YMMV / Grossology

  • Headscratchers: The episode that features Abby throwing up for what the show says is the first time in her life raises a red flag; given that Abby is a teenager, it's highly unlikely that she's never had an illness that made her vomit or gotten food poisoning, which, as the show explains, would have triggered vomiting to remove toxic substances from her body. Granted, they were probably trying to say she had never thrown up due to a gross out, which prior to them figuring out what had actually caused her to throw up, seemed to be the case but it still could have been clearer.
  • Nightmare Fuel: One villain of the week tries to take "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" literally by putting pigeons in a pie on a Conveyor Belt of Doom that leads into a retort.
    • Far-Ty was also pretty creepy, especially since the brainwashing worked so well; him helping take Abby hostage and her desperation to get her little brother back doesn't help matters.
    • Abby being replaced by the rat-clone was kinda disturbing, especially since her captor is an adult male and it's clear she's powerless to escape for a good while.
  • Squick: What did you expect from a show called Grossology? The entire point of the series is to educate people on topics most people would find disgusting.
  • The Woobie: Chester