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Funny: The Blockbuster Buster

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  • His reactions to the battle between the soldiers and Blackout, especially considering how bored he sounded beforehand.
  • At the end of the battle, he says that the movie must not be as bad as he remembered. Then Shia LaBeouf appears and he tries to leave, only for a bobble-head Mario to stop him.
  • Trying to figure out if Megan Fox has a purpose beyond fan-service.
  • When talking about Scorpinok, he's making his action figures of The Bride and Ash Williams fight.
  • When Optimus Prime is transforming for the first time, he and Mario go to get coffee because it's taking so long.
    • He then begins talking about Fringe.
  • When Megatron escapes. "Guess there's only way to handle this situation." Cut to explosion filled battle scene.
  • The Michael Bay Checklist.

     Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 
  • The opening Indiana Jones parody.
  • His uncertain reaction to seeing an alien.
  • His reaction to the nuke fridge. "That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life, and I sat through Battlefield Earth."
  • "It can't get any worse." Cue Shia LaBoeuf
  • Upon noting that Shia LaBouef usually plays a sidekick, he gets the image of Shia playing Robin. He's so sickened by this that he has Nerdlinger take over for a while so he can recover.
  • Nerdlinger's synopsis of the movie complete with stick figure visual aids!
  • His reaction to Marian reappearing for this movie. "Yay."

     Van Helsing 

     Blade: Trinity 

     Spider-Man 3 

     X-Men Origins: Wolverine 

     Superman Returns 

     A Series of Unfortunate Events 

     Punisher: War Zone 

     Looney Tunes: Back in Action 

     Batman Forever 

     The Spirit 
  • ERod is sleeping with a happy face, and wakes up excited on christmas day and gears up.
    SHE-Rod: Hey, ERod. Aren't you gonna open your christmas gifts?
    ERod: You may take those christmas presents and shove them up your ass. I'm going to see The Spirit :D.
    (2 and a half hours later)
    ERod: (returns upset) That movie was a piece of SH-

     G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 

     Aeon Flux 



     Dragonball Evolution 


     Max Payne 

     Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li 

     Ghost Rider 
  • After explaining Nicolas Cage being a One of Us was even more dorky than ERod himself, so much that he looked like Burt Reynolds in comparison (completed with a Burt Reynolds picture laughing at him).
  • When introducing to the begining of the movie, ERod is surprised that "young Nicolas Cage" looks nothing like Nicolas Cage.
    ERod: That's supposed to be young Nicolas Cage?? Alright, I'll buy it. Uhm, by the way, check out this pictures of me from a few years ago. *A photo of a shirtless Antonio Banderas with ERod's mini-goaties painted.* FUEGO.
  • ERod points out that Blackheart's minions look more like boyband rejects.
    • And everytime they appear, a song of the Backstreet Boys plays.

     The X-Files: I Want to Believe 


     The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 

     Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 

     Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 

     The Time Machine 

     Top 10 Fantastic Four Failures 
  • His epic freak out concerning Jessica Alba playing Susan Storm.
  • “Fantastic Fact!”
  • The second act of the movie becomes: Fantastic Four: The Sitcom, complete with The Odd Couple theme.
    ERod: (laughs) Oh, so many shenanigans. It's not like they have something more important to do like FIGHTING CRIME!!!
  • Uatu then asks how ERod stopped Galactus from eating the earth. The solution? ERod convinced him to eat Vulcan instead.
    Uatu: But ERod, wouldn't that upset the Star Trek fans?
    ERod: Apparently not as much as Spock kissing Uhura. Go figure.

     Golden Compass 
  • The Count Von Count loses count of how many people a children's movie!

    • Playing "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" during the extremely violent battle at the end.

  • The title card from Golden Compass deserves special mention. It's him wearing a polar bear skin and eating a piece of meat, looking confused as the movie's main character cries.

     Jason Goes to Hell 

     New Nightmare 

  • All his Twilight reviews make funny moments. Worth mentioning that those reviews got him more followers.
  • All his nicknames for the characters. Deadpan Mc-Gee (Bella), Captain Whiney-Pants (Edward), Sharkboy (Jacob), The Black Eyed Peas (the villainous vampires), etc.
  • Every time Dakota Fanning appears on the film, ERod voices her like a Valley Girl and starts laughing uncontrollably.
  • Everytime the movie makes something stupid or references something ERod is a big fan of (vampires sparkling, not showing the fight between Laurent and the werewolves, ERod has to spare his rage beating up another movie.
  • His resuming of the relevant dialogues of the movie.
    Deadpan/Bella: I like you so much, I almost made a facial expression.
    Whiney/Edward: I like hair gel.
    Deadpan/Bella: That was too scary. I almost reacted.
    Deadpan/Bella: I love you.
    Whiney/Edward: I'm a killer.
    Deadpan/Bella: I think killers are sexy.
    Whiney/Edward: I need more hair gel.

     Twilight: New Moon 
  • The Bullshit Answer counter.
    ERod: You know, it would help your case if you explained the downsides of being super-powered, inmortal and rich.
  • Wanting to bust the movie early for cutting away from the vampire vs werewolf fight to follow Bella. He has to hit G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra again.
  • "Warning. The following explanation might just be the stupidiest fucking thing you've ever heard. Hearing it might lower your intelligence by 3%. Which is still 1% less than the effects of watching reality tv."
  • Returning, the dialog recounts:
    Deadpan/Bella: I'm going to hide my face from the camera because I don't know how to make a sad face.
    Sharkboy/Jacob Be with me.
    Deadpan/Bella: You're too dependable. I like emotionless jerkoffs.
    Sharkboy/Jacob What does he has that I don't?
    Whiney/Edward: Hair gel.
    Deadpan/Bella: I think I'm going to cry now. Nah.
  • "Holy shit, Shark Boy's been hitting the roids!"
  • The Dakota Fanning voice, intercut with ERod laughing histerical:
    "But I'm like totally a vampire and shit. I like stickers, and Justin Timberlake and biting people."
  • During the New Moon review, ERod pointed about the Fan Dumb and the "Teams" for Edward and Jacob, which is parodied by having all the Blockbuster Buster characters to form different teams (ERod goes for Team Grandpa, Nerdlinger is on Team Batley, El L0ver on Team Antonio and Fedora Freddy on Team Morrigan. Then El L0ver tried to switch teams with Fedora Freddy, but was shot down.

  • ERod absolutely loses his shit when the movie tries to imitate a 1st person shooter, to the point that he falls off of his chair laughing.
  • The "Creature Feature" game
  • "Bunnies. Why'd it have to be bunnies?"
  • When Portman gets killed in the bathroom, rule #3 from Zombieland plays.
  • As a demon swings Pinky around,killing him, we repeatedly here this quote: "Narf!"
  • Celebrating the death of the Rock.
  • The end of the video, where it becomes a first person shooter from ERod's perspective. It even has the camera sway and an interface bar with Erod's face!
    • And then he writes in "iddqd" and activates God Mode!

     Speed Racer 


     Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 


     Dungeons and Dragons 

     Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie 

     AVP Requiem 
  • The opening briefing at the beginning.
  • His decision to call the Predalien Chad.

     Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen 
  • "Then he recieves a call from his "Oh-so-believable-girlfriend" Michaela. Who is detailing a motorcycle. Outside. With no protection. While laying on top of it. Just for the record, detailing a motorcicle looks like this. NOT like this
  • Pointing out that the violent robots made of household appliances are small enough to be taken out by a bat or other blunt instrument, then remembering that this is a Michael Bay movie, so explosions are inevitable.
  • When Devastator is ensembled:
    ERod: That is the most awesome thing I've ever seen in my life. NOTHING can ruin this moment.
    Devastator has to giant balls hanging in it's crotch.
    ERod: (About to say a oneliner and suddenly gives up) Nah, too easy.

     The Last Airbender 
  • Every time Aang gets kidnapped, a montage of people face palming is shown.
  • The imaginary conversation between James Cameron and M. Night Shyamalan over the movie's name.
    • They compete by calling double-DIBS on "Avatar".
  • After watching Noah Ringer's performance, ERod has a horrified expression of disbelief and.
    Miko Hughes' answering machine: Hello, this is, uh, former kid-actor Miko Hughes. I'm not in right now, so uh, leave a message.
    ERod: Uhm... Hello, Miko Hughes. Uhm... You don't know me. My name is ERod, I'm the Blockbuster Buster. I want to sincerely apologise to you as you're no longer THE worst kid-actor in the movies that I review.
  • Also:
    ERod: And Sohka hooks up with a... white-haired girl... Now. Other reviewers might want to exaggerate and say that these two characters have no chemestry. I disagree. I happen to think they have the chemestry of a rock and a piece of paper.

  • Because ERod promised to not joke about Chris Evans' acting, he didn't find anything to make fun off. That's until Dakota Fanning appears and he bursts up laughing hysterically.
    ERod's Dakota Fanning voice: "I'm like totally a superhero and shit. And I can like predict the future and I like keep all my predictions in my sticker-book."
    • Tries to containg laughter again when Dakota Fanning tries to act drunk.
    • And again when she appears with guns.
  • "And Dakota Fanning does what she does best: CRY ON CUE!"
    Cry-on-Cue scene: "Bella chose Edward over Jacob"

     Eight Legged Freaks 

     Snakes on a Plane 


     Hannah Montana: The Movie 

     The Green Hornet 

     Resident Evil 

     Resident Evil: Apocalypse 

     Resident Evil: Extinction 

     Resident Evil: Afterlife 
  • Paul W.S. Anderson is often voiced as a doofus.
    Paul: "Duh, my wife knows kung-fu."
    ERod: "I hate you..."
    • (later)
    Paul: "Zombies are cool."
    ERod: "You're like Michael Bay Junior."
    • (later)
    Paul: "Did you know they discontinued Count Chocula?"
    ERod: No, Paul. That's... very unfortunate.

  • Nicolas Cage voicing Astro's father.
    Cage: (From the movie) It's gonna make it perfect! PERFECT!
    ERod: All right, all right! Geesh!
  • And the return of Paul Anderson!
    ERod: You just can't put cool visuals in a movie without explaining them. It just makes them look dumb. Who the hell suggested to stick this into the movie anyway?
    Paul: "Duh, Applesauce tastes good with ketchup"
    ERod: Go away!

