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YMMV: Crash Twinsanity
  • Badass Decay: Uka-Uka, despite being a character here, has one brief boss fight before being soundly thrashed (off-screen) by the Evil Twins.
    • This game is where Cortex was really cemented as comic relief and a Butt Monkey. Though his speech before the Final Boss made up for it.
  • Best Boss Ever: The Final Boss is considered one of the greatest bosses in the entire series.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Spyro's cameo.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entire soundtrack is performed a-capella, and much of it can be described as this, particularly the themes for Rockslide Rumble and the Tikimon Boss Fight.
  • Memetic Mutation: For some reason we'll probably never figure out, there is a video of a Stormtrooper doing...things to the tune of the song that played in the native village. For some reason, this video has been more associated to the song than the game is.
  • That One Boss: This game actually has some of the hardest bosses in the franchise once you approach the halfway point. Tropy and Brio alternate with each other; Brio's not that bad, but Tropy requires precise jumping over sinking platforms that get harder each hit. Dingodile, generally agreed to be the hardest, has a wide variety of attacks and is good at predicting your next move, with your only solace being in his following a pattern and being able to abuse the four things surrounding him to dodge some of his attacks easier. Madame Amberly requires you to pay very close attention to the ground and rapid button mashing towards the end. Finally, the Evil Twins have three forms, the first two take a while, you only have two hits each form, and dying on any takes you back to the beginning of the fight.
  • That One Level: Due to Checkpoint Starvation in the sense of World Boxes, which save the game, Hi-Seas Hijinks. The level is somewhat difficult and contains a very difficult gem leading up to a fight with N-Gin. It's rather disappointing and easy, but then the Rusty Walrus shows up, who will mercilessly chase you into fire, bottomless pits, and Nitro crates in a two-part chase sequence. Once you get past him, the level's finally over... but before you reach a World Box, you need to beat N. Tropy and N. Brio, a tougher fight than N. Gin but not as tough as the Rusty Walrus. If you game over before beating them, you start right outside the beginning of N. Gin's ship.
    • Slip Slipe Icecapade has a 'unique' claim to aggravation, and that's making you hate checkpoints. There are several points in the stage where there's a gem, followed by a checkpoint with no way to kill yourself if you miss the gem, forcing you to restart from the beginning if you miss one and hit one of them. You might also have trouble mounting the rail that has the crystal on it, and again the rail that has the Yellow Gem. The yellow gem is one of the ones where if you miss it you can't kill yourself before the next checkpoint, by the way. Finally, there's a rather unfair trap directly after the 'Moulin Cortex' building. You'll see a short wall of TNT crates you can barely jump over that looks like a gem would be behind it. Nope! The gem is actually to the left. It very well might be one that you can't die if you miss, too.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Not even counting the plots removed from the game (one of which would've centered around the Komodo Brothers, for example), the plot involving the other doctors and Dingodile trying to get the treasure had wasted potential. Brio had no voice, N.Gin being among them after being with Cortex at the beginning went unexplained, it was never made clear if Dingodile was with Tropy's group or on his own, and apparently, N. Trance was supposed to be with them. The final confrontations were lacking, too; Dingodile vanished after his boss fight, and the doctors were taken out with one flame from Spyro.

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