • That would be Miyamoto. Though there have been some WMG's on that very subject, keeping that in mind.
  • Moral Event Horizon: It's hard to really sympathize with Zelda after she stabbed Link and left him for dead.
    • Even the scene-stealing Large Ham Wario goes too far, for his hands in killing Red. Waluigi was technically involved, too, but he likely had no idea what he was doing.
      • Kirby crosses this even before the series begins when he massacres Dreamland and the Mushroom Kingdom, his last victim prior to being locked up being Daisy.
    • Ness and Lucas cross this by what they do to their victims after they kill them.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • "The trophy gallery", when it's finally revealed what happened to the murder victims after their insides were left behind: they were stuffed, crudely stitched back together, and put on display. The worst was probably Peach, which was somehow rigged to stand up and spill blood out her mouth.
    • There are some especially gruesome scenes in the finale, such as Pit's wings getting ripped off, and Kirby taking a bite out of Luigi's face.
    • Who could forget Ganon bleeding from every orifice from his face under Lucas' and Ness' psychic aura?!
  • One-Scene Wonder: Bowser.
  • Ron the Death Eater: On purpose.
  • Ship Tease: YMMV, but throughout the entire show, Samus implied to have a thing for Luigi as well as Barbara the Bat. To go for the hat trick, she also flirted with Trainer Red even though she knew he was in a relationship with Leaf.
  • Special Effects Failure: While most of the costumes and choreography is really good for a webshow, there are a a fair number of awkward moments. Most noticeable, however, is the Donkey Kong costume.
    • The mouth on the actor playing Dedede is clearly visible while he's talking. This isn't helped by the fact the beak doesn't always move properly.
    • In Episode Eight, Link's sheath visibly flaps limply against his arm as he stands up after being knocked.
    • Link's ear prostethics are obviously not part of his normal ears.
    • Jigglypuff killing Wario in the finale. Sure the former is, in real life, a plush toy, but that doesn't excuse the fact that the scene looks really silly.
  • Squick: The series is FILLED with this, and there's something here for everyone:
    • King Dedede's comment to the stripper Malon: "You're on stage soon, go get Epona." Malon does not look very enthusiastic about this. Given the state of everything else, sure Epona may not be a horse, but that doesn't change the Unfortunate Implications of the line...
    • King Dedede's remains after the Serial Killer gets him.
      • And the "Trophy Gallery". Dear God in Heaven, the Trophy Gallery!
    • Ganondorf bleeding from everywhere under the kids' influence, and then later his head being chopped off after already having been stabbed by a sword.
    • The final few moments, where it is HEAVILY implied that Kirby killed and ate Ness. How is it implied? Kirby is wearing a very familiar looking bloody baseball cap - just like he would be in Super Smash Bros if he'd swallowed Ness and copied his powers.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Link's glorious exclamation of "SHUT THE FUCK UP NAVI!" that all of us gamers attempted to do in vain while playing Ocarina of Time.
  • Tear Jerker: Red's death, and the song he plays in the same episode. Hell, the entire ending of Episode 9.
    • Think about this one for a bit, and realise this is the biggest Player Punch the series throws. Narrative-wise, it has no reason to happen. It makes Wario and Ganondorf out as horrible, horrible people, that couldn't possibly be redeemed. ...Except they were already there. If Red didn't die, chances are the rest of the series would have played out exactly the same. ...Well, minus the Rest attack.
      • Red controlled the Pokemon, and as Samus points out, is thus in the safest place in the city. Ganondorf and Wario were just taking out another potential threat, the target was the Pokemon more than Red.
    • Not to mention the flashback right after the final battle, where Luigi remembers the very start of all the chaos, the day the whole mess began. They were still happy and still friends, even though some of them knew the horrors that were about to begin. "This is the last great moment of this kingdom," says Peach wistfully.
    • Surprisingly, the scene showing Wario taking care of Waluigi. Despite who he is, he still shows that he cares for someone.

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