Awesome: Raven

The game show Raven provides the following examples:

  • Anyone who ever completed Way of the Warrior. Such as this guy right here.
  • Raven taking on Nevar (finally) at the finale of The Secret Temple.
  • Raven's outburst at Ervan and the Feral Children when he finds them locking up his warriors is equal parts this and Nightmare Fuel. In fact, whenever Raven gets screentime in The Dragon's Eye which isn't just exposition, he's generally being pretty Badass.
  • Satyarani, standing up to a group of demons that were threatening the warriors. And Mocking Nevar.

The Wrestler Raven provides the following examples:

  • Ending the decade long undefeated streak of Dr. Death Steve Williams in the US in 1997, with a little help from his stable "Raven's Nest".
  • Holding the WWE Hardcore Title a massive 27 times, the second most reigns of anyone.
  • Practically any time that he was on the mic in his ECW days. There's a reason Raven is known as one of the best promo guys in wrestling.
  • Winning the NWA World Heavyweight title in TNA.