     The Return of Swamp Thing 

  • All of his parody "cameos".
  • "Angry Rod":
    "It makes me ANGRY. Everybody see my special effects."
    "That mildly annoys me"
    "It makes me HUNGRY. I'm gonna eat me some tostadas."
    "I'm slightly corncerned"
  • Also "Rod in the Shadows". First states shadow creatures prefer the darkness because it makes them mysterious and intriguing.
    Rod in the Shadows: There's nothing pretentious about it, Critic. Shadows provide the kind of annonimity that makes you cool and irresistible to the ladies.
    Rod in the Shadows: I'm SO freaking COOL
  • When "Blockbuster Critic" finishes:
    Blockbuster Critic: (Stepping into the wall and hitting himself again) OH FUCK ME! WHY DO I SHOOT THIS THINGS IN SUCH A SMALL ROOM!!!
  • "Bust Brain"
  • This moment:
    Spoon-e: {Laugh manically} Science! I’m here to destroy you, E-kara.
    E-kara:{ Lisping} what are you doing? We not supposed cross-over for the twenty-seventh time until next week! Now get the hell out of my rum (room)!
    Spoon-e: Okay, wait what did you say?
    E-kara:{ lisping} Get out of my rum (room).
    Spoon-e: And holding a bottle of?
    E-kara:{ lisping} Rum.
    Spoon-e: And this is a map of?
    E-kara:{ lisping} Rum (Rome).
    Spoon-e:( Giggle)
    E-kara: What?
    Spoon-e: Oh Nothing.
  • When getting to the "Take Over the World" expected gag.
    Nostalgia Buster: (turns around like Bison) This gag is terribly overused!
  • In the last scenes:
    E-kara: I am a GROWNUP! (punches the wall off camera) Huh. Rum.

     Top 20 F*ed-Up Batman Returns Moments 
  • "Bat-Fact!"
  • Point 13 being The Penguin's origin in the movie!verse.
    The Penguin is abandoned by his parents as a baby, but it's OK. He's raised up by penguins. I'm going to say that again so it'll sink in, just in case it didn't register well the first time. HE IS RAISED BY PENGUINS! I've got nothing to add! Fucked up!
  • About the Penguin's parents throwing him into the river.
    "So their solution is-OHMYGOD!!"
  • "Christopher Walken. Just... Christopher Walken. Trust me, I don't even have to explaing anything else."
  • Number 1 being when Batman let the Ice Princess fall from the rooftop and die. 10 minutes later, ERodis still crying from childhood trauma. 20 minutes later, ERod is still blank in depression. Only 45 minutes later, ERod is able to give a What the Hell, Hero? to Batman for not saving her.

     Seed of Chucky 
  • His breakdowns at gross puppet-sex scenes (muted by his glass door).
    • First Breakdown is caused by Chucky’s silhouette masturbating. ERod starts screaming in horror
    • Second Breakdown: Chucky holds a cup with his own semen in front of Jennifer Tilly. ERod takes a break to look at the sky, calm down and reflect.
    • When he thought he could endure more, Tiffany is about to impregnate Jennifer Tilly artificially. ERod starts crying outside.
  • He get's El Lover to do a recap of Bride of Chucky. When El Lover demands to know why ERod is making him watch all the kinky puppet love, ERod says that he didn't think El Lover would mind.
    El Lover: Mira, hijo de tu madre...
  • When Chucky's sperm is traveling Tiffany's uterus, ERod is so disgusted that he even couldn't use his Look Who's Talking reference.

     Twilight: Eclipse 
  • The dialog resume:
    Deadpan/Bella: Turn me into a vampire.
    Whiney/Edward: Marry me first.
    Deadpan/Bella: No.
    Whiney/Edward: Why not?
    Deadpan/Bella: Because then we won't have anything to do in the next sequels.
  • Returning, the Dakota Fanning Voice:
    "Oh my God! I'm like totally gonna drink some blood and shit, and then I'm gonna drink me a Yoohoo."
    ERod: Pfft. Must... contain... laughter...
    • Later:
    "OMG! The Jonas Brothers were SO ON last night. Oh, come on, you guys. I totally told you to turn what's-her-face into a vampire and shit. Now I'm gonna have to like punish you by making this random girl that you've never met do uncomfortable yoga poses." (This time around, ERod looses it.)
  • To spare his rage, he just threw a pencil through the characters' foreheads in the DVD case, especially when the vampires walk under water.
  • Also:
    ERod: Shortly after convincing her dad of her virginity, Deadpan then proceeds to try to have sex with Whiney. While are you at it, don't you want to smoke some crack while setting a baby seal on fire???!!!
  • Has repeating the clip where Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob's face.
    ERod: They should play this clip EVERY CHRISTMAS.
  • When Bella kissed Jacob, ERod gets pissed off since she got engaged to Edward less than 24 hours ago. ERod then starts calling a tattoo parlor to make her an appointment for a Tramp Stamp, to choose between horrible harlot or super skank.

     Red Riding Hood 

     The Little Vampire 

     Kull the Conqueror 


     Film/Wild Wild West 
  • In the movie, Gordon is crossdressing and uses a device hidden in his fake boobs to hypnotize his quarry. ERod's reaction is priceless:
    ERod: Wait a minute, he has a device hidden in his tits that can hypnotize men and make them bark like dogs? Wow, they work exactly like ACTUAL TITS!!!!!
  • Everytime he starts to drool over Salma Hayek.
  • "Dance Break?"
  • The first time he see's Gordon crossdressing, his response is a perfect "No. Just...No."
  • After Will Smith has the naked fight, he looks at a CD box of Will's and says. "Huh, so that's what he meant by Big Willie Power.

     The Brothers Grimm 
  • When one of the Queen's henchmen feeds a horse with spiders, the horse transforms into "Spider-Horse, Spider-Horse, Does whatever a spider-horse can∼"
    ERod: You know, Spider-Horse. From that fairy tale that DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST!!
  • When The cute kitty that cheered him up appears, ERod gushes at it... only for said kitten to be kicked into a meat grinder. ERod screams in horror, and pauses to take a sip of water, and then continues to scream.
    • And happens again when clay monsters eat their own arms. ERod screams in horror, pauses to apply lip-balm, and then continunes to scream.
  • Nerdlinger pops up excited when ERod is about to reference Snow White because Obscurus Lupa dressed as her for Suburban Knights. ERod then has to tell him that Lupa is already dating Phelous, so a heartbroken Nerdlinger leaves the room.
    • ERod then realizes he can talk about the D&D movie now he's out, only for Nerdlinger still shout "SCUM!!" at the very mention of it.
      • For the stinger, Nerdlinger sings heartbroken. And then cheerfully signs off.

     Top 10 Hispanic Heroes 
  • Counts also as a moment of awesome: ERod introducing himself with the Latin version of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) theme... which has vocals. Any troper from Latin America who watched this episode cheered, no exceptions!
  • When ERod opens the video, he starts delivering a complaint about not having hispanic characters in Star Trek. Of course it was just an intentional joke, since he knew there were indeed relevant hispanic people there. Of course it's also making fun of the people who comment without watching all the video.
    ERod: So for those of you who couldn't wait until this video to be over so you can type that bit of information in the comments section, feel free to punch yourselves in the face right now *punch sound and smiles* Thank you. Next time, just enjoy the joke and move on.
  • Blockbuster Buster has to do commercial breaks after being paid by Hispanic sponsors.
    ERod: (Reading cue card) Estos frijoles estan muy buenos *cheesy smile*
    • The commercials end and ERod is caught in the middle of his breaks, counting the money or reading Turey el Taino.
  • The Film Renegado talking nonstop about El Mariachi, even while ERod cuts him off to another topic. Every once in a while, ERod checks if he's still talking.
  • Angry Joe's cameo for the Nº1 Hispanic Hero, thinking it's himself, and ERod has to make him understand he's not even a hero, just a gamer
    Angry Joe: "Fine! Whatever! I'll go play The Witcher 2 BY MYSELF!" (leaves with a bottle of lotion)

     Tarzan and the Lost City 

     Sucker Punch 
  • Many quotes of El Lover's recaps are hilarious:
    El Lover: So the gangster wants Muñequita to dance for him and shit, but instead she goes to Japan, and dresses like Sailor Moon, and she gets a gun, and a sword, and she fights a bunch of giant samurai mecanicos. And los mecanicos are all like [[Film/Scarface "Say hello to my little friend"]]. And Muñequita is all like "I'll go DBZ in your ass, bitch!". (Insert Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon themes)
    El Lover: And she's all like *as Babydoll* "I'm going to scape from this asylum-burlesque-whore-house-anime-bliss".
    El Lover: So the mamacitas need to get a lighter, and a knife, and a key, so Muñequita dances to distract the gangsters, while the rest of the mamacitas steal the things that they need, but younever get to actually see her dance because they always cut away to The Lord of the Rings, or Outer Space and shit. *Insert Powerpuff Girls*
  • Playing "Rica y Apretadita" from El General while the girls are fighting the robonazis.
    El Lover: Look at all the MAMACITAS, bitch!!
  • The movie was so non-sensical that even with all the Fanservice, El Lover was perplex and confused.
  • To wake up ERod from catatonic state, El Lover has to show off his amazing acting skills:
    El Lover: That Sucker Punch movie, with all the mamacitas in it, was really good.

