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YMMV: Roseanne
  • Broken Base: The series finale.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The Disney World episode is full of them, mostly involving members of the extended Connor family having trouble realizing that various Disney characters aren't actually real. Granted, the episode was only shot because of Executive Meddling, so there was probably a certain amount of Snark Bait deliberately included.
  • Designated Villain: The woman Roseanne and Jackie's father was seeing for over two decades, though this is more in the episode where he died. When Roseanne meets her at a bar to try and talk about the last years of his life, Roseanne learns that her dad told her that his kids never appreciated the sacrifices he made for them and storms off in anger. Though, this is mostly because the woman only had Al's side of the story.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: A lot of people have this reaction to the show's final season, and the final episode in particular.
  • Flanderization: A few examples, particularly toward the end of the show. Roseanne slowly got more bossy and controlling toward her family and Jackie became more neurotic and quirky. More troubling, after he met Scott, Leon went from Straight Gay to encompassing a few gay stereotypes and his sexuality became the subject of many more jokes.
  • Fridge Brilliance: After Darlene and David start dating, an episode deals with him being overly clingy and constantly hanging around the Connor house. All aimable and typical, right? Well, not too many episodes later, viewers meet David's abusive mother and get a good idea of what his home life is like. Re-watching the earlier episode with that in mind, David has more of a reason to cling to Darlene than what everyone else thought. It also explains why he latched so hard to Darlene of all people. There's the old saying about how people seek out people who act like their parents. His relationship with his mother is physically abusive at worst, but emotionally abusive even at the best of times. He clung to tightly to Darlene because she acts a lot like his mother does and that's merely what he's used to. Their relationship is a Freudian field day.
    • The Conners struggle financially, but live in a three-bedroom house with private bathrooms for each, with a garage, laundry room, and a finished basement. Most of the improvements were probably Dan's handiwork.
    • Jackie's Flanderization from a clever, confident and slightly neurotic woman to a complete basket case. Her father's abuse of her and Roseanne was bad enough, but then her boyfriend Fisher started to hit her. The one-two punch of an abusive father and boyfriend plus all the other bad luck she had in romance and careers left her a broken woman.
    • These bathrooms were added on because of Dan's carpenter skills.
    • David becoming more of a snobbish Jerk Ass in the later seasons. A crappy home life, being an Extreme Doormat to his controlling and sarcastic girlfriend, bullied by not only his older brother but said girlfriend's younger brother and then being dumped? Eventually a person's gonna get fed up and start pushing back, and this was the only way someone like David could.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: When Bev joins AA she accuses Dan of being an alcoholic because he has a keg at his Super Bowl party. These are Played for Laughs. This episode comes across as jarring after John Goodman admitted he was an alcoholic for thirty years.
    • In an early episode DJ bites his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun and goes "Bang, bang." Flash forward to 2013 when a kid could get suspended from school for doing the same thing.
    • An early episode has Crystal lamenting her dead husband, Sonny, and wondering what her life would have been like if he'd lived. Once she leaves the room, Roseanne hugs Dan tenderly, and jokingly ponders what her life would have been like if Dan had lived. May also be a Foreshadowing / Hilarious in Hindsight.
    • In one episode, Dan goes to DJ's school for the first time. The principal is stunned to meet him, as DJ had told everyone his dad was dead. Cue that finale and...
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Watching Roseanne and Dan yell at Becky for underage drinking is kind of hard to watch after John Goodman admitted he struggled with alcoholism.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Roseanne has lost a winning lottery ticket with a connection to the number one-hundred and eight.
    • In one episode, Roseanne is posing for a sexy photograph for Dan for their anniversary. As she's having second thoughts, she says, "What if the negatives get out, I'll never be President." Roseanne Barr actually did run for President in 2012.
    • In some early episodes, DJ is a Creepy Child who destroys his sisters' Barbie dolls. Laurie Metcalf, who plays Aunt Jackie would go to be the voice of Andy's mom in Toy Story, which features a character who tortures toys.
  • Narm: Watching the beginning of the tornado episode with them treating a tornado watch with gallows humor and panic can be rather ludicrous to viewers from Tornado Alley (For the record, a tornado watch, basically means "Conditions are right for a tornado; stay tuned, one might form. A tornado warning means "A tornado has been spotted, You Can Panic Now.) They are vindicated soon after though...
  • Retroactive Recognition: George Clooney is the factory foreman and dating Jackie in Season 1!
  • Seasonal Rot: The ninth and final season. The show had been in decline for some years before then, and opinions vary on when it started, but the last season is generally seen as being by far the worst (the drastic Genre Shift did not help matters).
    • The controversial and shocking revelation that the whole show was Roseanne's book, and the last season represented Roseanne's decline as an author after the death of her husband rescued it for some people, though for others, it was just the icing on the cake.
  • Tear Jerker: Dear God, the last episode.
    • If you've ever had a... rough childhood, so to speak, the end of "Fights and Stuff" can be downright hard to watch.
    • Watching how much Dan hates his father in the first 5 seasons and then finding out in "Past Imperfect"/ "Lies My Father Told Me" that Ed took the hate on purpose so that Dan wouldn't hate his mother who's mentally ill and has been all her life.
    • "To whom it concerns....".
    • "Heart & Soul" has a lot of this. First, Jackie tries to comfort Roseanne after Dan goes to the hospital and all Roseanne can say is "I've been with him since I was 16 years old". Then there's her and Dan's desperate prayers later on...especially Dan's.
    • "Fights and Stuff" is even worse when the final episode is taken into consideration. Dan comes home from the hospital after his heart attack but won't follow his new diet, which leads into a vicious fight between Dan and Roseanne. None of it is Played for Laughs, as Dan is yelling about how their children are failures and how he can't invite his family over because of Roseanne's family, and Roseanne counters about how at least she didn't have to put her mother in a mental institution like Dan did. The two are screaming and breaking things until finally Roseanne states she will not sit by and watch Dan kill himself before walking out the door. Dan did indeed die from his heart attack. "Fights and Stuff" was a story Roseanne had written afterwards, and it can be interpreted as her way of lashing out at Dan because of his death and her own guilty feelings about it. She said she wasn't going to watch him kill himself, when in reality she thinks she pretty much did. Dan's accusations and insults could've been Roseanne's own fears about how Dan really felt about her and the way they raised their children, or she could've added it to make herself feel better.
  • Values Resonance: The realistic focus on the usual challenges and struggles of a working-class American family still remain relevant 20+ years later. Roseanne Barr even said during a recent interview that they're even more relevant than they were back then.
  • The Woobie: David. Especially once we meet his mother.

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