Funny / Raven

For the Game Show:

  • Nevar attempts to distract Raven by sending his Demons after the warriors. Raven gets up on his high horse about it, complete with the usual anti-evil speech... Until it's revealed that the "demons" are just watermelons on sticks. Seems even the master of all evil has a sense of humour.
  • In the fifth series, after one round of Demon Square, the two warriors who fell without getting a single question right are revived, upon which Raven comments that they don't have the knowledge of the Wisdom Tree, but they still do have something in common with it, "Your heads too, are made of wood!"
  • An earlier Demon Square playing back in series two had all five warriors fail to get all the questions right. After reviving them, Raven comments "You had gold in your sights but sawdust in your brains."

For the wrestler:

  • At FMW Judgment day, he was fighting with Tetsuhiro Kuroda on the entrance ramp and got put in a cradle, which resulted in the two of them rolling down and almost tumbling off the side.