     Alvin and the Chipmunks 


     The Cat In The Hat 
  • Dakota Fanning is acting in the movie, and the camera switches to ERod.
    ERod: Oh, you guys are expecting me to burst out laughing. Well, I'm not going to, cause in this movie Dakota Fanning is playing a little girl, which is what she looks like. She looks like a little girl. And until the day she doesn't look like a little girl, every time I see her playing a vampire, this is pretti much what I'm going to see:
    Willow: "I'm a blood-sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!"
  • ERod gets his wish come true.
    ERod: "[[What I wouldn't give]] to see him (the Cat) strung up by his neck, while hundreds of innocent children of all genders and races beat him with baseball bats."
    (Next scene is the Cat hung from a tree while numerous kids are beating him with sticks. An Ode to Joy plays in the background.)
    ERod: (has big grin on his face and wipes Tears of Joy from his eyes) "That was so beautiful. They should show that every Christmas. Right after this scene." (Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob)
  • ERod is curled up in a Troubled Fetal Position) "There's no such thing as talking cats! There's no such thing as talking cats! There's no such thing as talking cats! There's no such thing as talking cats!"
  • After pointing out the movie had a Faustian Deal (signing a contract for a fun day), demon children (Thing 1 and Thing 2), it's Pandora Box of evils and Paris Hilton in it, ERod concludes the Cat is The Devil. He is then promptly interrupted by a phone call by the Devil himself "Lucy Fer", complaining about comparing him with the crap movie.
    "Lucy Fer": How would you feel if I went around saying you look like the fat kid from the Speed Racer movie?
    • And after ending his ranting of not missing Desperate Housewives and other quirky lines, "Lucy Fer" warns ERod to not insult him again like that or (briefly switching to a dark and scary voice) "I'll eat your soul!"
  • After the movie ends.
    ERod: Haha, oh Brian Grazer. I hope you made enough money out of this to fill that vast empty void where your soul used to be.
    "Lucy Fer": You know I own that shit.
    ERod: I'm not surprised.

     Dylan Dog 
  • Upon realizing that the two main characters are essentially reprising the roles they had in Superman Returns: "Could this possibly be the evil casting of...nah,not even Mandy Marin could be this cruel.
  • He threatens to lose it if the movie disappoints him one more time. Then they kill off Sam Huntington, the one actor that he liked. He immediately pulls out a pistol and shoots The Cat in the Hat.
    • He then goes on to say "That always makes me feel better."
  • The commercials in the middle.
  • After comparing all the dissonances of the movie with the comics, ERod realizes he'll waste all the review pointing the inconsistencies, so he decides the movie is about "Babyface Mc-Lameass".
    ERod: But Dylan would never... Sorry, I'm still adjusting.

  • Lindsay Lohan with “Supid Girl” playing in the background
    • Crowned by clips from the song’s music video, where P!nk is dressed as Lindsay Lohan running over people while driving distracted.
    "Lohan": Oh my gawd!
    • It’s ironic that all the DUI’s Lindsay Lohan has now are remembered when relating her to a car film.
  • ERod getting confused over a brief clip of Herbie on a date with KITT since Herbie's past love interests have all been female cars. He then concludes that Herbie must be Bi!
    ERod: Celebrities.
  • Maggie has a private moment of Herbie, while sad music plays.
    ERod: (Crying) Oh, man. Your acting coach wasted a lot of years on you.

     The Smurfs 
  • When Gutsy Smurf is introduced.
  • Also:
    ERod: Oh my god! It's Tim Gunn from Project Runway! Not... that I watch that show... Explosion!
  • Gushing over how adorable Jayma Mays is.
    ERod: "Aw, Jayma. I can't stay mad at you. You're so cute! You look like a Precious Moments doll had sex with Hello Kitty"
    ERod: "Aww, Jayma. I wouldn't be able to say No to you either. You're so cute! You're like a cross between a Care Bear, Baby Plucky and a Pupple"
  • The intro where ERod goes Blockbuster Buster mode by randomly selecting himself from a character select screen featuring other TGWTG reviewers with a Nintendo Gamecube controller. It got a chuckle out of this troper.
    • Also him reading an email about a picture with Welshy, this picture. ERod then says it's obviously a photoshoped picture... because if it was the case, he would be wearing Star Trek speedos.
  • ERod questions Gargamel's motivation in the movie, since the series alternated between converting the smurfs into gold or just eat them. When Gargamel states he needs "blue magic essence", ERod questions why he needs magic if he's already a wizard, only to find out he really sucks at it.
    ERod: Uhm, you kow what? Never mind. Go ahead and get that smurf essence. HURRY. Before you end up being the janitor at a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

     Gulliver's Travels 
  • Jack Black playing with his action figures and ERod questions who in that age would still do that. Cut to Nerdlinger playing with his figures. And the Willow is Obscurus Lupa, saving everyone.
  • His confusion(which quickly becomes horror) when Gulliver puts out a fire with his piss.
  • His attempts to bring logic into the movie, particularly regarding the speed with which the Lilliputians build Gulliver sized objects.
  • His reaction to Mecha-Edward.

     Josie and the Pussycats 
  • When El Lover is doing the sinopsis of the Josie cartoon, he also gives a big Take That to Totally Spies!.
    El Lover: You Spy-Putas have nothing on Josie. She could, like, write a song, and out-run the bad guys, and save the world, while you three putas are still at home doing your make-up and shit.
  • ERod introduces the opening band of the movie, Du Jour, with their hit "Backdoor Lover"
    ERod: Nah, too easy.
    • And then he proceeds to dance-break to it.
      • And also it becomes his "Du Jour break".
  • ERod then wishes their plane to crash and it happens, So he wishes for Sarah Michelle Gellar to pick him up in a a time traveling DeLorean!". His front door is empty, of course.
  • Listing the casting, ERod gets that Melody is played by Tara Reid.
    ERod: But Melody is a complete idiot, and Tara Reid is... You know what? Never mind. Perfect casting!

     Jonah Hex 
  • After a cool opening, ERod wonders why the movie is so detested, then revealing Megan Fox is in it.
    ERod: It will be a cold day in hell the day before I consider you an actor! A COLD DAY IN HELL!!!!!! Ok, I'm done.
  • While ERod is explaining that Jonah Hex is supposed to be a great huntsman with good tracking skills, the movie then reveals they gave Jonah the superpower of talking with the dead. ERod enters in "No, no, no, no, no..." during the whole scene and then explodes. "WHO COMES UP WITH THIS SHIT?!"
    • Surprisingly enough, Fedora Freddy declines, because even he knows Jonah Hex with powers is a bad idea.
  • Jonah gets to kill Michael Fastbender in an awesome way, which is immediately ruined by Jonah using his powers to revive him and kill him again. ERod gets so pissed of that he starts shredding a paper... only to have paper dolls. LOL.

     ERod vs. Episode One 
  • During the gear-up montage, ERod goes to face his enemies riding a bicycle.
  • In every part, Jar-Jar Binks pops up out of nowhere, only to ERod kill him snapping his neck, sliting his throat, and shooting him in the head.
  • SHE-Rod's tune.
    "SHE-Rod!!!. Motherfucker"
  • Having busted the movie:
    ERod: I have no idea what I’m going to do next.
    Lorelei: Oh, there with be plenty for you to do. As a great philosopher once said, “One busted, thousands more to go.”
    Lorelei: *Dope Slap*

     Cars 2 
  • Plays “I’m an Asshole” song during Mater’s scenes.
  • The whole segment where Bruce Campbell appears.
    • ERod gets excited because Bruce Campbell is playing a character named ROD "Torque " Redline. Pointing the emphasis in eROD. And he even compares it with the best day of his life Meeting Donald Duck at Disneyworld
    • When Rod is killed, ERod gets completely devastated, pointing out NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM KILLING BRUCE CAMPBELL. [[Film/Congo EVER]].
    • To illustrate to the audience how disgusted is when Mater gets to be a secret agent, ERod puts an example of a movie killing off Will Smith and replacing him with Carrot-Top.
  • He wonders what would have happened if Mater hadn't escaped. Cue the clip of Parliament blowing up from V for Vendetta.

     The Three Musketeers 
  • When ERod takes the DVD box.
    ERod: "Hey, look at this. It has Ray Stevenson, Christoph Waltz, Milla Jovovich, I love those guys! I wonder who directed this. (Looks at the back of the cover). Oh, FUCK!"
  • The introduction of the Three Musketeers: Athos, who in this version is a ninja; Porthos, who apparently has super-strenght, and Aramis, who is... Batman.
  • When Milady, Milla Jovovich's character, is introduced.
    ERod: In this movie, not only is she part of the team but she is...
    *Wonder Woman's theme plays while Milady is dodging traps and arrows in a big dress*
    ERod: Wow. Over-stylized bullshit and over-glorification of your wife within' the first 5 minutes of the movie. Congratulations, Paul Anderson. That's a new record.
  • And Paul Anderson returns.
    Paul: "Applesauce!!"
    Paul: "My wife can kill a zombie with her bare hands!"
    ERod: Why do I even talk to you?
  • The entire movie, D'artagnan is seeking to defend the honor... of his horse.
    ERod: Ugh. Just shoot him in the shoulder.
  • The Teddy Ruxpin theme.
  • After Milady finishes off all the guards with a big dress and a tight corset and has martial arts skills, ERod starts questioning all this... until she drops the skirt. He immediately forgets all complaints.

     Transformers Dark of the Moon 
  • When he sees the new girlfriend: "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?"
  • Also, his angry reactions when we switch from the cool stuff the Autobots are doing to Sam's mundane life.
  • When pointing out that director Mearing, the new goverment representative in the movie, does what somebody should have done two movies ago: Dismiss Sam and send him home.
    ERod: Director Mearing. Are you married?
  • His exasperation at John Malkovich's random reappearance where he "fights" Bumblebee.
  • Nerdlinger's anger when they have Sentinel Prime quote one of Spock's lines from Wrath of Khan.
  • Linkara's cameo
    “It’s the kind of things that would send a cold vibe throught the spine of the nerdiest trekkie”.
  • His reaction to Sam killing Starscream: "BULLSHIT!!!"
    In deep slow motion no less.
  • "3D!"
  • When the autobots are exhiled off the Earth and their rocket is blown up by the Decepticons.
    ERod: *Dull Surprise* Oh, I'm not shocked. I don't believe for a second that they would kill all the Autobots. After all, they have toys to sell.
    • Followed by the Big Damn Heroes entrance of the Autobots later.
      ERod: *Dull Surprise* Yay, they are back. I totally believed that they died in that big expensive explotion. *Beat* Oh, come on! You weren't fooled either.

  • The title card for the Marmaduke review. It's ERod, Snoopy, and Garfield attempting to ship Marmaduke to Abu Dhabi!
  • Lampshading the way movies just appear in his apartment. "Why is it that only shitty things get teleported into my apartment? For once I would love to get a comic book, or a video game, or even a candy bar instead of a shitty movie!"
  • Playing the clip of a cross dressing The Cat in the Hat when the George Lopez cat is high and then yelling "Jeez! That's animal abuse!"
  • "Stop talking to the camera! You're not Feris Bueller!"
  • His confusion at using a dog surfing contest for a pet food commercial.
  • Saying that the random action scene was caused by God getting bored with the movie.
  • Wondering where the sewage that was covering the main characters went, then just giving up.
  • His horror and rage at the cgi dog dancing scene at the end of the movie.

