Heartwarming / Raven

The Gameshow

  • The contestants have these aplenty. Including those moments where teams gave up well earned gems to get other teammates back even at the expense of their own chances of winning. And then there was that time in The Secret Temple when the entire team jumped on a teammate who was terrified of heights - yet had completed a heights-related challenge and won them the challenge anyway.
  • Raven showing up to defend the warriors after they're tricked and captured by the feral children is both this and kinda scary.
  • Kenat was just one living Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. A tiny little redhead who went on to win the sixth series and never stopped smiling the entire time.
  • Raven giving encouragement to warriors who have a tough time facing their fears in some challenges (e.g. Leap of Faith)

The Superhero

  • In the first issue of her 2016 miniseries, Raven has a nightmare in which her demonic brothers taunt and threaten her. Almost immediately, her aunt and uncle, who recently took her in, are at her side, making sure Raven is okay. As she's going back to sleep, she thinks to herself "Have I escaped the darkness of one family to find light in another? Perhaps coming here was the right thing after all." Made especially heartwarming when it's pointed out that Raven can feel the emotions of those around her, and can sense that her estranged family members just want her to be safe and happy.
  • The finale of the same miniseries, where Raven's aunt Alice, along with dozens of other civilians, lend her their power so she can stop The White Carnival. In the end, even though their memories were wiped, Raven's extended family give her a permanent place to stay, and welcome her completely. For the first time in the character's history, she has a real family.