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YMMV: EVE Online
  • Acceptable Religious Targets: The Amarrians are essentially megalomaniac Catholics who want to rule the galaxy.
  • Acceptable Targets: Players who avoid Pv P, not-so-affectionately dubbed "carebears".
    • Roleplayers, despite the game in theory being an RPG. The space occupied by roleplayers in 0.0, along with the space controlled by newbie groups, is even part of an area known as The Greater South-Western Game Preserve
  • Author's Saving Throw: The response to Aurum was so vitriolic that CCP has essentially started to slowly back away and pretend it never existed.
    • This has now effectively been nullified by the addition of the Unified Inventory. See Scrappy Mechanic below.
    • Zig-Zagged as for now Aurum can be used to purchase alternative ship skins. As always, response has been mixed, but this time largely enthusiastic.
  • Awesome Music: Eve has an impressive soundtrack to help along jumping, 'rat killing, ship management, and etc and has tracks added to it fairly regularly. A few standout examples are below.
  • Canon Sue: Jamyl Sarum, an odd mix of God Mode and Purity Sues. Beautiful? Check. Popular? Check. Wise? Check. Respected by almost everyone? Check. Has command of the most powerful of the four empires? Check. Destroys an entire Republic armada by herself? Check. Has mystical super-powers in an otherwise non-fantasy world? Check. Got away with subverting one of the most sacred laws of the Empire's religion when the entire Empire is based on religion? More than once, and nobody openly called her on it. She also reunited the Amarr Empire and the Khanid Kingdom, which had been separate for centuries prior, in about a month. There's even rumors that the last Emperor, the one chosen in an event the players participated in and had influence, was deliberately killed off because he was not Jamyl Sarum, to open the path for her return. The Amarr Empire as a whole seems to have deprived themselves of the Idiot Ball they'd been carrying for years (for the most part) since her return; everybody's acting smarter.
    • All this being said, the novels make it clear that all this isn't that fun for her; having to share your head with a vengeful AI with an agenda in a way that essentially makes you schizophrenic makes your life unpleasant, to say the least.
  • Demonic Spiders: The Sleepers. They automatically switch targets to any ship emitting assistance beams for armor/shield/energy/hull, their frigates will switch targets to attack any drones launched. They even metagame, staging the NPC equivalent of a logon trap for capital ships.
    • On a more meta level — other players. Just ask anyone who has ever been surprised by Suddenly, Ninjas or a surprise gate camp.
  • Dork Age: For many people, Crucible marks the end of EVE's Dork Age as CCP refocuses on Internet Spaceships while simultaneously removing many players from their rusted claustrophobic Minmatar quarters. Depending on who you ask, it began as far back as Apocrypha. Other popular answers are that the Dork Age began with Tyrannis or that Incarna was not a climax but the entirety of the Dork Age.
  • Even Better Sequel: When it comes to the novels. Theodicy was fairly dumb and treated the Jove like they'd never seen slavery before; Ruthless was okay but didn't seem that important at the time (though became far moreso later). Empyrean Age was big and full of spectacle but felt disjointed, jumped all over the place, felt like nothing happened at the end and the "Retford" plot in particular felt like it didn't go anywhere at all. Templar One, meanwhile, still did the perspective-jumping thing, but with much tighter plotting and much more sensible jumps, and it finally brought all the dangling plot threads from the past three works together into one whole and brought a satisfying conclusion to all of them (while still leaving a few Sequel Hooks), has a lot of events of consequence occur in its pages (specifically, it justifies the existence of a whole damn game) and it's a fun read by itself (including staging the EVE equivalent of the Battle of Five Armies), and it introduced the world to the awesomeness that is Muriya Mordu.
  • Fan Nickname: Numerous contractions or respellings of ship names and classes, alliances, and other things. An example can be seen in the entry for City Guards above in relation to being attacked by CONCORD; another version is "Concordoken" based on Memetic Mutation from 8-Bit Theater.
  • Freud Was Right:
    • Overlapping with Unfortunate Character Design, the game contains some very suggestive ship models:
      • The notoriously libidinous Gallente Federation gives us the Phobos-class heavy interdictor. Whilst all ships based off the Thorax hull look like 'marital aids', the Phobos stands out because it's hot pink.
      • Another Gallente design, the Iteron series of industrial transports, is also notoriously phallic... and they get longer and thicker as you get better at flying them.
      • For a non-Gallente example, the similarity in shape between an Amarrian Avatar Titan and a giant golden buttplug has been discussed at length by the fandom.