     Top Ten Voice Over Actors 

     Highlander: Endgame 
  • ERod begins describing the idiotic ways they kept the game going in Highlander III: The Sorcerer, when El Lover asks him about skipping over Highlander II: The Quickening. ERod feigns ignorance, and when El Lover tries to explain it, ERod insists that it never happened.
    • Don't forget that ERod also denies that Highlander: The Source never happened too when El Lover notes that one exists.
    • Whenever ERod says in a epic voice "A MACLEOD FLASHBACK!"
    • Playing the "I kick ass for the Lord" clip from Braindead when the monks open fire on the evil goons.

     The Vampire's Assistant 
  • He drinks V8 before beginning the review, saying that it's not ketchup, but it'll have to do.
  • When the Cryptkeeper appears to kick off Halloween Havoc, he just casually says "Oh, hi Crypty."
  • When the camera goes into the coffin at the beginning of the movie, we cut to clip of the Twilight Zone, with ERod narrating as the theme plays-"Submitted for your approval. This movie is pathetically trying to appeal to tweens. You've been warned."
  • After talking about how bland and perfect the main character is. "Don't you just want to spend an hour an a half with this asshole?"(grins).
  • His increasing rage at the fact that the movie never gives the characters any motivation for what they're doing.
  • When Crepsley fakes Darren's death by breaking his neck and rolling him off the roof. "Son of a bitch! I wanted to do those things!"
  • He eventually gets so pissed off with the movie that he decides to say "the dirtiest thing I've ever said in this show-Twilight is better than this movie."
  • Remembering the condition of No-Busting until the end of the month, ERod struggles twice to beat up the movie.
    • He cointains himself of giving it a hammer.
    ERod: You're one LUCKY bitch!!
    • After seeng vampires feed in mosquito mode instead of killing humans.
    *Leaves a sticky note to the DVD case* "I.O.U. 1 busting. ER<3d"
  • “Why would they put a beard on Salma Hayek? That’s like drawing a cock on the Mona Lisa’s forehead!” *Image of Mona Lisa when a picture of a rooster suddenly appears on the brow with a crowing noise* “What? Some people find poultry offensive.”
  • John C Reily kisses Salma Hayek.
    Subtitle: Severe mindfuck in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
    John C. Reily: (Salma Hayek's beard starts to grow) Your mouth says no, but your beard says yes.
    Subtitle: WTF!

     Jason X 
  • The title card for this episode? ERod is in the Tardis, attacking Uber Jason.
  • His whole scene with That SciFi Guy
    • His confusion/happiness when he finds out that That SciFi Guy survived the explosion in To Boldly Flee.
    • Scifi Guy claims that no internet critic can review a movie that has already been reviewed, and that he's already reviewed Jason X.
      ERod: Article 12, huh? Does this article also applies to a ponytail-wearing trekkie that reviewed Wild Wild West right after I REVIEWED IT??
      Scifi: Oh... shit...
      ERod: Yeah. So you can take your Article 12 and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASSGARD!!!
    • Scifi says that he wishes he had known that ERod was going to review the movie, so he wouldn't have had to see it. ERod asks if it's bad, and Scifi Guy breaks down laughing. ERod's only response is to state that Scifi Guy's laugh is creepy.
  • His confusion at Jason's apparent ability to teleport, and asking if Jason is Nightcrawler now.
  • When the main characters are introduced-"Where we meet this movie's victims, I mean characters."
  • His utter glee at how much mileage he can get out of the Professor being played by the guy who voiced Link in the Legend of Zelda cartoon.
  • He says that he already wants bodily harm to fall upon the stupid guy. And then Jason falls out of the cryo tank and cuts the guy's arm off. His reaction to this? "And now Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to come and pick me up in a time traveling DeLorean!", Brick Joke to his Josie and the Pussycats review.
    ERod: Oh, What am I thinking? That would never happen.
    SMG: You don't have to tell me twice. But a-actually you just did, but, bye! *Takes off in the De Lorean.
    ERod: Man! I'm always a day late and a dollar short!
  • He says that Lisa does a great job of playing a sexy android, and then quickly states that he's not a robosexual.
    ERod: *Hugs his toaster* "STOP JUDGING ME!!" *kisses toaster*
  • ERod tells the assistants that they should take more care when having sex in space, as they may contract space herpes. Or, as the astronauts apparently call it, "sperpies".
    • When Jason finds a new, random machete, he calls it a space machete, or a spaghetti.
  • The security officer, Bronski, decides to just have everybody shoot Jason. ERod's reaction? "Oh Bronski, you're not the smartest. *beat* Huh. Why does that sound so familiar?"
  • Playing Phenomenon when Jason goes around killing all the soldiers.

     Rob Zombie's Halloween 
  • The Genre Actor Counter.
  • Because MikeJ already reviewed the movie, ERod tries to call him up, but is only able to get a hold of the British Bastard.
    ERod:(reading what the British Bastard said) "Bugger off, you spiky haired pillock." (looks confused) "Pillock" is like a king over there, right?
  • His utter disgust and confusion for why everyone is an asshole in this movie.
  • When he sees the scene in the strip club, he says that Michael Bay is probably punching a wall wondering why he didn't think of that.
  • Daryl Sabara's character shows up and calls Michael "shit pants." E Rod's reaction:
    ERod:(horrified) Juni just cursed!
    • When Sabara talks about Michael's stripper job containing sexual dialogue:
    ERod: You're Juni!
  • Regarding Michael having pictures of dead animals:
    ERod: So what? Maybe he's just into taxidermy! Or maybe he's a huge fan of the Happy Tree Friends!
  • When Michael kills Daryl Sabara's character:
    ERod: (imitating Michael) This is for Spy Kids 1! And this is for Spy Kids 2! And this, this is for Spy Kids 3-D!
    ERod: (as himself) He is really not a big fan of Robert Rodriguez.
  • He points out that Michael's mask is utterly useless at disguising him, and says that the Green Lantern's Domino mask is more effective.
  • His explanation as to why the opening scenes aren't scary culminates in him comparing this version of Michael to Anakin in the Phantom Menace.
  • His reactions to Michael's over the top murder of Ken Foree.
    ERod: Okay, Michael, I think you got him. Okay, yeah, he's definitely dead, dude. I don't think they're going to re-edit him into this movie.
  • He explains the character of Laurie Strode from the original series, and is talking about how virtuous and good she is, when the remake version finger bangs a bagel.
    ERod: Thank you, Rob Zombie. Thank you for ruining the character of Laurie Strode, and simultaneously ruining bagels for me. You fucker!
  • The "totally" montage.
  • He gets so bored after the fake out ending that he starts to fall asleep.
    • And then he actually does fall asleep.
  • The jealous Michael Bay running gag.
    Bay: Fuck, why didn't I think of that?
  • The end
    ERod: Crypty?
    The Cryptkeeper: Yes ERod?
    ERod: You're an asshole.

     Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 
  • After explaining that everybody hates this movie-"What's so bad about it?" Turns around and glares at movie before sighing. "Let's begrudgingly find out."
  • His rage at the ambulance drivers.
  • After Michael survives the car crash. "Congratulations Rob Zombie, in less than 20 minutes, you've already exceeded your bullshit limit. It usually takes Michael Bay between 30 minutes to an hour to achieve this!"
    Michael Bay: Whoa dude, this man is a genius!
  • ERod's reaction to the random ghost, including a Take That at the stupidity of a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon.
  • His utter rage at the entire opening act of the movie being a dream.
    • This makes him so angry that he goes to bust the movie with a wrench, but can't. So he casually attacks the Cat in the Hat instead.
  • After Loomis goes on a rant about Michael being dead, it shows Michael and the Waa-Waa music plays.
  • Upon learning that Laurie and Michael have a psychic connection he apologizes for the fact that he's about to ask a superfluous question. The question? "WHY?"
  • When interviewing Loomis, Weird Al Yankovic asks Loomis if they're talking about the Mike Meyers from Austin Powers, ERod gets upset that Weird Al took a joke that he was going to make, but lets him get away with it since he's Weird Al.
  • When Laurie decides to go get drunk, after ERod was talking about how well done the emotional scenes earlier were. "Sorry, for a moment there I forgot what movie I was fucking watching!"
  • At the Halloween party, one of Laurie's friends is dressed as Tim Curry, from Rocky Horror Picture, and goes to have sex with someone dressed as the Wolfman. ERod skips the scene to avoid mental scars.
    ERod: Let me just repeat what I just said so it'll sink in. This movie has a scene in which Tim Curry goes to have sex with the Wolfman. Let me see if I can understand Rob Zombie's resume correctly: He's a rockstar, a director, and an author of Slash Fanfiction. You know what? I'm good here! I don't need to see the rest of the scene. So before I receive mental scars that I'll never heal from, let's cut to Laurie, and see what she's doing.
  • "Patrick Star and Chucky the Killer Doll are teaming up as a part of the Sheriff's department...I would totally watch that show! Well played Rob Zombie, well played.
  • His confusion over the ghosts holding Laurie down makes his brain explode and puts him out of commission for 2 hours.
  • After the ending, he tries to stab Halloween 2 with a knife, but he can't, so he attacks the Cat in the Hat again.
  • The End
    The Cryptkeeper: That looks awfully heavy. Ready to give up?
    ERod: Never. Bring on the sparkly pricks. (Breaking Dawn part 1 appears)

