YMMV / The Sims 2

This YMMV page is for the second game in the series.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The premade characters are often subject to this, with any one character's personality running the full gamut of the personality scale.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Many players enjoy improving Lilith Pleasant's life, often at the expense of Angela's.
    • And it seems like some players like the Townie Goopy, maybe because of his name and his big nose.
    • The Pleasantview Goths and Strangetown Curious family are pretty popular.
    • Kaylynn Langerak was an NPC with a minor story role in The Sims 2, but it made her popular enough to merit a promotion to playable character with her own extended family in The Sims 3.
    • The Landgraabs originally appeared as the main antagonists of The Sims 1 console port, but has become popular enough to appear in every game afterward.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Female "fat" Sims, with only a slightly wider waist than the rail-thin "normal" Sim ladies, somewhat larger boobs, and Hartman Hips (or at least they're Hartman Hips compared to regular female Sims). Male fat Sims are kind of similar; they have potbellies, less muscle definition, and slightly larger thighs, but that's all. And both sexes are lumpier of build than the regular Sims.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Nervous Subject. He might be a mean, antisocial slob with no sense of humour, but he was neglected as a child and used by his 'adoptive parents', the Beakers, who are also very mean, for experiments. He's a Family Sim, and is a far more capable babysitter than the nannies the game provides (though that may say more about the nannies than Nervous Subject himself).
    • Tybalt Capp, who lost both of his parents and his grandmother in a short period of time, as well as being a Popularity Sim with no friends outside his family.
  • Polished Port: Not only was the Mac version not discontinued like the Windows version was, it was also given a complete overhaul recently by being ported to the modern Mac OS X native Intel x64 architecture, given support for newer graphics cards, and even added 4K resolution support. It also comes bundled with every single expansion pack released to date, for a reasonable price of US$29.99. Windows users may get 4K resolution only by manually hacking about two dozen configuration files by hand, and even then the game has graphical glitches due to having no support for modern cards.
  • Polygon Ceiling: Generally considered to be Averted with the series' transition from 3D sims on isometric 2D backgrounds to fully 3D.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Starting from Free Time, Mr. Humble will give you a new computer. Always nice - but he does this for every family you create. Needless to say, mods were instantly created to disable this since the very high end computer messes up "rags to riches" scenarios.
    • "It's raining!" "It's hailing!" "It's snowing!" Yes, it's raining and hailing... how is it possible to get the "It's raining!" off of your task queue?
    • Put a computer in the house and the sims will always try and play it unless you have free will off. This gets very annoying when you try to make your sims stand out so they don't miss the school bus or the carpool... and they decide to go play the computer.
    • Put a stereo in, and you better get used to the music - because it's not turning off (unless you turn off Free Will in the options menu, so they won't try to turn the blasted thing on again).
    • If you make your Sims very Neat in their personalty, they will always make their bed when they wake up and you can't stop them once they have started.
    • Pregnancy causes hunger and energy to deplete at such an acceleration that failure to juggle both adequately is quite likely to prove fatal unless you micromanage like crazy. (Giving birth is 100% safe in the Sims' world, but pregnancy cravings can be a literal killer.) Gets even worse with Nightlife installed, as you'll often find yourself in the extremely frustrating position of watching your pregnant Sim starve to death after she (or he) falls asleep face-down in a plate of food. Luckily, the pregnancy mechanic was overhauled comprehensively in The Sims 3 to prevent this from happening.
    • Hope you enjoy the gesturing in Bon Voyage because once you install it, that's all they'll do. Unless you get a mod.
    • The Free Time expansion adds some cool new items and the hobby system into the game. The problem is, once you Sim gets some hobby enthusiasm, 90% of their wants will roll up to be hobby-related. Have a new baby? Trying to get up the career ladder? Making a best friend? No aspiration points from those, because your wants are all "talk about hobby," "read hobby page in the newspaper," "practice hobby," etc.
    • The nannies are notorious for being incompetent to a dangerous degree (as in, "set the kitchen on fire by being too busy force-feeding a non-hungry baby to look after the TV dinner she's cooking for a toddler even though toddlers can't eat those" dangerous) and very glitchy (refusing to leave after being dismissed, getting stuck on the lot or even multiplying), to the point they're seen as the scrappies of the NPC characters.
  • The Woobie:
    • Lilith Pleasant and Ripp Grunt, the famous unfavorites. Same for Joe MacDuff, Muggle Born of Mages.
    • The Newsons from Apartment Life. They're a family of adopted children whose parents have died, and the two teens have to juggle school, caring for the younger ones and providing a steady income. Unless you move them in with an adult Sim of course.
    • Vidcund Curious might also have been the unfavourite to his brothers. Compared to Pascal and Lazlo, Vidcund was never helped with his homework by his parents, and his girlfriend dumped him for Loki Beaker, which according to his memories is implied to be because of a bladder accident.