Trivia / Raven

For the wrestler:

  • Creative Differences: His reason for leaving the Continental Wrestling Association and why Scotty Flamingo's first WCW run came to an end.
  • Old Shame: His "Scotty Flamingo" and "Johnny Polo" gimmicks. This was even joked about in some of Raven's indy appearances, where chants of "Johnny Polo" from fans — spurred on by Mick Foley! — started driving him insane.
  • Playing Against Type: Compare Raven to Johnny Polo, Scotty Flamingo and Scotty The Body
  • What Could Have Been: In a shoot interview, Raven talked about his hardcore match at WrestleMania 17 with Kane and The Big Show. Raven had devised a spot where he would try to escape on a golf cart and Big Show would jump on and attack Raven and/or hijack the cart, with Kane following in his own. The chase was supposed to happen around the entire arena, but five seconds in, Raven's cart hits a chain link fencenote  and stops, ending the spot. The potential debacle is at partially saved when Kane runs over a downed Raven with his own golf cart.