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Fridge Horror
  • CBBC has a cute little kids gameshow titled Raven, where the title shapeshifting host guides a group of ten-to-fourteen-year-olds through a series of sometimes quite gruelling outdoor challenges. Each contestant has a set number of lives, and every time they lost one Raven brought them back with a bit of Conspicuous CGI, no harm done. Then came the Spin-Off Series', where contestants had far fewer lives and once "killed", disappeared altogether. That these kids vanished and were never seen again was a bit creepy... but The Dragon's Eye, turned it into Fridge Horror. The contestants vanished as usual, but reappeared in the final week... as a bunch of screaming, savage Feral Children, trapped and destined to wander the Forbidden Kingdom in the shadow of their failure. If they really were meant to be the contestants (BBC Scotland probably just didn't want to employ a bunch of extra child-actors, but they seemed to make a point of focussing on a couple of Ferals who they knew would be recognize]) then they had clearly lost it, trapping the surviving contestants (their former allies), threatening and jeering at them, and eventually locking them up probably with no intent of letting them out. This also adds another layer of horror to Raven's enraged reaction to his warrior's imprisonment... those are his former students he's threatening.