    • This Valentine's Day picture. Nothing more need be said.
  • Genius Bruiser: Computers skills, astrogeology, navigation, science, industry and many more things are essential to being the best (in an in-Universe sense). However there is so much to learn about Eve that it certainly applies to at least some of the players.
  • GIFT: Let's say this...if there is one thing that'll bug you about EVE, it's the sickening amount of dickery that happens in this game... unless it's what you signed on for in the first place.
  • Goddamned Bats: NPCs have the Spider Drone. Players have the infinitely more frustrating ECM drones.
    • The player ones are flimsy. The Spider Drone is made of iron.
  • Guide Dang It: The learning curve creates a lot of this. It isn't that you have to learn a lot fast but simply going into pvp against players with far better skills and ships outfitted with better stuff or even anything at all is going to get you killed. Mining for example is fairly easy and safe (at first) and is a good starting point. The in-game tutorials are bare bones. Most players realize that specialization is key to get decent at something fastish even if because of your lack of money and skills you won't experience much of the sandbox for months. Information on everything must be dug out of wikis or using the ingame market to find a ship, piece of ship equipment, implant or something else because of the lack of an ingame database. Luckily the market gives all the details on anything you can find on it (which is nearly everything important because of the player driven economy) but well see further for why this isn't the end of your learning. The game is kind enough to tell you the bare minimum skills you need to use something but not always the prerequisites for those skills or if there are any additional skills that would make you better at using the item. The skills themselves are this because there are a LOT of them and you won't realize they even exist until you first go on the market and sort through the dozens of skills. Also many skills descriptions are misleading or don't tell you everything the skill does. Many of the ingame terms such as CPU, powergrid, capacitor, hardpoints, turret hardpoints and high, medium and low slots on ships also require research to understand. There's more but well look at this section already.
  • Heartwarming Moments: When Curatores Veritatis Alliance was disbanded by a hacker, fleets from all over came to their home region to protect it, even their sworn enemies, Ushra'Khan. On the forums, people from UK hoped that CCP would reverse the disbanding (which they did) because, although they want to win and see CVA gone, they want to do it fairly: by beating the snot out of them.
    • When it was confirmed that high-ranking Goonswarm/Goonwaffe affairs member Vile Rat was killed during the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, hundreds of low and nullsec stations owned by player corps renamed themselves to some variant of "RIP Vile Rat", including many of Goonwaffe's enemies. The alliance held an in-game memorial service that could have been disrupted at any time, by any Griefer... but wasn't.
      • Not to mention the simultaneous lighting of hundreds of cynosural fields to create a giant glowing vigil on the universe map.
      • You could see it more heartwarming in the light that Goonswarms' members isn't itself known being considerate at all to real life deaths and have harassed people, encouraging them to kill themselves, yet very few bothered to do the same for them.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The gentle buzzing chirp of an enemy targeting radar starting to lock on is the stuff of many an EVE player's darkest nightmares. There are also a series of alarms played when you get low on shields, capacitor energy, armour, et cetera, with the most terrifying of all (a sort of electronic scream) being reserved for when you start to take structural damage (and are thus only seconds away from losing your ship and/or being Killed Off for Real).
  • Inferred Holocaust:
    • It is written in the storyline that NPC ships have a crew as many as ten times the size of that of a player ship, meaning that every NPC battleship one kills is as a many as ten thousand people dead. And it is not uncommon to kill dozens if not hundreds of these ships a night!
    • Every player ship (except small frigates and shuttles) has a crew. If your ship blows up but you survive in your pod? Well, that crew is gone. Although the crew is said to be significantly less than non-capsuleer ships by an order of magnitude, you're still killing hundreds or thousands of people when you lose, say, that carrier ship you just stupidly flew into low-security space.
    • A couple of recent Chronicle stories better establish that the non-capsuleer crew do have and use escape pods, which may soften this blow.
    • Worse, some people make a practice of self-destructing ships to collect the insurance money. You can imagine some of the crueler capsuleers not waiting for the crew to get to lifeboats. If you get stuck in wormhole space without scan probes, this may be the only way out.
  • Internet Backdraft: Their were in-game protests—which ended up locking down major market hubs on the busiest day of the week—during the Incarna expansion, over a leaked internal newsletter.
    • This came on the heels of fury over CCP's plans to begin licensing their API. Only developers who wanted to monetize their work would be charged a fee ($99 US), but the community reacted as if CCP was about to drain their bank accounts, burn their houses, and suck their children's blood.
