YMMV: Crepuscule

  • The Woobie: Several, several, characters.
    • Lark, at the beginning of the story, as he suffered from All the Other Reindeer and Abusive Parents.
    • Setz who also suffers from Abusive Parents, feels really lonely and grows up with next to no friends.
    • Karne who is orphaned at a young age and feels that Setz doesn't return her feelings for him. Not to mention how she suffers from amnesia regarding what happened to her parents... And all goes downhill when she recalls that she was the one responsible for their deaths, plus her own mother was quite abusive towards her.
    • Bathory, was abandoned by her mother and after spending years searching for at least one living relative... ends up being tortured for her ability by Nergal, and when she does find her aunt, Angela, she ends up being killed after a short while after their meeting.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Neal who is a huge jerk, also suffered from Abusive Parents that kept him caged in the basement because he was an illegitimate child who stained the reputation of their "Pure Blooded Family" and when he finally escapes from them he ends up under "the care" of Navarus, Setz's own abusive father, who treats him as his slave.
    • Much later in the story, Lark ends up becoming this after Angela's death. Though he zig-zags between this and Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds... Thankfully, in recent chapters, he has finally recovered.