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YMMV: Sunrider
  • Broken Base: Some of the fanbase did not take well to the second set of character sprites, saying that they preferred the old style that was in the demo. Others liked the new sprites, saying they're more expressive and more detailed, and are better for the tone of the game. The third versions, which combined the most well-liked parts of both former versions, mostly unified the base.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Sola quickly became popular with the fanbase, getting enough votes in the dakimakura poll to tie for first, even though she'd never appeared in the game at that point. The release of her chibi icon also led to her getting more edited icons than any other girl, and a large number of posters chose to use her icons.
  • Memetic Mutation: Space whales. The only goal not accomplished by the Kickstarter campaign was the option to romance space whalesnote . Even though they didn't make it, they managed to get a surprising number of fans, to the point where some were willing to vote for a space whale to get a dakimakura.

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