      • An official reaction from CCP Zulu devblog pretty much crossed the line, admonishing players and making a very dubious analogy with a $1000 pair of Japanese designer jeans... Cue the uproar of the community and account cancellations.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Everyone involved in doing this.
    • Although there is a strong contender in the Goonswarm spy who got director control of Band of Brothers, collapsing the largest and oldest alliance in EVE and unleashing a Critical Existence Failure on their sovereign holdings in space.
    • A player made off with 300 million isk (archive link, since the original is off the net), using a set of Sock Puppets and one well-timed phone call, and the "My God, What Have I Done?" moment at the end makes it even better.
    • A user named Cally created a full blown bank in the game, ran it for MONTHS, then finally stole ALL of his clients hard earned money (790 BILLION ISK)...then spent it on a massive warship, put a huge bounty on himself, retreated into deep space and dared the rest of the game to take him down. And then made a 15 minute long video of Evil Gloating. Basically he became the EVE equivalent of a Bond villain, albeit a successful one.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • That's a Templar!
    • Because of FALCON!
    • Concordokken!
    • Honour-tank.
    • Real men Hull Tank.
    • Poitot! It's the only named system in syndicate!
      • A really bad fitting (technical explanation)  on a ship not particularly suited for the mission, then he kept repeating that post over and over again (the latter not actually being his fault — he got up from the computer and came back to find his son banging on the keyboard).
    • SOON? (When referring to if promised content will ever be released/bugs fixed).
    • Harden. The. Fuck. Up.
    • Military experts are calling this a Memetic Mutation example
      • It Makes Sense in Context (the Scope is a civilian news channel in-universe after all), but since the players are familiar with it, well...
      • The meme has now Ascended with a login ad about soaring PLEX prices saying "Market experts are calling this an opportunity."
    • eBay. Mentioned anytime a player obviously has more ISK than brains. (Even though he likely funded it with the legal GTC market.)
    • We didn't want that starbase/system/titan/alliance anyway.
    • Failguns and Roflockets.
      • Recent changes to mechanics, proposed or implemented, by force this meme to change.
    • The $70 monocle in Eve's cash shop, which has been adopted by many as the symbol of the Noble Exchange controversy, to the point of the issue being termed the "Monoclepocalypse" by the playerbase. Expect to see it shopped into a lot of image macros in any Eve forum, blog, or news article until (and possibly long after) the madness dies down a bit.
    • The Dr. Evil picture, used whenever someone is accusing The Mittani of a conspiracy to RUIN THE GAME.
    • "Kurator is primary", referring to a rather infamous incident where Pandemic Legion FC Shadoo quite loudly berated a junior FC for poorly calling targets. The same incident also inspired "ARMOR HACS! ARMOR HACS ARRRRMOR HAAACS!"
  • Moment Of Awesome: Not so much individual characters (though they exist if you read the literature) but the game itself. Not just the aforementioned player-generated ones, but also stuff like this in the wake of a huge doomsday prophesy.
    • Moment of Magnificent Bastardry - Goonswarm disbanding BoB.
      • And Kartoon, Goon's CEO, freezing all of Goons' dreadnaught cache, removing all director roles, kicking every corp from the Goonswarm alliance except the wallet corp and the supercapital corp, and put the "Goonfleet" corp into the Band of Brothers alliance whose name they stole almost exactly a year before. The new Goon corporation is Goonwaffe and their alliance is "SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO[LODRA]" Over all, he stole more then a trillion in ISK.
      • Kartoon also self-destructed some of the Goon dreadnaughts, though in his defense some of them were named names that when put together, read "seriously, fuck you kartoon, and niart too." Niart being the guy who forgot to pay the bills. Here's a pic of the destruction.
  • Moral Event Horizon: A major spaceholding alliance will always be on the far side of the Moral Event Horizon by capsuleer standards, or about to die to someone who is. Individual capsuleers make it to the far side by normal standards just by completing the tutorial.
    • Scams and other griefer tactics which dissuade people from participating in charity fundraising events held in-game are one of the few things CCP will never tolerate.