     Breaking Dawn Part 1 
  • The quick recap of the Twilight Saga.
    Deadpan/Bella: Uhm, like, I think I'm in love with you.
    Whiney/Edward: Hair gel.
    Sharkboy/Jacob: I'm in love with you too... inexplicably.
    Dr. Acula/Carlslile: Your Un-holy union will cause war.
    Deadpan/Bella: Uhm, ok.
    Fergie/Victoria: You don't stand a chance against me. Man-eating vampires are way more powerful. (Dies) Ugh.
  • The song he plays whenever Jacob enters.
    [[Music/Chicago "I am the man, who will fight for your honor∼"]]
  • He continues to refer to the wedding as an "unholy union" and says that the choice of Edward vs Jacob is one of necrophilia vs bestiality.
  • Quite possibly the best use of a clip from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever.
    Spike (as Bella): How can I thank you, you mysterious black clad hunk of a knight thing?
    Spike (as Edward/Angel): No need, lady. Your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a badass vampire, but love and a pesky curse defied me, and now I'm just a biiig fluffly puppy with bad teeth. No, not the hair. Never the hair.
    Spike (as Bella): But there must be somewhere I can show my apreciation.
    Spike (as Edward/Angel): No. And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough. And I'm almost out of that nancy-boy hairgel I like so much. *Up to corrections*
  • When talking about Bella's nightmare- "After Deadpan has a nightmare that is strikingly similar to one of my fantasies, oh come on, like you don't want to see all the characters in this movie die inexplicably."
  • ERod points out Bella and Edward marry without any complications or dramatic twists. No Volturi, no Jacob, and they kiss for so long that people go away and return later. (Funnier if we consider that was the actual editing of the movie...)
  • After Bella and Edward make out in the ocean, "Eww, I use that ocean."
  • His reaction to the damage Bella and Edward did to the room, stating that they probably did it(sex)wrong.
  • After explaining Bella and Edward consider an abortion.
    ERod: So just to recap. Our main character gets married at the age of eighteen, and right after she contemplates having an abortion. Yes. This is the movie that everyone should take their thirteen year old daughter to see. Good job, moms of Amercia!! Good job!! (thumbs up).
  • When Edward tells Jacob that he can kill him if Bella dies
    ERod: So EVERYONE wins!!!
  • His horror at the fact that the werewolves talk, claiming the few dignity they had was gone by now.
  • The celebration of Bella's 'death'.
  • His confusion at the odd montage that is Jacob imprinting on the baby.
  • After raging at the way the battle was cut short "Calm down ERod, calm down. You know they're just going to find a way to make it worse." Which leads to:
  • His utter devastation at Bella coming back to life.
    ERod: Damn you Stephenie Meyer for turning the lamest characters in history into vampires!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!

    Mirror Mirror 
  • "Mirror Mirror in my hand, what is the worst live action fairy tale movie in all the land?" Mirror Mirror appears. "Figures."
  • Unrelated to the review, I know, but his shirt made me laugh-It's the 11 Doctors all falling out of the TARDIS.
  • His reaction to finding out that Lily Collins lost out to Kristen Stewart for Snow White and the Huntsman.
    • Also points out that she's worse than Tommy Wisaeu, because at least Tommy is entertainingly bad.
  • His anger at the snowy forest being a set, pointing out that there are real snowy forests.
  • His utter confusion at this movie's version of the mirror.
    • He also points out that people in the mirrorverse should have goatees.
  • Anytime he points out that the movie is supposed to be for kids.
  • His reactions to the Queen's beauty regimen.
    ERod: I don't know what is more horrifying. What I just saw or that I just find out that most of these beauty treatments ARE REAL.
    • And the treatments included: Parrot-Poop facial, fish manicure, Ear cleaning worms, bee-sting lips, a snake and a scorpion.
  • ERod's discomfort at the puppy love scene.
  • Everything related to the beast.
  • His pain at the end song leads him to angrily bust the movie, only for his hammer to get stuck in the case.

    Top 10 X-Men First Class Failures 
  • Magneto having happy thoughts while using his powers, playing "Happy Happy Joy Joy" in his head.
    • Again when he's murdering Sebastian Shaw with a coin.
  • When pointing Beast didn't look like the X-Men 3 make-up.
    ERod: In this movie, he looks like this. Not even close. This is not Beast. This is how it looks when Sully and Chewbacca have sex.
  • At the "Stan Lee Cameo" gag.
    ERod: And speaking of cameos "Stan Lee Cameo∼" THERE ISN'T ONE! If this gag just made you feel empty inside, then you're starting to understand how this movie made me feel.
  • After stating how awesome Mystique was in the original trilogy...
    ERod: Here she won't shut the fuck up. She is always whining, comentating, speculating, bitching, observing, pontificating, narrating.
    Mystique: Only the ones with pretty mutations, or invisible ones like yours.
    ERod: Oh, just shut up!
    ERod: I see no trace in this ridiculously flighty girl of the awesome character that she's supposed to become. And just to rub it in your face, they have that awkward scene where she morphs into Rebecca Romijn, the actress who plays the grown-up Mystique. Almost to say "Hey! Remember when Mystique was awesome? Well, tough titty."

    Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengence 
  • The title card: ERod gleefully using a fire extinguisher on The Ghost Rider.
  • "There are good news and bad news. The good news is that Nicolas Cage stoped using the stupid tupee from the first movie. The bad news is... Nicolas Cage is still playing Johnny Blaze".
  • "Yes. That's 8.8 Carreys in the over-acting scale."

    Honest Review - The 11 Doctors 

    Honest Review - Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  • Talking about Willow:
    ERod: Interestingly enough, Willow was among the first characters to get a lot of attention from the male fans, almost as if they're saying that Willow was more preferable than the other gorgeous girls on the show because, quote and quote, "She is the girl you can actually get". Well, just to clarify: No. No, she's not.
  • When describing Buffy and Angel's relationship, he also adds:
    ERod: A slayer in love with a vampire. Incidentaly, Stephenie Meyer can GO FUCK HERSELF!!
  • "Dumb reasons to keep Cordelia around!"
  • ERod explained that the only thing that stained season 5 was Dawn.
    "Why the fuck did they have to make Dawn the most annoying worthless person ever?!"
    "In the following seasons, she's just the coleslaw that comes with the hamburger. You didn't order it, it just comes with your hamburger wether you want it or not."
  • During his summary of season 7, ERod points out the downside that all the potential slayers had to be sheltered at Buffy's house, describing it like "Dividing the time between the show's main cast and all these annoying girls felt like someone poured water over Dawn and she multiplied like a mogwai."
  • As a stinger, there's a scene where Bruce Campbell says "Next time you unleash an ancient demon, call that Buffy chick"

    Honest Review - The Dark Knight Rises 
  • States Batman in the movie is a moron, since Batman is well known for being paranoid, especially if compared with his DCAU portrayals.
  • Althought he liked Catwoman's characterization in the film, he still felt Anne Hathaway looks too young, and her kiss scenes with Christian Bale creeped him. It was like watching his dad making out with Hannah Montana, brrrr.
  • ERod mentions Talia Al Ghul's motivations to avenge her father are very inconsistent, going from nobody killing him, Ra's abandoning her in a prision and excomunicated her boyfriend, crowning with "WORST DEATH EVER".
  • Meaningless Fanboy Gripes: Corrects pronunciation of Ra's Al Ghul's name. "Oh my God! It's been three movies! Could someone please teach these assholes how to say it right?!"
    • And then apologises to Alfred when he sees him cry.
  • "And after viewing and reviewing his performance multiple times I have to ask. WHY THE FUCK DOES HE SOUND LIKE SEAN CONNERY TALKING THROUGHT A KARAOKE MACHINE?!"
    • Then asks the audience if they would take him seriously if he did an entire review with that voice.
    • The voice returns at the stinger, inviting everyone to subscribe to the page.

    Honest Review-Star Trek (2009) 
  • Starts out with the normal intro monologue, then switches "To boldly go where no man has gone before" with "To boldly have kickass adventures in space!"
  • When talking about the supporting cast, he talks about the people playing Kirk's parents (Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison). "So Kirk is the son of Thor and Sheriff Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time...yeah, that sounds about right."
  • ERod points out when all the Trekies started bitching because in the Movieverse, Uhura and Spock were an Official Couple.
    ERod: Really? THIS is what the hardcore fans are complaintning about? May I remind you that this is the same movie in which the entire planet Vulcan is destroyed. We witnessed the near extinction of the Vulcan people and that's fine. But Uhura kissing Spock, that's bullshit.
    • Needless to point out that ERod is fine with this.
  • How Chris Pine got casted as Kirk? He won against William Shatner at arm wrestling.
  • His favorite line of the movie is Spock's Catch Phrase, but not for it, but because of the context he used it in:
    ERod: But my favorite line is actually when Spock says "Live long and prosper" to the Vulcan High Council, after they insult him. It's not the line, it's the infliction behind the line. He is not really saying "Live long and prosper", he's actually saying "Go fuck yourselves".
    Spock: Live long and prosper...
    ERod!Spock: ...bitches.

    Conan The Barbarian (2011) 
  • Not sure if his hammer can bust a movie that is half good, he calls upon his friends for help, E-Joy and Dr. Affect. Their answer? Dr. Affect proposes Radioactive Toast Launcher and Water Dog guns, in four breeds.
    • The introduction of the two other members of the Skull Lantern Corps in general is pretty funny.
  • Not happy with the narration being down by Morgan Freeman's "Fatherly, March of the Penguin's voice" he proceeds to provide his own narration while impersonating Mako.
    • "And Rocking Ron Perlman had to perform the manliest C Section in the history of medicine!"
  • Playing a piece of the Nightmare on Elm Street Theme after child! Conan kills a group of marauders.
  • "You idiot. You can't stop the sheer awesomeness that is Ron Perlman with an arrow! You might as well shoot him with a Nerf noodle.
    • When Ron Perlman gets killed by having molten metal poured on his face- "World's manliest facial."
  • The censor black bars over the topless women say "Rent the movie"
  • When Conan recognizes one of the men who killed his father and the flashback starts, Ironside begins to play over it.
  • The return of Backdoor Lover.
  • During the horse chase, when Tamara disconnects the carriage- "Whoa be careful, Willow's going to fall out of the wagon!"
  • When Tamara leaves Conan. "And she's going to get captured in 3, 2, 1, whoa Khalar is punctual!"
  • His utter bafflement at the giant octopus.
    • "Wow, those special effects are worthy of the Syfy channel.
  • Thank you Conan, but our princess is in another castle.

