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Heartwarming: The Blockbuster Buster
  • BB's inability to get angry and yell at Jayma Mays; because she's just so darn cute.
  • His fanboy scream over Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • The Commentaries for ERod vs. Episode 1, in response for the backlash at the site, where ERod talks about how much effort and dedication he and his crew put on the production. He didn't regret anything, and dedicated the entire video to his fans and all the help he got.
    • He mentions EVERYONE involved in the project: Marsha, his friends, his title card artist, Lil' Miss Gamer, and specially his fans.
    • He also had the grace to not be mad at the negative comments, since he himself respects opinion liberty.
  • YMMV with this one, but this troper thinks that the funeral montage he holds for Optimus Prime in the Transformers 2 review counts, showing the true love a fan can have for a character. You get a real sense that ERod really respects and likes Optimus, and is genuinely sad at his death. Somehow manages to also work as a Tearjerker and a CMOA too.
  • Just how adorakable and excited he gets when Buzz Aldrin shows up in Transformers Dark of the Moon. He even starts talking with pride about how Peter Cullen said his scene with Buzz Aldrin was the proudest moments in his career... Only to be interrupted by another scene change.
  • In Cars 2 you can also take the bit where ERod gets overly excited by the fact that Bruce Campbell, one of his idols, is playing a character named "ROD". He also compares this with the best day of his life: a photo of him in Disneyland with Donald Duck. As a meta-comment about that: That was his Honeymoon trip. How adorable is that?
  • Even thought he got a lot of negative feedback from his parodies in his Atlantis review, ERod tells that Joe and Filmbrain actually liked his imitations and even gave him tips. Rob Walker and Holly then went to the comments section of the video to defend ERod from the Hate Dumb and explain everyone he got previous permission from all them before it.
    • ERod also released a video for all his detractors, promising that he won't do his imitations again, as a sign that he listens to everyone, fans and casual viewers the same.
  • The final dedications of his videos also count. They usually feature actors from the movie of the day he's very fond of.
    • Astroboy movie credits, his first review in TGWTG, have special thanks for Holly and Rob. And the dedicatory is for Doug Walker for being his inspiration.
    • The dedicatory of his "Top 10 Hispanic Heroes", which went for his dad, his real life hero. ERod mentions him every time he gets to a movie he enjoys or a source material he is very fond of, especially if they saw it together.
    • Phobias Mortem and Tribute to Harley Quinn were dedicated to his wife (SHE-Rod, his producer, cameraman and right hand).
    • ERod vs. Episode 1 is dedicated to the Legion of Badassitude, his loyal fans.
    • In Highlander: Endgame, the final notes mention that as September 3rd he officially featured on a whole year, and specially thanked Holly, Rob Walker, Lewis, Joe, Matthew and Leo for making him feel welcomed from the very first day.
  • His Top 10 Voice-Over Actors episode, giving credit to voice actors, including the ones he didn't put in.
    • Shortly after, Rob Paulsen and Tara Strong tweeted the video, and Rob Paulsen wrote directly an email. Immediately ERod uploaded the video responses.
  • In his review of the Speed Racer movie, he admits that he is not a fan of the cartoon but to get a fair perspective, he talked to a fan- his dad. And how does he introduce his father? By showing a snapshot of the man during a race or marathon and an awesome Spanish guitar riff.
  • In his review of Breaking Dawn part 1, he doesn't show the birthing scene that gave people seizures because he doesn't want to hurt any members of his audience.
    • Also mentions Marsha, his wife, also suffers from this.
  • Whenever he gets a large volume of emails asking his opinion on something (such as Michael Bay's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm) he always says how flattered he is that so many people care about what he thinks.
  • In his review of Mirror, Mirror, when the Queen declares the dwarves ugly, ERod is careful to say that he doesn't consider the dwarves themselves ugly before continuing his spiel. A brief but heartwarming moment for those of us who look different from what's considered conventionally attractive.
    • ERod also gave kudos to all the dwarfs actors for their performances, saying he took the time to learn their names, and the audience should also do it.
  • In his Top 10 Hispanic Heroes video, when the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) theme song is playing, there's a Bilingual Bonus: when the theme song says "Teniendo a su lado la magica espada / y amigos que no fallaran" ("Having at his side the magical sword / and friends that will not fail him"), it shows Fedora Freddie, Nerdlinger and El Lover. Friends who won't fail indeed! :)
  • In his Honest Review of Darkwing Duck, he mentions that one traits he admires most about Darkwing is that he is a devoted and loving father. He has a soft-spot of good parents or at least ones who will always protect their kids.
  • In his Casting Couch episode for his fellow TGWTG producers, when the time comes to cast Obscurus Lupa Nerdlinger (who has a crush on her that rivals Todd's) pops up. ERod cuts him off though, and tells him that Lupa has a boyfriend and that they should respect that.
  • How thrilled and awed he is to discover that they actually gave Rocky his original voice actress, and that while Bullwinkle doesn't have his original voice actor, the guy voicing him did a perfect impersonation anyways.
  • Doug Jones' cameo for ERod's review of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    • Not only Doug Jones doing a cameo is awesome and adorable when Doug recognized ERod's appreciation for his filmography, ERod also highlighted Jones' participation in Rock Jocks, which was directed by Paul (Panda Bear / Dr. Nemesis), his best friend.
  • ERod's reaction to the last Shrek movie at the end of his Shrek The Third review.
  • ERod defending Kick-Ass 1 and 2's heavy violence by revealing that he grew up in a crappy neighborhood and even was shot with the scar to prove it and he doesn't mind the violence at all.
  • The ending of the Linkara crossover where they review the Adam West Batman movie. Dr. Linksano and Nerdlinger are displeased that they didn't get a cameo in the review despite ERod and Linkara's other characters getting one, so Dr. Linksano asks Nerdlinger if he wants to go do some science with him instead. Nerdlinger's excited hug and exclamation of "excelsior!" are pretty cute after seeing the little guy looking so downtrodden just a few seconds earlier.
  • At the end of the Planes episode, after E-Rod almost kills himself to save Dr. Affect from Lazarus, E-Rod and Dr. Affect have a HUGE Manly Tears-inducing moment:
    Dr. Affect: Anyways, you almost sacrificed yourself for me. A Mad Scientist has plenty of enemies, but never enough friends.
  • While the Executive Meddling rendered Walking with Dinosaurs unwatchable and he has to bust it, ERod takes a moment to show what the film could have been and praises all the people who worked on its good aspects.
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