YMMV: The Blockbuster Buster

  • Acceptable Targets:
    Paul: "Uh, my wife knows kung-fu."
    ERod: "I hate you..."
    Paul: "Zombies are cool."
    ERod: "You're like Michael Bay Junior."
    Paul: "Did you know they discontinued Count Chocula?"
    ERod: No, Paul. That's... very unfortunate.
    ERod: You just can't have cool visuals happen without explaining them. Who suggested this?
    Paul: "Duh, Applesauce tastes good with ketchup."
    ERod: Go away!
    • And 3 Musketeers:
    Paul: "Applesauce!!"
    Paul: "My wife can kill a zombie with her bare hands!"
    ERod: Why do I even talk to you?
    • Twilight and its Fan Dumb.
    • Megan Fox, to the point he does not even consider her an actress at all, instead regarding her as nothing more than Window Dressing and Eye Candy.
      • Since the announcement of her playing April O'Neil, ERod took the opportunity to make jokes about her casting in the Michael Bay directed TMNT movie.
    • Actors Seth Rogen, Shia LaBeouf and Ashton Kutcher have been used as punchlines for "It could have been a worst option for [insert role here]" (like having Ashton as Max Payne or Rogen as Doctor Who). In Shia's case, ERod admitted he used him because Shia was an easy target thanks to the Transformers movies and the 4th Indiana Jones, while he snarks at Seth Rogen because he always plays the same character with a different shirt.
  • Bizarro Episode: His Casting Couch of That Guy with the Glasses, done as a April Fools Joke.
  • Broken Base: Judging from the reactions to his first video on That Guy with the Glasses, some find him very entertaining while others find him unfunny and accuse him of ripping off other reviewers (mostly he's Linkara's Irate Gamer).
    • It probably didn't help that one of his earliest videos on the site was his Atlantis review, in which he made fun of other contributors.
    • Fans are finding the 3 part Star Wars: The Phantom Menace review to be divisive.
    • The base is basically soaked with gasoline, lit on fire, pissed on, nuked, and thrown into a black hole with his version of Uatu
  • Cargo Ship: In his Jason X review, ERod tries to deny being "Robo-sexual", only for him to grab his toaster and get defensive.
    ERod: DON'T JUDGE ME!!
  • Crack Pairing: Quite a popular pairing in the TGWTG fandom involves shipping ERod with Mechakara.
  • Critical Research Failure: Makes this claim against two scenes in Terminator Salvation. In doing so, he ironically displays his own misunderstanding of the material in question.
    • It's short, but in his Superman Returns review, he criticizes the fact Superman is hinted to have impregnated Lois Lane by pointing out the Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex trope. In truth, whether Superman is subject or not of this trope is a huge case of Depending on the Writer, and as pointed out by Linkara in his Dark Knight Strikes Again review, he has complete control over his strength (otherwise he wouldn't be able to open a door without breaking it), so the trope would most likely not apply. Superman had also temporarily lost his powers in Superman 2 when he and Lois had sex.
    • In his review for the 1960's Batman: The Movie he complains about the show being nothing like the comics...except it totally was. You can find some pretty goofy comics as far as back as the 1940s. In fact, Batman was only really a dark avenger for one year of his existence before he was toned down and the Batman that people think of today didn't start until AFTER the Adam West series ended.
    • In his review of Shrek 2, he criticizes the film for, among other things, betraying the tone of the original film by having songs in it, noting that the only song in the first film (sung by Robin Hood and his gang) was a parody, and interrupted mid-way through by Fiona. Except that not counting pop song covers (which were also in the first film), there is only one actual musical-style song in Shrek 2 (sung by the Fairy Godmother), and it's just as clearly a parody as the equivalent song in Shrek, being a pretty obvious riff on "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" from Cinderella. And, in fact, the song is also protested against and ultimately interrupted by Fiona.
      • In the same video, he also refers to the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming as "pretty much the closest thing" the film has to a villain, implying that they're not wholly villainous antagonists... which is odd given that they attempt to brainwash, frame and murder the main characters and attempt to commit a coup, identity theft and implicitly rape by deception by getting Charming fraudulently married to Fiona and making him the heir to Far Far Away. Not a lot of viewers paying attention would doubt that they are full villains.
    • In his Dudley Do-Right review, he claims that Nell being in love with Horse was being off-character because she loved Dudley. Actually, this is in-character for Nell since that was one of the main running gags in the original Dudley Do-Right cartoon.
    • In his Tim Burton Planet of the Apes review, he claims that the concept of a super-intelligent ape forming an army to conquer the Earth from Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a rip-off of The Powerpuff Girls Movie. Except that they have little to nothing in common with each other. Caesar was born from a virus-infested monkey while Mojo Jojo was a mischievous monkey who accidentally had a dose of Chemical X after pushing the professor. Also, Caesar was treated horribly at a primate shelter which resulted in him forming an army of apes to rebel and get out of the city. Mojo, on the other hand, created an army of super-intelligent apes just so he could take over Townsville. On the other hand, it's likely just a joke about how the two products came out close together.
