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Headscratchers: EVE Online
  • Where do the missiles come out of a Raven? On almost every other missile boat you can identify something that could pass for a missile launcher, but there's nothing of that sort on a Raven; which is the archetypal missile battleship. Same goes for the Nighthawk
    • Taken care of as of the Inferno expansion - Missile launchers that can actually be seen mounted on the ship now exist, and missiles are graphically seen to be launching from them.
  • What exactly is the substance that ships in EVE travel through? Based on the ingame physics it sure as hell isn't vacuum.
    • Most likely it's those omni-present nebulae; nebulae that are apparently composed of hexane and stellar organic molecules
    • Canonically, it is vacuum, or nearly so. The "drag" effect is a side-effect of warp drives; a warp drive never fully shuts off, it just drops to idle, and when it's not pushing a ship across a system, it has the effect of slowing its own motion to a stop (and thus that of the ship it's mounted on).
  • Why in the hell is it that whenever I'm warping anywhere a planet or something could get in the way and I just warp right through it? Shouldn't I, you know, crash? Or at least move around it?
    • You're in a hyperspace warp tunnel, thus your immunity to collisions and weapon fire until you come out of warp.
    • Would be the case, except I piloted my interceptor to within 0m of a planet and didn't die.
      • I laughed when I did the same thing with a sun.
    • In the old days if you approach a planet at sub-light speed you'd eventually end up inside of it. (Now you just get bounced.) Clearly the astral bodies are some kind of holograms, and part of some vast conspiracy designed to hide the utter lack of physical substance in the universe.
  • Those fancy new turrets previewed at Fanfest 2011? There's a few suspiciously similar bits of concept art, include pop-up and pop-out designs, on p. 75 of The Art of Eve. Which was published in 2007. I'm just sayin'.
    • It's just concept art. Concept art often doesn't make it into the game, ever.
  • Do people actually cut power to there opponents computers? Wouldn't that be considered invasion of personal property as well?
    • First, it's "their". Sorry about that. Anyways, yes, it's happened, and yes, that's illegal. And yes, the Russians will do it anyways.
  • Why has the Eris got a searchlight on top of it?
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