YMMV / Raven

For the Comic Book Character.

  • Cant Un Hear It: Quite hard to not hear Tara Strong's version of Raven voice when reading the comics.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Mostly related to her acts as "Dark Raven" in the '90s New Titans run. Fans will debate at length if Raven deserved to be redeemed and forgiven by Starfire and her other teammates, or if she was beyond saving or potentially even worse than Hal Jordan and Hank Hall (two other DC heroes who had also undergone Face–Heel Turn at the time). The matters get more heated when Raven's mind control of Kid Flash is brought into the discussion, or her attempt to seduce Nightwing.
    • The Beast Boy/Raven pairing can spark this as well, as there were both fans that loved the idea of them being together and those who were angered by the idea. And then to add to the complicated situation, the constant Will They or Won't They? played with their relationship (and writers either portraying Raven or Beast Boy as the more unstable partner) caused some fans to quickly tire of the relationship and deem it a mistake.
  • Memetic Molester: Especially with her demonic tentacles
  • The Woobie: Her past and what she goes through could make you feel sorry for her.
    • Iron Woobie: She's the most hopeful of the team and tries her hardest to protect her friends no matter the situation.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Her witty remarks and sarcasm can make her this.
    • Stoic Woobie: Due to her keeping her emotions in check.
  • Tear Jerker: Moments before Trigon's first reign of Terror begins Zatanna spills the beans on what Raven did do get Kid Flash to join the titans. Causing them all to distrust her and disband. Leaving her to tearfully beg them to come back for it is mere seconds until he arrives. What makes it a moment of heartwarming though is of all the Titans, Robin and Starfire are the ones that still believe her.

For the Series:

  • Awesome Music: The Opening Theme.
  • Narm:
    • You either love the corny, ancient dialogue these guys come out with or you hate it.
    • There's the final set of challenges within the Castle of Shadows during The Dragon's Eye. After these kids have faced some frankly unbelievable challenges, including scaling cliff faces, crossing raging torrents, and solving difficult riddles, they face the very last challenge before one of them will Reach the Dragon's Eye - this involves reaching into Feely Boxes. You know, those things you put your hands in and there's creepy stuff inside? Very common at parties? Disgusting, yes, but after all they'd done it seemed a bit of a letdown. Add to the fact that in at least one of the boxes (which Raven's voice over described as being filled with "abominable creatures") were a couple of frankly adorable albino hedgehogs.
    • From the same spin-off, Ervan's deadly magical tomatoes. Or stones.
  • Narm Charm
  • Special Effect Failure: Often gets away with it specifically because it keeps the special effects to a minimum. However that means when effects are used (such as the Floating fireball from that one blindfolded challenge) it stands out like whoa. Plus, the men in cloaks aren't all that convincing.
    • You've also got to ignore the safety wires, life jackets etc. Admittedly, they're artfully done.
    • One challenge involved pushing a boulder through an obstacle course; while the set looked fairly convincing for the most part, there was a cluster of obviously rubber bats that looked like they'd been purchased from a crappy Halloween shop.
  • That One Level: The infuriatingly difficult Way of the Warrior challenge. Just look at it! (Granted, this challenge is designed to be difficult, as it serves as an Elimination Stage at the end of each episode, giving the contestant with the fewest remaining lives one last chance to stay on the quest). Only four contestants have completed the Way of the Warrior to date.
    • A few other levels were like this, such as Dragon's Blood (a balancing level where contestants had to move about two containers of green faux "dragon's blood" on the end of poles, through a maze, without spilling a drop, Troll Trap (involving a cage and high speed movement on the contestants part) and Demon Square.
    • Wizard's Tower also, with the particular challenge of one contestant guiding the other (blindfolded) through a web of string with bells on it. Touch a string lightly and whoosh! there goes a life.
    • Snake Charmer from Secret Temple, for literally being a Luck-Based Mission that eliminated one of the strongest contestants for no reason. Even worse, there were only four snake-free baskets for the five remaining contestants; essentially, someone HAD to get eliminated through no fault of their own. Raven himself points out how blatantly unfair it is, but it's apparently a test of the warrior's "character".

For the Pinball:

For the Wrestler:

  • Ho Yay:
    • In early 1998, Bruce Mitchell, a columnist for the wrestling newsletter The Pro Wrestling Torch held nothing back in his analysis of what he saw as the gay elements of Raven's Flock, saying that the group should be called "Raven's Rough Trade." He referenced what he saw as Raven and Stevie Richards' "butch/fem abusive relationship," Perry Saturn's Biker Boyz Magazine look, Van Hammer's "peep shows" look and fishnet, Lodi's "college gay bar" look, Billy Kidman's "bus station runaway" look, and Raven's wanting to "recruit" Scotty Riggs (which Raven did, after giving Riggs an eye-injury with his trademark drop-toehold into a steel chair on the October 27 Nitro. Interestingly, after Raven had hit the move, Kidman came in and told Raven to lay off of Riggs. Raven defeated Riggs in a rematch at the World War 3 1997 PPV on November 23, followed by Van Hammer carrying Riggs to the back. The next night on Nitro, Riggs, now wearing an eyepatch, climbed the guardrail to join Raven's Flock.)
    • In this bizarre promo, Kanyon (an openly gay pro wrestler - although he didn't come out until years after this promo was shot) visits Raven at his swanky mansion. He and Raven go out for a night on the town, which mostly consists of shopping for Versace. They return to Raven's home dressed to the nines, but the scene cuts, and the next thing we see is Kanyon running down stairs to greet Raven's mom, while frantically trying to pull his pants back on (!). Raven follows after him, also dressed in his old grungey clothes. The surely unintentional subtext is that Raven took Kanyon out on a date, and they were getting hot and heavy upstairs before Raven's mom rudely interrupted them.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Raven during his ECW run was (And still is) considered to be one of the most intelligent, manipulative and charismatic wrestlers in the business. He's also one of the few wrestlers to completely subvert the Dumb Muscle stereotype, having an IQ of 160.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: His WCW theme was one of Nirvana's "Come As You Are".
  • Wangst: In WCW, Raven's nihilistic attitude was revealed to be a result of his incredibly wealthy family being annoying rather than due to depression. This was officially declared Canon Discontinuity by ECW, and Raven has not mentioned the angle since it happened — which sucks on some level, since it could easily tie every single one of his characters together.