    • In his Power Rangers Turbo movie review he claims that the movie was non-canon and the show did its own version of how they got their Turbo powers. Except, it is canon and the Turbo season starts with them already having their powers and the premiere even uses clips from the movie as a flashback, the first episode starts with the Big Bad preparing revenge for what the Rangers did in the movie. He's most likely confusing it with the first Power Rangers movie which was non-canon and the third season did its own story of how the Rangers got their ninja powers. Furthermore his complaints about using spandex and the Megazord being a guy in a suit becomes annoying knowing that the Turbo movie was meant to fit in with the series.
  • Designated Hero: As much as he tries playing himself off as a superhero, he acts a lot more like a bully to movies. The Little Vampire and Robots come to mind, but honestly just watch the Robots one to see his running gag just for celebrity cameo-voices.
    • Even more hilarious when you realize that the supposed "Evil" version of him actually did less than he implies he does. What exactly did he do when he's first introduced? He admits he likes Spider-man 3 most of all out of the Spider-man series. Apparently just doing that is punishable by being trapped in the phantom-zone. The rest of his actions could easily be described as a revenge-trip
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Met this reaction when ERod (In character) threatened to kill himself to stop Lazarus by pointing a gun to his head. Some fans noted that Jew Wario killed himself the same way not three months prior.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Nerdlinger the character is considered the best of all the side characters.
  • Genius Bonus: While most people can tell that ERod is Latin just by his name(Eric Rodriguez), savvy viewers can tell he's specifically Puerto Rican from various hints in his videos.
    • In one video, he's wearing a shirt for El Conquistador, one of Puerto Rico's most luxurious hotels.
    • El Lover. His English is very Puerto Rican-accented(his talking speed and pronunciation of certain words are giveaways), his Spanish is completely Puerto Rican in accent and vocabulary, and he's shown from time to time reading Turey El Taino, a popular 90s Puerto Rican comic book.
    • The card that the Guardian Lorelei, Patron Saint of Fandom holds up is a version of the three of wands from the Waite-Rider deck. It symbolizes progress and dream being made real. It also symbolizes that the querent is feeling proud and/or powerful and is a warning that they should wait until victory is certain before celebrating or boasting.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff / Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales: According to the comments sections in both Youtube and TGWTG, El Lover seems to be this among the viewers. There's a portion who don't like him, while most hispanic-latin viewers from USA or from Latin America adore him.
  • Heartwarming In Hindsight: In the Elektra review, he needs to give a woman's perspective and becomes SHE-Rod before we find out that SHE-Rod is actually a Distaff Counterpart. The first thing SHE-Rod notes is "I'm gorgeous!" and it seems like an Attractive Bent-Gender joke. Then you find out that they're married in Real Life.
    • Not only Doug Jones doing a cameo for ERod's review of Rocky and Bullwinkle is awesome and adorable when Doug recognized ERod's appreciation for his filmography, ERod also highlighted Jones' participation in Rock Jocks, which was directed by Paul (Panda Bear / Dr. Nemesis), his best friend.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: Given that he's a critic, the comments section has this on regular basis.
    • The Honest Review video for Iron Man 2. Dear God...
    • There was also his saying he didn't like Scooby-Doo.
    • He's been getting this in droves now after his downright venomous review of Robots.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During his Teen Titans Casting Couch, he cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin.
    • ERod later explains in his Honest Review of The Dark Knight Rises that it wasn't ironic at all because Joseph wasn't playing Robin at all, his character just had a middle name "Robin".
    • In his "Top 10 Crossovers We Want To See" video, he gives M. Bison vs. Shao Khan as one of the examples for a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat crossover. About one and a half years later...
  • Overly Long Gag: His Cluster F-Bomb at the sight of Lily Collins in his review of The Mortal Instruments.
  • Periphery Hatedom: He says that he hates kids movies, but he still reviews them. At least the Nostalgia Critic has the excuse that they're nostalgic films, when you have literally thousands of other targets to go after to fit his MO instead than these easy targets.
    • ERod has clarified his stance, stating that he doesn't hate movies aimed at children in general (he has praised several Pixar and Disney films), but he dislikes "movies aimed for kids that are stupid because [the creators] don't care", and also because the kid's movies that he reviews are adaptations, they fall in his criteria.
  • Tear Jerker: His review of Man of Steel. He refuses to go by ERod or give it a score, just addressing with a sad and down voice the major failures of the movie and how every time he watched it, he liked it even less.
  • Unpleasable Fanbase: At times, he shows to be the most outspoken one of these on That Guy With The Glasses, where he also gets the most split base comparing with his youtube or blip comments section.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Panda Bear was supposed to be ERod's right hand (as The Lancer and The Smart Guy), but had to step out (see Real Life Writes the Plot above). If this had happened instead, it's very unlikely there would be Nerdlinger, El Lover, Fedora Fredy or Mario and Batman there.