  • For starters. The concept is so dumb that even the trailer isn't trying:
  • When Hopper asks Liam Neeson for his blessing, ERod replaces the actual dialogue with Neeson's speech from Taken.
  • When the aliens first show up, we just get a long "What?" for the entire sequence. Almost a full minute, of ERod just going "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!"
  • "Well, this is official. These are the second most incompetent aliens that I have ever seen. Oh, you guys wanna know what is the first. Well, that would definetely be the Can't-Open-the-door aliens from Signs"
  • ERod asks The Doctor if he knows the aliens' weakness, which is sunlight. Then the background music plays "Blinded by the light".
  • The Running Gag: "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!"
  • ERod can't take it anymore and starts beating up the DVD by bare hand.
     Dudley Do-Right 
  • When the new narrator voice comes on. "Man there are a lot of disembodied voices on my show lately!" "And there are more to come!"
  • He tries to figure out Brendan Fraiser's appeal by showing a fanservice clip of the guy. SHE-Rod, E-Joy and Nurse Cause, Dr. Affect's assistant, all immediately flock to the camera to watch.
  • Kid Snidely talks about what they're going to be when they grow up.
    ERod: It's obvious what he's gonna be. He's got the hat and the cape. He's gonna be a pimp.
  • When Dudley's horse farts, he tries to refuse to play the clip from Doctor Who, only for Buffy, Kim Possible, and Beast Boy to give him 'the face'.
  • His glee at Alfred Molina's spot on portrayal of Snidely Whiplash.
  • His disturbed and confused reaction to the dream Dudley has of his horse.
  • "That's ridiculous! There are no vampires in Canada!That's Sasquatch territory, and nobody fucks with Sasquatch."
  • ERod fixes the dancing dancing.
  • Second Fanservice segment and ERod cuts it.
    SHE-Rod: You're just jealous Dudley does ME right.
  • The girls' increasingly angry reactions to ERod cutting their fanservice short: E-Joy whines, Nurse Cause beats Dr. Affect with a plutonium piece and SHE-Rod flips the bird at him.
     Dark Shadows (2012) 
  • Tim Burton Bingo
  • It's unitentional, and ERod does defend it due to old age, but the special effects from the clips of the original TV show that he uses are pretty funny.
  • When Barnabas is set loose and begins taking out the construction workers, and a guitar riff starts playing.
    ERod: (whispering and looking amazed) This is awesome.
  • Super FRI

     TGWTG Producers Casting Couch 
  • The title card is him tied to a chair while Linkara, the Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe, and Obscurus Lupa threaten him with their signature weapons. Lupa's weapon? Her cat Ash.
  • The whole Welshy-ERod exchanges
    • This first exchange for starters:
    Welshy: So Why did you spell "wine" in the script?
    ERod: Hey! I said no Meta-humor. What the fuck do I look like? Phelous? This guy looks like Phelous.
    • Welshy calls ERod by his real name. His answer? "Nadie más que mi madre me llama Eric!" (Trans: "Only my mother calls me Eric!")
    • Welshy leaves and ERod starts complaintning about him.
    ERod: That man is INSUFFERABLE!! (Beat) I can't wait to talk to him again!
  • ERod ends the episode saying that at least he didn't forget to mention any important person on the site. Then Sci-Fi Guy cries for being not being mentioned.
  • Really, all of his choices for the casting.
    • 'Jewario' get's cast as Rick Schroder
    • Film Brain is Paul Bettany, just because both are british.
    • Obscurus Lupa is Reba McEntire
    Nerdlinger's suggestions for Lupa are pretty funny too. They are-The Little Mermaid, April O'Neil, Kim Possible, and Fox from Gargoyles.
    • Cinema Snob is Alfred Molina. He admits that this was simply him being too lazy to do more research.
    • Phelous extra from Doctor Who who looks exactly like him.
    • Nostalgia Chick is Janeane Garofalo
    • Angry Joe is Danny Trejo
    • Linkara is Harry Anderson. Apparently, he's also ERod's archenemy.
    • The Nostalgia Critic is Mickey Rourke
    ERod was about to embark on a mission across time and space to save the Nostalgia Critic from the Plothole, only to hit a little snag. He has no idea how to drive the TARDIS.
    • ERod is Denzel Washington. No, seriously. ERod is puertorican and Denzel is... much taller.
  • When he lists off the other members of the site that he forgot, he still forgets Jesuotaku until El Lover reminds him. But El Lover's way of talking confuses him, leading ERod to think he said Jesus Tacos. With El Lover's thick accent, ERod actually hears it pronounced "Hay-soos con tacos."
  • The dedicatory:
    I dedicate this silly video to my fellow Channel Awesome Producers. Who are always welcomed to make fun of me.
    ''... Except for Welshy. He abuses that privilege way too much!

     Rocky & Bullwinkle 
  • ERod's utter bafflement at the villains', then deciding to join in on the dancing.
  • Upon seeing Robert De Niro's bad performance after praising him as one of the greatest actor's of all time.
    • "Uh, maybe he's just warming up."
  • After learning that plan B is recruiting Rocky and Bullwinkle, he demands to know what plan C was.
    • "What was plan C, sending in the Shirt Tales?" and "Actually, now that I think about it, the Shirt Tales are the Expendables of the animal kingdom."
  • Apparently every movie studio has a machine designed to bring cartoon characters into the real world. In fact that was how Andy Samberg was brought into our world.
  • Important Plot Point!
  • Shameful Cameo Counter.
  • His reaction to learning that Robert De Niro produced the movie, and therefore either wrote or approved of the Taxi Driver parody.
  • His ever escalating attempts to bust the movie.
  • ERod Stating that insinuating that Kenan and Kel are the modern Rock and Bullwinkle is like casting Megan Fox as April O'Neil.
  • After restraining himself the second time he attempts to bust the movie, he pulls out a Goofy plushy, goes to hit the DVD with it, and then hugs it instead and walks away sadly.
  • "Yo, script writer. Subtlety, look it up!"
  • "Stop trying to bring logic into this you foolish fool!"
  • Saying that you can't be mad at Bullwinkle for being a dimwit, as it's in his nature, then saying that it'd be like getting mad at Michael Bay for being the biggest douche alive.
  • The look on his face when the villains begin to sing their...anthem?
  • ERod using a Gamecube controller to 'play' Bullwinkle's journey through cyberspace.
  • At the end: "Well, the day is saved, the bad guys are potentially dead, and my childhood is crushed!"

     Scooby Doo 2 
  • ERod comments that the fans have been saying Seth Green should play him in liveaction, for him to constantly deny some kind of similarities... Only to react the same way Seth Green is acting in the movie.
  • During the red carpet opening, ERod questions all the fangirling the gang gets, only for him to have a fangasm when Sarah Michelle Gellar appears.
  • His reactions to Shaggy and Scooby dancing. Perfect example of a "No," reaction.
  • When ERod realizes that the overall message of the movie was about self-acceptance, he decides to give Scooby Doo 2 a second chance. So shocking that even Nerdlinger jawdrops while eating his scoobysnacks.

     Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 
  • The titlecard-the chipmunks are tied to 'The Big One' from Toy Story, which ERod is lighting.
  • The utter bafflement when he realizes they made a sequel to the first movie.
  • At the beginning of the review, he states that Jason Lee is one of his favorite actors, and he wishes there was a way the guy could sit the movie out. Cue Dave getting smashed by the cutout of Alvin.
    ERod(Looks horrified)Not what I meant...but it'll do.
  • His reaction to him trying to bring logic into the chipmunks going to school.
  • "Now that Dave's incapacitated, I'm sure the chipmunks will stay with Dave's girlfriend. You know, the photographer. Don't tell me you forgot about Dave's girlfriend. It's okay, the producers of this movie forgot about her to."
  • Upon seeing that the Chipettes are naked, he gets incredibly uncomfortable and pleads for someone to do something about it. Cue the black censor bars.
  • He angrily demands to know who thought recruiting an animal onto a sports team was a good idea, only to be confronted by posters for Gus, Air Bud, and MVP.
    ERod: Never mind, proceed.
  • His dance lesson during All the Single Ladies.
  • Finally just giving in and playing the Doctor Who clip without complaint when a fart joke is made.
  • His increasing anger at Toby's song.

     Top 10 Bruce Campbell Characters 
  • The video opens with ERod killing zombies, only to stop to take a phone call, apologizing and telling them he'll kill them later.
  • When explaining his claim that Bruce Campbell is the best action star of our time, one of his questions is "Have any of you seen Steven Segall...act? No, I don't think anybody's seen that."
  • Campbell Facts!
  • The Next Bruce Campbell movie? The Blockbuster Buster movie!!

     Nancy Drew 
  • SHE-Rod takes over the episode after prooving she has more experience, has a collosal collection of books and games and a membership, and sends ERod to read the whole Sherlock Holmes anthology in the meanwhile.
  • SHE-Rod's intro:
    SHE-Rod: Greetings, fanboys and fangirls. I'm SHE-Rod and I'm the Blockbuster Buster.
    ERod: Hey!
    SHE-Rod: Did you finish reading your book?
    ERod: *obeys*
  • Nancy gives the burglars pastries.
    SHE-Rod: Yo! Sexist screenwriter. This is Nancy Drew, not "Little Fucking Debbie".
  • About Nancy's boyfriend's line.
    SHE-Rod: And what the hell is Smallville??
    ERod: About nine seasons too long.
  • Celestial voice:Doooooouche.
  • Every time SHE-Rod expressed her hate towards Nancy's dumb schoolmates.
    • The slow-motion "I HATE YOUUUUUU" to the fat kid.
    • The bomb in her car.
      SHE-Rod: (With glee) Quick! Put it whipped cream on and feed it to the fat kid!
  • About the Alpha Bitch:
    SHE-Rod: You know, It's not that I hate her... I just want her to get fingered by Wolverine.
  • After Nancy offers desserts again to people, and SHE-Rod once again rages against this, ERod intervines again.
    ERod: Come on, you know you'd be compliant if somebody gave you some strudle.
    SHE-Rod: Uhmmm... Strudle.... *an image of Dwayne Johnson appears*

     The Son of The Mask 
  • The entire review is made with Insane!ERod, inserting no-sense catchphrase every once in a while.
  • When Loki appears, ERod describes him as "The Creature that haunts my nightmares every time I turn off the dark..."
    • Then everytime Loki transforms into his green-faced form, the background music plays "A Freak Like Me Needs Company"
  • Introduces Jamie Kennedy and Traylor Howard.
    ERod: So we cut to Otis' owners, a newly wed couple played by the lovely Traylor Howard and one of the most unfunniest motherfuckers on the planet, Jamie Kennedy. Now let's enjoy some of his non-comedy!
    ERod: Now let's see now how all the Jim Carey fans felt about their favorite actor being replaced by this douche. (cut to a kid giving Jamie Kennedy a Groin Attack) Meh. Everybody is a critic.
  • Jamie Kennedy's Halloween costume is... Zombie-Pinocchio...
  • After Jamie Kennedy fucks Traylor Howard wearing the mask.
    ERod: (astonished) She just fucked a cartoon character... Well, I guess now Traylor Howard knows what it's like to be Courteney Cox (cut to a photo of Courteney Cox and David Arquette and a drums sound.)
  • Fart Joke cue:
    ERod: I know exactly what Internet meme to reference.
    *The M. Vison "Of Course!" plays instead of "The Doctor" clip*
    ERod: That never gets old.
    ERod: Oh yes! I have this meme thing down!
  • Jamie Kennedy confirms his wife is really her by grabbing her boob.
    ERod: Hey, El Lover. Is boob-grabbing a way to confirm if a señorita is a señorita?
    El Lover: Boobs can be fake, papi.
  • When Loki starts to chase Jamie Kennedy with a giant hammer, ERod starts to regain sanity momentarily... until Odin shows up.

