Trivia / The Sims 2

  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Several alleged methods of getting twins, including the nonexistent "twinzR2cute" cheat. A "forcetwins" cheat, as well as cheesecake that increases the odds of twins, were added to throw the fans a bone, but not until Open For Business.
    • Not to mention the abundant rumors that female Sims could WooHoo (and be impregnated) by the Grim Reaper. Though, the truth in that rumor is that a female sim can be impregnated, via cheats, by Grim. Though actual Woohoo is impossible as it would be game-corrupting.
  • What Could Have Been: The developers had to start from scratch after a fire destroyed the original files. This means early promotional material shows a different version of The Sims 2 with more features than in the original base game, such as weather, and the characters having more animations.