Trivia / Crash Twinsanity

  • Creator Killer: Poor reviews and poor sales of the game were the final nail in the coffin for Traveler's Tales Oxford, and they would shut down as a result.
  • Deleted Scene: There are many cutscenes that ended up reaching the storyboard stage, with some even being voiced, but unfortunately had to be cut like a lot of other content in the game. Some can be viewed here.
  • The Other Darrin: The first game in which Lex Lang replaced Clancy Brown as the voice of Dr. Neo Cortex. He became the regular voice of Cortex from there.
  • Troubled Production: An astounding example of this. There's loads of missing content, unused ideas, and whole models that ended up getting thrown out. As a result, the game is pitifully unfinished, even if it's pretty fun.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Collecting yellow gems unlocks "unseen extras" which apparently feature ideas and concepts that never made it into the final version. This is lampshaded by Cortex once: "We were going to visit two dimensions, but... we ran out of time."
    • Several hours worth of content was removed from the game, including several returning characters, new levels, and a Villain Song for Dr. Cortex entitled "Take a Walk Inside My Brains". Two members of the development team released a great deal of information on these removed items, which can be viewed here.
    • At least two direct sequels were also planned, but never made it past early planning due to Traveler's Tales' Oxford unit shutting down.