     Top 10 Terrible Terminator Salvation Moments 
  • Since he doesn't have someone to deliver the traditional Movie-Facts, he instead gets interrupted by TDKR!Bane, getting ERod irritated because of the stupid voice and the useless interruptions.
    • Finally Batman arrives and breaks Bane's back to shut him up.
      • Also why Batman doesn't have the weird voice? Because HE IS BATMAN!

     Resident Evil Retribution 
  • The movie starts with... Milla Jovovich in the center of the screen with a heavenly light behind her. Paul Anderson just broke the record set on The Three Musketeers of how much time it would take him to insert slowmotion and overglorification of his wife in a movie.
    Paul Anderson: When my wife eats croutons, laser beams shoot from her eyes.
    ERod: Really?
  • Erod being annoyed by Cartoon-E's antics.
  • Alice appears naked again.
    ERod: Every time they capture her, they take her clothes off. Who is running the Umbrella Corporation? Frank Miller?
    Frank Miller: Dude. I challenge you to say "boobies" and not smile.
    ERod: Boobies. (starts grumpy and smiles slowly, to finally crack) Sorry, I can't do it.
  • 3D!!!
  • Noticing the child who played Becky not only is good, but actually is hearing impared, ERod wants to congratulate her because she acts better than many child actors that can hear well, illustrating the example with Noah Ringer from Last Airbender.
    ERod: (Flips the bird at him) Sorry. This is the only sign language I know.
  • "Sappy Sappy Joy Joy! Sappy Sappy Joy Joy"
  • Death Frisbee.

  • Erod being oblivious of Jeannie's attention.
  • Tony Stark makes better decisions than you!
  • The stinger:
    El Lover: So that fool knows you can get out of your bottle whenever you want?
    Jeannie: Nope.

     The Country Bears 

     Next Top 10 Voice-Over Actors 

     Garfield 2 

  • Wrestling Match narrated by ERod by pure instinct.
  • Time for commercials. When ERod questions why, Fedora Freddy explains that's the way he pays rent.
    ERod: Oh. So that means is really really really really really really really really importante we let these commercials play. (looks at the audience as they cut)
    (after the break)
    ERod: Was that it? Hey! That wasn't so bad. So what you're telling me is that all you have to do is sit throught 30 to 60 seconds of commercials and in return you get a free entertaining video? Who would be inconsidered, belligerent, down right immature to complaint about that? (looks at the audience)

     Shrek 2 
  • Nerdlinger talking in references and ERod getting annoyed at this.
    Nerdlinger: Today's episode is brought to you by the word "Irony".
  • The Puppy-Eyes.

     Shrek the 3rd 
  • The Third movie has Donkey's kids with the Dragon, which makes ERod barf several times due to the idea of a donkey and a dragon doing it.
    • First realizing the Donkey and the Dragon had offsprings.
      ERod: They look like donkey-dragons. (Beat) Oh my god... Oh, no. The Donkey and The Dragon?! (Then gets a paper bag and proceeds to vomit in it)
      ERod: (Cries before starting to barf again)
      ERod: (Stunned) I'm OK now.
    • Then when questioning the frog king.
      ERod: So... If a frog turned human had sex with a human and they make an ogre, but if a donkey and a Dragon... (barfs again)
  • "That's right, kids! Shrek sleeps naked!"
  • ERod fangasming at the princesses being badass.
  • After the anticlimatic resolution, ERod decides to give a last chance with the final scene, cue to Shrek's babies vomiting and farting.
    ERod: (Fake smile) Allright, I'm done.


     The Haunted Mansion 
  • The expressionless wife was so bad, ERod didn't bother to research about her.
    ERod: You know what? I'm not even gonna bother to learn this actor's name. From this day forward, I'll only refer to her as "Expressionless McButchers-a-Line"
    ERod: My God, you're bad. I've seen talking cupcakes that were better actors.
    ERod: Miss Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls has more expressions than you.
    ERod: But Creepy-Terence-Stamp poisons Expressionless. And no... She can't even play dead.
  • "Deus-Ex-Tilly, Motherfuckers!"

     A Good Day to Die Hard 

     Batman 1966 
  • ERod and Linkara dancing to the Bat-Tootsie.
    ERod: Wait, why are we doing this?
    Linkara: Just go with it, man. (they keep dancing)
  • Linkara's blank stares whenever ERod tried to piss him off with an insult.
  • The shot of the bikini girls on a rooftop seems to piss Linkara off and ERod, noticing this, tries to provoke Linkara to his anger.
    Linkara: (repressing anger) No! Women are free to stand on rooftops in bikinis if it's their own desire. It is nothing to do with the Male Gaze.
    ERod: But this is nothing to do with their own desire, they are doing so of the desire of the film makers. Come on! Bust this movie. You know you want to, boy.
    Linkara: Boy? I AM A MAN!! (represses anger and calms down) And as a man, I am able to excersise some form of self-control. As should you.
  • This exchange:
    Linkara: I think you whine for the sake of whining.
    ERod: Your mother!!! (punches him)
    • Later, during the scene when Bruce Wayne is seducing Catwoman's alter ego, ERod gleefully makes references to her "Polishing his Baterang" and "Sliding down his Batpole", much to Linkara's chagrin.
    ERod: Who's exhibiting self-control now, Mr Man?
    Linkara: TU MADRE!!! (punches him)
  • When the police and Batman deduce the villains allied by using Insane Troll Logic
    Linkara: (Beat) I've got nothing...
  • When Batman and Robin failed to save the world diputees because they went on foot. Call Back from ERod's Top 20 F*ed Up Batman Returns' moments.
    Linkara: I'll admit, this is an even bigger plounder than when he failed to save the Ice Princess in Batman Returns. There's a scene that will scar you for life.
    ERod: (Still crying) I don't know what you're talking about-DON'T JUDGE ME!
  • Another Call Back after Linkara breaks the fourth wall.
    Linkara: (takes his glasses off and talks to the camera) Those are words that are meant to represent sound effects.
    ERod: Why did you just said that aloud?
    Linkara: As an expositional convenience for the audience. (gets punched by ERod
    ERod: I said not meta-humor!! What the fuck do I look like? Phelous? This guy looks like Phelous. (shows the Doctor Who extra from his Casting Couch of Phelous)
  • When ERod complains about the bomb scene, Linkara tells him to prove it... by giving him a bomb. ERod's panic as he tries to get rid of. Linkara watches him amusingly running around, and after a few laps, stops him and tells him to just "let it go". 90's Kid ends up catching the bomb.
    • After ERod leaves, Linkara wonders "90's Kid was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago..."
  • After ERod accuses Linkara of always copying him, Linkara dismisses all as coincidences, to which ERod refutes with "I'm nothing like you!", with both of them drawing out sonic screwdivers at the same time.
    Linkara: That would mean, even you chose a non-lethal force of defense.
    ERod: Actually, mine has all the sonic waves turned up to 90 decimal seconds, so it could scramble your brains like an egg.
    Linkara: Ok, there're some subtle differences between us...
  • The stinger with Doctor Linksano and Nerdlinger lamenting not having any parts in the review.
    • Nerdlinger squees when Linksano suggests doing some science.

     The Shaggy Dog (2006) 

     The Musketeer 

     Hotel Transylvania 
  • Douchenanigans!
  • When Dracula gets a short view of a Twilight spoof, he shows disgust at how vampires are being represented in modern days. ERod's answer?
    ERod: Ok, I'll give you this one, Sandler.

     House of Wax 
  • ERod's The Room references of whenever the killer, played by Tommy Wiseau, shows up.
  • Instead of learning the characters' names, ERod decides to refer to them by their stereotypes: The Virgin, The Boyfriend, The Stoner, Jerk-face, Token and Ho-Bag
  • Everytime Ho-Bag does something slutty (like giving Token a blowjob in the car and doing a strip-tease dance), ERod shrugs comedically.
    ERod: Oh, Paris!
  • Instead of cheering about Paris Hilton's death ERod calmly points out:
    ERod: You know what? Paris Hilton already looks like an expressionless wax doll in real life. Wouldn't turning her into one just be redundant?

     Texas Chainsaw 3 D 
  • Freudian Slip about Heather's topless scene.
    ERod: (completely deadpan) Boobies.

