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The Aliens who abducted Arnie ALSO abducted Becky, and replaced her with an alien replacement
who used her/its mental powers to convince everyone that she was the same person even though she wasn't. After a couple years, it's mission was over and it was replaced with the real sister, Becky, again.
  • And then came back, then went away, then came back again.
    • Maybe they took Andy and Jerry, too!

The Timing works, sorta. Maybe he unknowingly fathered a child with Samantha?

Several popular TV series are Alternate Universe versions of the Roseanne Universe.
  • Scrubs is what would have happened if the Conners were a wealthy upper-class family instead of lower/middle-class.
  • The Big Bang Theory is what happened if Mark/Davids mother had been more nurturing.
    • Except for the fact that his parent in The Big Bang Theory was anything, but nurturing.
    • Maybe David channeled his rage at Mrs. Healy's neglect into physics instead of the arts.
    • Reba is what would happen if Roseanne and Dan got divorced.

David and Mark's father is different from the man their mother divorces in Season 5

A certain amount of Fridge Logic suggests that David and Mark have a different father than the two younger siblings. In Season 5, when David tells Darlene he's running away, it's because his "parents" (it's not out of the realm of possibility for David to think of a step-dad as his "dad" if his mother re-married when he was very young) are getting a divorce. This is why the girls go to live with their father but David has to stay with his mother. It also explains why she's so angry and abusive toward him. She says "You're abandoning me, just like your father," then verbally abuses him in front of Roseanne. David reminds her of her low-life ex, which fuels her abusive personality. Even later, when Mark shows David how to tie his tie for the wedding and says their dad did nothing for them. But in David's earlier appearances, his "dad" (or possibly step-dad) is a buffer between David and his mother. He can't put up with her, either, which is why he leaves, but why would he abandon David to her if David were his biological son?
  • It also explains why he allowed Mark to be kicked out of the house, as also discussed in the tie scene. Not his kid, not his problem.

The new season/revival of Roseanne will retcon Dan's death
How else are they going to explain why Dan is in the show again...?
  • This is apparently confirmed.
  • He didn't die and they did not win the lottery, but Roseanne actually did write the book shown at the end of the finale. The last few minutes is actually the ending of the book, which Dan lampshades about having been killed off.

The inevitable convergence of Dan's habit of peeing in the backyard and Mark (the younger)'s idiosyncratic wardrobe.
Yeah, the kid's gonna pick up peeing in the backyard from his granddad, and figure out that all he has to do is hold his skirt just outside the pee stream to do so in complete modesty...

Darlene wasn't pregnant as a teenager.
Roseanne's Unreliable Narrator status and Harris' age in 2018 point to every possibility that she wasn't born until Darlene was in her early twenties.

The Conners and the rest of the cast will come to accept Mark for wearing girl's clothing.
It is a sitcom, but I feel as if they'd all sooner or later get over the way Mark dresses and accept him for he truly is. Also because this subject is Truth in Television.
  • They basically already did by the end of the second episode.
  • Sub-guess: On a long enough timeline, Mark will wear the Chicken Shirt.

If Mark ages in the new series or if they do a time skip, he will come to terms that he is either gay or bisexual.
  • It's also possible he'll simply grow out of wearing girls' clothes, particularly if he ages enough in the role that they want to start marketing his actor as a Teen Idol.

The Harris in the 2018 revival is not the child that Darlene was pregnant with in the original series.
  • Since Season 9 has been retconned, it's possible that the 2018 Harris is a different child than the one Darlene had during that season, and the only similarity is the name. Perhaps Darlene miscarried following her marriage to David in Season 8, and had Harris years later. Or Darlene has an eldest THIRD child that's off somewhere like Jerry and Andy.