    • Alexander Gianturco managed to become "The greatest dick in online gaming" by repeatedly killing another player over and over until he recieved a letter asking him to stop, and that the victim in question was in a rough spot in his life and the game was all that kept him going. Gianturco's reaction was to fly out to an EVE fan event and read his message and mocked him in front of an audience, trying to convince other people to join in on griefing him and try to drive him to suicide. People did not take it well, and CCP promptly banned him afterwards.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Warp Drive Active". "Those items are not stackable". "You cannot warp because you are warp scrambled"
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "Skill training completed." This is the closest equivalent to the "ding!" of level-based MMORPGs, thanks to Eve's time-based skill-leveling system. Can cross over to Most Annoying Sound if you're training a lot of level 1 skills (which typically only take a few minutes to a bit more than a half-hour to train), though.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Blood Raiders, the "Methods of Torture" chronicles...
    • "Mindlock", which is what happens when someone who is incapable of using capsule technology (ie 99.9999% of the population) tries to do so - they go into a vegetative state, totally aware of their surroundings, but incapable of any sort of movement or communication.
    • Actually ANY of the methods of torture chronicles are this the Caldari one seems to be the most insidious.
    • When you want to delete a character, you will be asked to confirm with "Are you sure you want to convert this character to biomass?" If you select yes, you will be treated to sounds of heavy machinery, followed by screaming.
    • Try not to think too hard about what the Amarr Empire did to Aritcio Kor-Azor at the end of the Speaker of Truths chronicle. What they tell you is nightmare fuel enough. He got better, though, and became a better ruler for it. We think.
    • Sansha's Nation, a 'utopia' created by harvesting unwilling colonists and cramming implants into their heads to totally strip them of free will. They don't have many allies.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Apocrypha probing system has drawn criticism both for "scrubbing down" probing and for adding Fake Difficulty in sorting through scan results. Some of these concerns, especially about Fake Difficulty, have been addressed in patches since then, however.
    • Prior to Apocrypha, the challenge wasn't in button-pressing. It was in creating an efficient set of bookmarks that properly covered every planet in every system that you wanted to scan... without the ability to place one probe inside of another's scan radius. Depending on skills, you also had a long and boring wait for results. And the incarnation of scanning before that was also Scrappy.
    • Faction Warfare has been getting a lot of Scrappy hate lately. It started out promising, but after two years of almost no mechanics changes, some half-broken fixes, a rather boring capture mechanic and a few Game Breaker issues, the players who want to like it are getting fed up and the players who don't snipe at others to go play the real game in 0.0.
    • Generally, almost every major update, one or more new Scrappy Mechanics will emerge as old ones get fixed or nerfed and new things are introduced. Nano Tanking, Black Ops, Blasters, Warp Stabalizers...
    • The Unified Inventory change, which forcefully merges all inventory management into one window, has drawn universal hatred from the player base, with upwards of literally 100+ page topics on the forums about how it seriously crippled logistics. Even on the test server, players hated it, but it's been well over a few months now and CCP seems determined to not listen to the complaints.
  • Scrub: Some alliances think that spying on their enemies is a cheap move; they don't do it, and they complain when they get beaten by alliances that do use spies.
  • Squick: Perime Veaulore. He's not healthy, you know.
  • “Stop Having Fun” Guys: Alliance warfare is Serious Business. This led to Band of Brothers's undoing. A senior BoB member grew so tired of its overly serious mentality he betrayed them to a rival group, Goonswarm, stealing over 20 billion isk in assets and dissolving the BoB alliance.
  • That One Level: Jita, the largest trade hub which is often so overcrowded that death by lag is commonplace there.
    • Jita has the dubious honour of being the only high-security system marked in the player-made sovereignty maps displaying who owns territory - with a gigantic, ominous black cloud.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: In 2012, the last round of a major art upgrade was applied to Minmatar ships; reaction was ... mixed. There was general agreement that a lot of ships had been improved, but much to the dismay of some pilots, the upgrade removed the Vagabond heavy assault cruiser's distinctive "frill" (a set of wingy bits bracketing the cockpit). This prompted a fleet of upset Vagabond pilots to shoot up the Jita monument and then cruise deep into null-security space to "deliver a sternly-worded letter of complaint" to the headquarters of the Thukker Mix, canonical designers of the Vagabond. (Remember, we're talking about guys who throw around live thermonuclear weapons as entertainment, here.) To everyone's surprise, later that summer, EVE developers announced that the Stabber cruiser (basis for the Vagabond) would be updated further ... and the Vagabond variant would sport a new, more elaborate "frill".
  • What an Idiot: KenZoku, formerly Band of Brothers, was dealt a serious blow during the war in Delve, when they docked the entire cap fleet in the same station and logged off, whereupon Goonswarm promptly locked it down for nearly the entire month of February 2009. This happened.

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