     Breaking Dawn Part 2 
  • The quick recap of the Twilight Saga.
    Deadpan/Bella: I love you. Turn me into a vampire.
    Whiney/Edward: Hair gel.
    Sharkboy/Jacob: I love you more.
    Deadpan/Bella: Uh, I'm sorry. What? I was busy throwing myself off a cliff for the other guy.
    Sharkboy/Jacob: This Un-holy union is going to cause a war.
    Deadpan/Bella: Uh, ok.
    (War music as the battle in Eclipse happens)
    Deadpan/Bella: I'm, like, having your vampire baby.
    Whiney/Edward: Uh... Do you wanna get an abortion?
    Deadpan/Bella: A what?!
    Whiney/Edward: Uhm, I mean, The birth of this baby will cause a devastating war.
    Deadpan/Bella: Uhm, ok.
    (War music as the battle in Breaking Dawn Part 1 happens)
    Whiney/Edward: I'm not going to turn you into a vampire, not even to save your- Uh, nevermind (starts biting her)
    Deadpan/Bella: Uh, I'm like a vampire, an I'm going to suck your-
  • When Deadpan is about to meet Reneesme, ERod states he's going to refer to her as "Stupid Name", and then gets freaked out by the CGI baby.
  • Starts laughing hysterically about the most unintentional bit of humor of the movie: The actors actually try to teach Kristen Stewart how to act like a human being.
  • The introduction of the super-powered vampires:
    Gathered from the lamest reaches of the Cosmos, these are The Sparkly Friends!!
    ELEMENTO: With the power of make the elements of the Earth dance whimsically, to give the audience a false sense of wonder.
    ELECTRA LASS: She can do anything a Tazer can.
    THE AMAZONIAN TWINS: They can make you think you're in a jungle instead of a forest. Handy...
    And VAMPIRE JESUS: Able to summarize an entire scene with one snarky remark.
    The Sparkly Friends: Divided they fall, United. . . they would still fall.
  • Dakota Fanning voice: "OMG, I'm so gonna tweet about this later"
  • His recap of the long conversation with the Volturi:
    ERod: And now... they talk. They talk A LOT. They talk more than a Quentin Tarantino movie, without the interesting bits. And their conversation basically... goes like this:
    Whiney/Edward: Our daughter is not Evil
    Mr. Prissypuffs/Aro: I don't care. I'm still gonna murder her until I kill her to death.
    Deadpan/Bella: Can you tell that we, like, totally love her and that she wouldn't, like, hurt a fly?
    Mr. Prissypuffs/Aro: I'm still gonna cut her pretty little head off.
    Vampirita/Alice: I have the power to show you the future. See? In the future she doesn't hurt anyone.
    Mr. Prissypuffs/Aro: That's so nice. I'm still gonna kill her.

     102 Dalmatians 

     G.I.Joe: Retaliation 

     DC Universe Animated Original Movies 
  • When talking about the Catwoman short before the animated Batman: Year One, he has this to say:
    ERod: ...and it is excellent. [The Catwoman animated short] makes the live-action Catwoman movie look like kitty litter. Well, actually, cheap puppet theater makes the Catwoman movie look like kitty litter.
  • All his mentions of Frank Miller
    ERod: Ok, back to Year One. Based on the Frank Miller graphic novel, which he wrote before he went Cuckoo-For-Cocoa-Puffs
    ERod!Frank Miller: Boobies.
    ERod: Based on the famed graphic novel written by Frank Miller, once again, before he went Banana-Balls...
    ERod!Frank Miller: Boobies

     Honest Review: Batman The Brave And The Bold 
  • His reaction when he discovers that the Joker's flapper-Betty-Boop sidekick it's supposed to be Harley Quinn.
  • When listing the Worst Episodes, notes that Captain Atom was made into a Jerkass against his character, so he decides that he would only refer to this version as "Captain Asshole".

     Honest Review: Angel 
  • The return on full force of:
    • Reason 1: Cordelia suggests Angel to open a Paranormal Investigation office. The same girl who picked a spatula as a weapon.
    • Reason 2: "Angel is The Hero, Doyle is The Messenger and Cordelia is... there. Upon Doyle's departure, he passes his ability to receive visions from The Powers That Be to her. Yup. Cordelia gets the visions now. Hooray!"
    ERod: Oh Yeah, it's time
    • Reason 3: Even thought her ability to receive visions from The Powers That Be gave her a defined role in the team, Lorne's hilarius honest pesimism and Fred's sweet lovable stands as the then mother of the group, made Cordelia's presence even more superfluous than before. What's the solution? TO HOOK HER UP WITH ANGEL, OF COURSE!!
    • The crown of all the Dumbest "Dumb Reasons to keep Cordelia around": Making Cordelia the villain, because they literally ran out of things for her to do.
  • About Fred being attacked by tentacle monsters in both Angel and The Cabin in the Woods.
    ERod: Also, I find curious that Joss often has Amy attacked by giant tentacle creatures in his projects. Freud would have a field with this.
  • "Now, are you ready for the best part? You wanna know who's the baby's father? Connor. Just a quick reminder: A year ago... he was a baby. If you just threw up a little in your mouth, believe me, I understand."

  • Puppet Show Soap Opera.
  • ERod questions if Kevin Bacon still has fans. Cue to SHE-Rod licking a DVD of Footloose.
    • After a while, SHE-Rod demands a Footloose dance from ERod, so good she draws a cigarrette.
  • About why Roy is part of RIPD:
    ERod: Was he truly one of the greatestlawmen that lived or is he in he RIPD because he is such an abrassive buttmunch that neither heaven or hell would have him.
  • ERod proposes three new clips for fart jokes, opening a poll. The options rank from "Out of Oxigen" from Toy Story, "The Amplifier" from Back to the Future or "Poison Gas" from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Kevin Bacon decides to sacrifice Nick's wife for the Staff of Jerico.
    ERod: You know, the sacrifice could be anyone. There's no need to give the good guys an incentive to find you, kick your ass and ruin your plans, you stupid fuck.

     Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 
  • ERod starts to Squee when he realizes Chiron is played by Anthony Head
  • ERod decides to refer to Clarisse as "Bitchy Nagsallot"
    • He intriduces Clarisse as the "daughter of neverending bitchiness"
    • "Yeah, he's still alive, and you're still a horrible bitch" (smiles)
    • "Oh, oh! I have an idea. How about we take Bitchy Nagsallot, stuff her into a cannon and then shoot her out of the cannon? And I know what you're thinking. How exactly does that help Percy and the others get out of the creature's belly? (laughs and Beat) It doesn't".
    • "Hey! I have pictures of you pissing your pants, so respect The Grover!"
  • The Oracle says "Monty Python" instead of "Mighty Piton".
  • ERod lists all the famous cyclops around: Leela, Mike Wazowski,Triclop and Scott Summers.
  • ERod fanboys again when Nathan Fillion appears as Hermes.
  • After Grover is kidnapped:
    ERod: And now that Grover is gone, we're gonna be stuck with Dumb, Dull and Dullest.

     The Lone Ranger 
  • ERod's Apophenia taking over again.
  • Rebecca kissing John immediately.
    ERod: Your husband died three days ago!!! Just sayin'!!!

     Top 10 Worst Wolverine Moments 
  • About Viper's character being fucked up:
    • ERod's main complaint is about the actress.
      ERod: But instead they went with Svetlana Khocgh- Khochz... this person. And how I put this lightly... SHE'S FUCKING HORRIBLE!!!
      ERod: Oh my god, you're terrible!! Whoever told this girl she could act should have their gonads clawed off by a real wolverine.
      ERod: It's like the filmmakes have planned all these dramatic powerful moments and then they were forced to include all the cartoony sci-fi bafoonery, like Saturday-Morning villain Barbie over here.

     Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked 

     The Smurfs 2 

  • When ERod finds out that Dusty is a crop duster, he finds it Actually Pretty Funny, until Fridge Logic kicks in, and he wonders what the point is of having organic crops in a world populated by cars and planes.
  • When Dusty says he's afraid of heights, ERod bursts out laughing, and puts in a clip of The Joker laughing as well.

     My Favorite Martian 

    The Legend of Hercules 
  • ERod giving up on pointing out all the mistakes with the mythology after the fourth time.
  • The title card, which depics ERod making a deal with Hades to do away with the movie's star.
  • Narrating a gladiator battle in the style of a pro wrestling match.
  • A particular battle scene that Makes Just as Much Sense in Context left ERod completely stunned.
    ERod:Hercules caught a lightning bolt... with his sword... that turned it into a lightning whip...and proceeded to use it to kill all the bad guys, and then kill his own guys. (Beat as he tries to comprehend it) Let's just move on to the final battle.


     Home on the Range 

     The Avengers (1998) 

     Dracula 2000 

     I, Frankenstein 

     Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes 

     The Wicker Man 

     Tarzan 3 D 
  • His reaction to the badly done motion capture.
    ERod: *yelps* [Tarzan] looks like an alien wearing human skin!
  • His increasing frustration with the Captain Obvious narrator.
  • He wonders why Tarzan is attracted specifically to Jane, considering that there's a girl exactly like her sitting behind her.
  • "Yeah, you little creepazoid! Why don't you act respectable, like Tarzan who also spies on Jane but from a better hiding place."
  • The "Times that Tarzan saves Jane" counter.

     Flash Gordon 
  • Linkara dope slapping him more than once.
  • When both praise the soundtrack by Queen, they point out that even the ballad part is awesome... to which both of them star to slow dance to it.
    ERod: Wait a minute! What are we doing?!
    Linkara: Just go along with it, man.
    ERod: (shrugs) Let the Slash Fanfiction begin.
    Linkara: Ha! It's funny because you think it only now just started.
    (ERod is about to question this, but Linkara just handwaves this by resting ERod's head on him and they keep dancing)
  • When E Rod questions Linkara's new look, Linkara calls E Rod "Mini-Angry Joe". E Rod doesn't get it.

    The Host 

    Vampire Academy 
  • ERod deciding to dub all the names of the annoying, Flat Characters or Expys:
    • Rose became "Blabber-Mouth Mc-Chattypants".
    • Mason apparently is "Ron".
    • Natalie is referred as "Velma"
    • Mia is dubbed as "She-Malfoy", as both are shorthaired blond bullies.
    • Since ERod refuses to use the In-Universe terms for the types of vampires, he dubs them as Lame-Pires (the Moroi, or "good vampires"), Guardians (the Dhampires or "bodyguards") and Real-Vampires (the Strigoi, or "bad vampires").
  • "Really? This movie is making fun of Twilight. It's like shit making fun of diarrea".
  • After Victor reveals all the plot points for no-good reason:
    ERod: (Dull Surprise) Incidentally. See this look on my face? This is the look of me NOT GIVING A SHIT! END THE MOVIE!!
  • When it's revealed that Natalie became a Real-Vampire:
    ERod: Velma was a Real Vampire?! What a cool twist! It was pathetically obvious since she is the daughter of the bad guy, but cool non the less.

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